Recommendations Valentin Dikul, exercises for the back

Pathology of the musculoskeletal system occupy today one of the main destinations of prevalence. Are especially common damage to the spine. Year after year, the statistics show a higher growth in the post-traumatic state. It's no wonder. After all, the development of the technique results in injuries on the road, in production. For such patients developed rehabilitation event.

Today is recognized as the most efficient technique of Valentin Dikul. The treatment of the spine according to your method of virtually 100% of all cases, allows you to recover battered segment of the vertebral column, to return the patient to physical activity.

Basic rules

The author of the methodology, in the past, was itself deficient, confined, according to the doctors, forever, to the wheelchair. The desire to live a full life and get back on its feet, did the impossible.

Developed their technique — it is a system of exercises that оздоравливают and strengthens the whole body. In all sessions, created in experiences and knowledge, repeatedly came to his followers in the practice.

Before you begin classes, you should familiarize yourself with the rules, which are an integral part of the methodology of Valentin Dikul.

Back pain

  1. Observe the recommended order of implementation.
  2. Approaches should be performed, both as specified in the program.
  3. Do not overload the body, gradually, teach him to train.
  4. Classes should be held regularly. Possibly through the day.

The repetition and approaches

  1. Observe the amount of approaches and repetition.
  2. Carefully read the instructions of how to run the exercises Valentin Dikul. The classes, without rest or arbitrarily selected intermittently — are not valid.


  1. Has a full range of motion. This will only work the muscles, which implies that the direction of the load.
  2. The pace accelerated this system excludes.
  3. The methodology is based on slow, gentle, deliberate movements. Jerks and sharp steps are not valid.

The lessons for the strengthening of the muscle tissue of the back

The strengthening of the waist

Exercise data is Valentin Dikul effectively restore the joints of the spine, muscle aches, and functions of the cervical spine, shoulders, lumbar and thoracic departments, improve the general well-being.

Strengthening the muscles of the waist

Exercise implies a position — lying on his back. The hands should dilute the side with the palm fall down. High division should not break the surface. This moment left thigh very well, turn to the right until the stop. Out the left leg to the surface, but right if it remains tightly stretched. The position should be seconds to 2-3. Before gently return to the original state. The exercise is repeated on the left side with the opposite side of the thigh.


To the right side and the left side is recommended to perform 8 repetitions per 1 approach. This system implies that during the first 2-3 practice runs only 1 approach. For the next 2-3 — it is advisable to perform a 2-de approach. And, yet, according to the plan Valentin Dikul, runs 3 approach.

It is important not to forget about the rain. Between the approaches of the holiday lasts for 2 minutes.
Strengthen the back

Lying on the floor. The feet were getting divorced to the side so that, for the foot left in the distance of the shoulders. Hands cross over the chest. Better, to Strengthen the back balance, holding on to the shoulders. In the inspiration slowly turns around the case, up to the stop on the right side. From the ground comes out of the left shoulder. The legs, the pelvis remains stationary. Freeze so on in 2 seconds and return to starting position. The treatment of the back involves the implementation of exercises and, on the other hand.

The reps.

To 8 times on each side. For the first 2-3 practice enough for an approximation. More 2 to 3 sessions, held from 2 to approach. Then, we spent 3 approach. Holiday among them the 2 minutes. This system of repetitions and approaches ensures a beautiful result.

Strengthen the muscles of the back side

Again — the position of the back. The feet connect together, half-pull for you. The hand is recommended to put aside, falling down with the palms of the hands. Do not raise the ground of the neck, the shoulders and head move on the surface of both legs, making a sliding movement. When you do this, the above to bring them, is not possible.

During this exercise, the treatment of the spine based on strengthening the lateral muscles of the waist and belly.

Accepted position freeze seconds to 2-3 and with care, come back to the original. To strengthen the back should do the occupation and on the other side.

The reps.
The lateral reinforcement of the muscle

In this lesson, it is carried out the system of attempts and approaches, as in the previous year.

