Ointment пчелиным poison to the health of the joints

Back pain, according to sad statistics, torment every five citizen of our country. Disease ODE system (skeletal muscle) is rapidly becoming the most young, so this article will be of great utility not only for the elderly. Remember that the sedentary lifestyle (work in an office, for example) means that your stay in the area of risk. With back problems — it is only a matter of time.

The causes of back pain may be different:

  • osteocondrose;
  • herniated disc;
  • low back pain (apparitions);
  • the curvature of the spine;
  • muscle spasms;
  • mialgiya.

Three powerful component steps of heating. Is badyaga, the red pepper and the poison of the bee. Acting together, they provide:

  • deep (and fast), warming muscle tissue, delivering them more energy and the activation of a deep, of the processes of life;
  • in the cells of an organism with amino acids and important vitamins groups P, c, E, E, B1, and B2, and also useful in minerals, iron, calcium and potassium;
  • the activation of the microcirculation of the blood in the affected part of the fabric of areas, recovery of cells of energy and breathing;
  • distract from the action (very efficient) when радикулите, rheumatism and other diseases of the ODE.

The key ingredient serves as a poison of the bee — powerful immuno-modulator, often extends the permeability of the skin. This contributes to the penetration to the inner medicinal, substances our gel balm, and a stimulation of the blood circulation. The small arteries and capillaries dilate, grows the efficiency of the hematopoietic system, improve your metabolism. This implies a more rapid recovery conventional waste of the tissues. As is well known, the poison of the bee — potent analgesic.

badyaga is, in fact, a common sponge. With the help kremnevykh needles this component performs the mechanics of skin irritation, which leads to a strong effect of reabsorption. The heating of the tissues badyaga good to deal with отеками, stretch marks and purple spots, so that the drug is often used when the injury.

Red pepper positively influences the penetration into the skin nutrients and their subsequent absorption. The blood thickens — this prevents the occurrence of blood clots. Additional power supply body provides a complex of essential oils — каяпут, rosemary, pine, bey, and eucalyptus. The fabric under the influence of the data components are restored much faster.

The full composition of the gel ointment is thus:

  • the special water cleaning;
  • badyaga;
  • the venom of the bee;
  • game educational the rop of the gel;
  • extract of red pepper;
  • glycerin;
  • more hot mixture;
  • turpentine;
  • extract of rosemary;
  • bronopol;
  • the essential oils bey, the fir and the pine.
  • ointment пчелиным poison to the health of the joints
  • The venom of the bee is a complex chemical compound, including:
  • proteins;
  • enzymes;
  • volatile oil;
  • amines;
  • acid (ortofosfornuyu, khloristovodorodnuyu, муравьиную);
  • sex hormones (found in the cortex of the adrenal gland).

The properties of this component are truly impressive:

  • Improves the metabolism of fats.
  • Reduction of cholesterol levels.
  • The increased exposure of hormones and enzymes.
  • The stimulation of the adrenal gland and of the pituitary gland.
  • The acceleration of the process of achievement of the bones.
  • Anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Analgesic, vasodilator and antispasmodic action.
  • The effect of temperature fall.
  • The increase of immunity.
  • The excretion of salts in the human body.

In addition to all the above, the poison of the bee increases the level of elasticity of the connective tissue, it has excellent ganglioblokiruyushchim action, and normalizes the passage of nerve impulses. I must say that, before us a single substance, which is widely used in the health care industry?

If you застала surprise pain in the joints, it is necessary to get your first aid before you even go to the doctor. Ointment to articulate one of the ways to temporarily help even at home alone, if this situation застала of surprise.

What kind of ointment for the joints, apply concerned with the articulation of the knee, joints of the fingers of the hands and feet, shoulders, the list of all the means used to relieve pain and spasms in ligaments, cartilage and joints. What are the types of gels there are and how to apply them, they help when strongly expressed болевом syndrome. All this you can read this article.

Hurt the articulation not only on the grounds of age, the changes that occur in the articular tissues of the fingers of the hands and feet, shoulders, but from:

  • In the rapid evolution of the disease;
  • Stretching of muscles and ligaments;
  • Bruises, hematomas;
  • Breaks the meniscus;
  • Cracks, fractures.

Depending on the type of lesion, in each situation applies to a given cream.

Because the reasons for pain in the joints can be different, and not every cream is suitable for facilitating the syndrome. The gel is chosen depending on the reason that led to pain in the muscles, ligaments, disease of the cartilage, large joints of the hands, elbows, small joints of the fingers, that is, and how it should be treated.

The modern experts have developed the following types of gel:

  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Heats and annoying.
  • Anesthetic.
  • The preparation of homeopathic.
  • Khondroprotektory.

Such gels refer to is not a steroid anti-inflammatory medicines. Appropriate to the development of diseases together, it is easy to purchase at pharmacies without a prescription, and a wide selection allows you to choose the composition and the price of the tool.

Remember the rules before you apply the treatment:

  • Perform an allergy test, as the ointment are not refined and contain very allergic components.
  • It is expressly forbidden to apply the medication when you active the inflammation, as well as they dilate the vessels and will only contribute to the increase of inflammation and edema, to enjoy them it is possible only, if there is inflammation.
  • It is not desirable to apply them to children, because these drugs can cause very strong burning sensation.
  • Do not allow the entry of ointment to the mucous membranes.

Homeopathic ointment for the joints of the drugs developed from herbs and safe to use patient's own home. They help in the treatment of diseases, but apply them to worthwhile in combination with other medicines.

Before you self-medicate, it is important to understand one thing: no body part more easy than ever to annoy, not will, whether it's fingers, or heart, or kidneys, or the joint of the shoulder. Anyone, even the clouds of pain, you can be the first sign of the development of the disease. Therefore if you felt it in the area of the joints, worth immediately consult your doctor to determine the reason and the appropriate target of treatment.

You can help yourself, in the house of to deal only with the pain, but this should not enter in the system and should not replace a visit to the doctor and the full course of treatment.


Ointments for aching joints created for the treatment of diseases of the joints, in conjunction with other medications, if you're used to the approximate the cause of the pain, you can apply an ointment to ease the short-term.

If you realize that you must place an inflammatory disease of the tissues, so it's worth it to apply to the treatment anti-inflammatory cream. More hot, the ointment is suitable when невралгиях, sprains, muscle aches and pains. Anesthetic cream will provide assistance to sprains, shoulder injuries, knee, wrist. It's not worth assigning yourself khondroprotektory for self-treatment at home, because these medicines are severe enough and apply them for the treatment of diseases at early stages, independent of the reception may harm the health and cause diseases irreversible consequences. Among a rich variety of developed means, it is not possible to determine which of them is better or worse, every drug has its own characteristics, developed for specific purposes, it is effective in the treatment of specific diseases.

Ointments are safer than pills or injections, as well as this dosage form does not fit in the stomach, does not destroy the liver and is not absorbed by the blood. However, these drugs are not as harmless as they seem, and their overdose is able to seriously impair the health.

If you choose to help yourself, by applying as an analgesic (or согревающего) ointment, so it's worth following a few simple rules.

  • Before use carefully read the instructions and learn how indications.
  • Apply the ointment on a clean surface the body of light meals and massaged the movements pre-lightly rub a small amount of cream between the toes.
  • If you are using the tool пчелиным poison, so make sure you before you apply in the absence of allergies to bee products.
  • Втирайте cream until complete absorption and do not rinse for 6-8 hours.
  • Creams should not be applied more frequently than 3 times per day.

Therefore, pain in the joints – the problem is not new, every day, with this issue dealing with people with complaints, but even more people trying to solve the problem alone, using the available means, or the purchase of ointment advice pharmacists in the pharmacy. Remember that this type of self-medication can harm your health, even better to see a doctor for obtaining qualified assistance.

Modern medicine has an unimaginable amount of gels, help heal joint pain and difficult to answer, which one is better: with пчелиным of poison or mustard powder. Each type has its indications and characteristics.

That is all for today, dear readers, share in the comments of the review about the ointment that you used and what you have helped.

It is the disease, such as inflammation of the joints may complicate a lot the life of the patient. The arthritis manifests in the form of redness, swelling, increased temperature of body, sometimes, the patient can not move from severe headaches.

If you do not get the time to start the treatment, when the disease of the joints, the pain will only increase and deliver a lot of inconvenience. Also, the inflammation leads to the impairment of the musculoskeletal system, due to the fact that the man can't bend, lift things, walk to the ladder, and even, in some cases, to hold a pen.

The arthritis manifests in the form of an inflammation of the sheath synovial lining the inner surface of the bag of joints. Including the pathology observed in the joint fluid, which serves as a lubricant to each joint mobile.

The arthritis can develop due to several reasons:

  • The presence of infections;
  • Diseases auto-immune disorders in the body;
  • Neurological diseases;
  • The development of osteoarthritis;
  • The presence of other diseases, such as, for example, rheumatism;
  • Poor food and витаминная renal failure;
  • All types of injuries;
  • The subarrefecimento of the body;
  • Stress situations;
  • Inconvenience of shoes.

In reason of inflammation may be impressed with the insulated joints and of the whole group. In rheumatoid arthritis occurs defeat the symmetric of the joints. The man constantly or attacks feel a strong pain. To relieve the pain sensation special медикаментозные drugs.

The biggest danger is an arthritis that develops in the area of the joints of the hands. It usually occurs unexpectedly, in the form of edema of the tissues, the acute pain. The inflammation, usually, covers several joints.

With such illness need time to get use to the pills and medicines, снимающие symptoms.

If the arthritis gets running, the way, the patient can develop deformation of the fingers, which leads to the inability.

Before you start the treatment, it is necessary to find out the cause of the inflammation. If the reason was the presence of infections, arthritis infectious, the patient is assigned to an anti-bacterial treatment.

When allergic reactions and violations of metabolism are assigned to the corresponding tablets. During the diseases of the immune system, apply to strengthen the body of drugs. In addition, it is necessary to compensate the lack of vitamins through a proper diet, is also a kind of treatment.

The inflammation of the joints treated is a long time. When the doctor prescribes the full course of treatment, which includes the reception of medicines, the use of ointments and compresses. Even when the disease is attributed to therapeutic exercise and procedures.

The treatment of arthritis assumes that the doctor prescribes the pills, capsules or intramuscular injections. If the inflammation is strong, apply hormones, which are inserted into the joint cavity.

In addition the affected places use therapeutic ointments and compresses. A similar scheme of treatment allows to penetrate in the area of inflammation that does not cause side effects.

Especially drugs such as ointment, effective in the treatment of small joints, for example, the hands. Due to metabolic disturbances in the interior of the joint cavity accumulates суставная liquid, which begins to develop inflammation.

For this reason, the hands become swollen, become deformed and may not be fully able to move. Ointments and gels, in turn, helps to rapidly remove the pain and regain the mobility of the fingers, performing on-site treatment.


Today in the pharmacy selling all types of medicines that help get rid of the inflammation, when a disease, among which tablets, gel and ointment. Ointment creates the effect of irritation with giperemiya and warm, when applied to the affected joints. This treatment creates the flow of blood and nutrients to the area of defeat for the therapy of inflammation.

Ointment, cream and gel of inflammation are divided into:

  • Painkiller destination;
  • Согревающего destination;
  • Регенерирующего destination.