Strengthen the chest of the department of

During the exercise your feet should not leave the ground. The position of the back. The feet are shoulder width apart. The hands crossed on the chest, shaking hands with the forearm. Without lifting your head, neck, back of the surface, it is necessary to slide the movement to bend to the left. At this time, the legs and the pelvis, which should be glued to the floor. Stopping for 2-3 seconds, and gently return to the initial state. The same is done for the other side.

The reps.

For this exercise, it is recommended that the system approaches and repetition, as in the first second lesson.

Strengthen the back

Arise ye, exactly, выпрямив the muscles of the back and neck. Look in front of you. Without problems make up a small incline. When you do this, the position of the back should stay straight. Hands a number of move down and bend the knees. During the year of the stern a few "months". In this position, stay 2-3 seconds, and then slowly return to the original.

The reps.

For this exercise, the system is composed by 3 approaches, containing 8 repetitions. For beginners we recommend 1 to approach. Rest lasts for 2 minutes.

Strengthen the rear surface of the thigh and in the back

Accept the position belly-down. The hands place the palms of your hands upwards. For the correct positioning of the neck, the chin should touch the floor. Standing, the protected property. Lift the trunk to the maximum, raise the hands up. The position of the neck is faithful, if you are watching the front. Freeze for 2-3 seconds and then return to the starting position.

The strengthening спены and the back of the thigh
The reps.

The treatment of the spine implies the 8 reps. Beginners perform one approach. Holiday — 2 minutes.

Strengthen the abdominal muscles, the oblique

Lie on the left side. Left arm is extended forward. The palm of the hand rests on the surface of the ground. The right hand should rise up, touching the palm the floor.

Exclusively straight straight arm and a leg, you have to stand up and pull the hand to one another at the same time. Exercise involve the work of the neck. The head rises, the gaze directed forward. Enough 2-3 seconds and slowly occupy the initial position.

For the treatment of the spine was effective, it is an exercise to perform, and on your right hand side.

The reps.

Approach — 8 repetitions on one side and then on the other. A pause of about 2 minutes.

Working the muscles

Is lying on the ground. The maximum relax the muscles of the neck. The position of the spinal column exclusively direct. Fold the legs, grab the edge as close to the buttocks to the foot. Then, so gently, back to the original state.

The reps.

The treatment of the spine is based on 3 approaches of 12 repetitions. For beginners — 1 approach. The pause lasts for 2 minutes.

Strengthen the abdominal muscles

Is lying on the surface of the ground. Place the hand behind the head, bend the knees. The feet must rely with the floor surface. In this exercise, who are actually involved and of the muscles of the neck. Without taking the foot from the floor, raise the shoulders and the head. Feel how to work the muscles of the neck, pulling the head with the shoulders to the front. Should be 2 to 3 seconds. It is recommended to stretch the muscles of the neck. More gently occupies the initial position.

The reps.

Perform 3 approach, each of which contains 12 repetitions. Beginners run 1 approach. Rest should be 2 minutes.

The uniqueness of techniques

The above described a set of exercises that aims at strengthening the spine. This is not the only development to be a talented author. Incredible the doctor created the whole system of exercises for the various departments of the vertebral column, which are aimed at muscle strengthening appliance.

Complex of Valentin Dikul calculated in people who have received the injury, the patients with severe diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

He has developed effective prevention complex for the office staff, to the drivers. Not diverted its attention and children.

The technique of Valentin Dikul founded in the fight against the disease, and is intended for the victory over them. This is his uniqueness. Because many of the techniques as the goal they see adaptation and the addictive patient to the role of the person with a disability.

It is not necessary to treat the joints pills!

Have you ever experienced the unpleasant discomfort in the joints, annoying back pain? Judging by the fact that You are reading this article - You or your loved ones if faced with this problem. And You well know what is:

  • the inability, comfortable and easy to move around;
  • discomfort during the ascent and descent of stairs;
  • nasty crunch, click no, to your request;
  • pain during or after exercise;
  • inflammation in the region of the joints and swelling;
  • without cause, and, sometimes, unbearable ноющие pain in the joints

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