• What is Cervical Osteochondrosis? Disease manifestations, effective treatment and prevention methods.
  • Causes of the development of arthrosis of the knee joint. Manifestations of the disease at different levels. Methods of treatment: medicines and folk remedies. Recommendations for the selection of knee bandages.
  • Cervical osteochondrosis: its presence, causes of disease progression, risk factors, dangerous consequences, stage of development, characteristic signs and symptoms, diagnostic methods, treatment, as well as frequently asked questions and feedback by patients.
  • Arthrosis of the knee joint: the characteristics of the disease (risk group, developmental causes, symptoms of manifestation), type of pathology and stage of development, consequences and possible complications, diagnostic rules, methods of treatment, prevention.
  • Deformation in the case of osteoarthritis. As to the cause. The stages of development. The symptoms are deformed from the arthritis. The diagnostic study. The treatment of deformed from the arthritis. Forecast.
  • For that to occur, the osteocondrose. How to recognize the disease. The diagnosis of the disease. The basic principles for the treatment of. How to help yourself.
  • What is the osteocondrose, and what are the reasons for them in the first place? Symptoms and diagnosis of the disease. Techniques that are effective in the treatment.
  • The disease, which is characterized with the emergence of pain above the lumbar region. The main factors that cause the chest pain.
  • Pain in the lower back and occur in diseases of the vertebral column, the internal organs, and diseases of the human body. To accurately determine the root cause, can only a doctor, after passing the inspection, and a further examination of the patient.
  • Many of you are asking how to donate your kidneys to? You know, in which case the body mochevyvodjashie-delivery discomfort, such as it is, where it is located, how do you find out the disease.
  • The pain in my back and chest, its root causes, which need to be addressed. Why is the pain in my back and chest? How is it to be treated?
  • The pain in his back: why, and who is most likely to occur? The symptoms that you should look for in a doctor. The board of the neurologist, and modern methods for the treatment of back pain.
  • If a strong pain in the back, what is to be done? Many of the causes of the disease. An overview of the most common diseases that trigger the pain.
  • Lower back pain: causes, types and treatment of low back pain.
  • Why the pain in the back in the middle: what diseases can cause pain, how to perform the treatment
  • How to quickly numb the back pain in the ribs. For the back pain, and pain delivered in the right and left hypochondrium. The pain in the rib, giving on the back. Diagnosis and treatment methods of pain in the back, and the right or the left hypochondrium
  • The causes of back pain, on the right, co-morbidities and symptoms. The diagnosis of diseases, care and prevention.
  • pain on the right side gives back Pain on your right side, giving back: causes of Pain in your side have never been messengers of good weather or unexpected good luck. Basically what they say about the fact that the man...
  • What can hurt on your right side at waist level in men and women. Location of the pain. Common of the disease. Which doctor to browse. Diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.
  • For that back pain, back pain, what to do?Recommend the remedy popular.99% of causes of back pain - the violation of the provisions of the vertebrae and, as a consequence, the crushing of the nerve - hence the pain.
  • The causes of back pain, on the left, comorbidities, and symptoms. Disease diagnosis, indications for treatment with a professional.
  • Many faced feelings, when it hurts the right side of his back. Unfortunately, not all people know that these show the feeling that this can
  • What are the diseases associated with pain in the back and back side.
  • If the pain in the back, the question about what type of doctor you need to get in contact should not become an obstacle to treatment.
  • This symptom, such as pain in the lumbar region, the signal of virtually every person. Especially times with him facing the female part of the population.
  • What to do when the pain feelings in the epigastric area and back? Overview of possible diseases: ulcers, appendicitis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, and Dr.
  • The main causes of back and neck pain: osteocondrose, myositis or a tumor. Read the article how to understand, why the back pain and what doctor look better.
  • The pain in the back, loin? Learn the causes of pain in the back. The treatment of the back and lumbar through ointments, pills, the gym of back pain. When you need surgery?
  • Pain in the lower part of the spinal column, that is, in the back is one of the most frequent complaints made to the contact your doctor. The largest burden falls on the lumbar spine in comparison with other regions of the spinal column, in connection with which the loin is exposed to injury.
  • Spinal pain in the lumbar region: what are the reasons? Perhaps, this injury muscle clonic-tonic and myofascial pain syndromes, compression radiculopathy, stenosis of the spinal canal. All about low back pain in the article.
  • The reasons why, at the same time, it hurts the lower part of the belly and the loin, the main diseases and symptoms. The value of diagnosis and treatment of pathologies
  • What to do if a strong pain in the back: effective ways of combating and preventing
  • How dangerous pain in the back between the scapulae? The disease, which are characterized by pain in the back between the shoulder blades. Causes of pain in the back between the shoulder blades. The treatment of back pain.
  • The disease, which can cause pain in the right side of the waist. The nature of pain and the additional symptoms that help in the diagnosis of diseases.
  • Learn why it hurts the back and gives in the foot. The list of reasons and factors stimulants. Treatment methods and tips of doctors.
  • The pain in the back after a good night's sleep in the morning, and then passes it on. The causes and how to treat it
  • Probably, there is in the world a man who, at least once in his life he felt pain in the back and lumbar region.
  • What are the causes of pain in left side of back? What type of disease has a characteristic pattern of symptoms? Which can help ease the state? We answer in the article.
  • Pain on the left side of the back: how to get rid of?You live doing the daily life, build plans, but all in a moment of disintegration and change, the reason for this sharp pain on the left side of the side of the back.
  • Back pain in the lumbar region, may be the consequence of a variety of pathologies of the vertebral column. Read what causes headaches and treatment methods.
  • Why the pain occurs in the area of the blades, between them, on the left side, below his level, possible causes and methods of treatment.
  • Why it occurs and the pain in the back is the right? Types of pains. The most common causes.
  • One of the most common problems of people today are frequent pains in the back and in the lower part of the belly, occur at the same time.
  • Pain in right side of side of the back can have many causes, but in all cases, requires a super treatment. To assign a therapy and the medical expert will be needed the data from a global survey of the patient.
  • Low back pain occurs quite often. The patients say, "I have a pain in the loin", "pinched lumbar", "apparitions in the waist". In the article, we will examine the causes of pain in the lumbar region.
  • Under the low back pain is perceived pain in the lower back. In addition to the pain, You may experience stiffness in the lumbar region, and stiffness in the lower back.
  • Back pain during pregnancy - it is not extraordinary, and very natural phenomenon. Let's see why this happens and what to do, if it hurts a lot, and the painkillers pregnant can't buy.
  • Back pain is one of the most common complaints of the patients. It is often that the pain in the lumbar or thoracic spine occurs in the middle of the disease, not directly related to the back. When a small pain, help you massage and exercises at home or in the salon.
  • Pain under the ribs appears when many different diseases systems and human organs. Often it can be the result of a recent injury or post-operative complications. Unfortunately, this can symptom even cancer.
  • Why it hurts loin in women, it may be only a specialist. And, in some cases, the retention of a visit to the doctor when the back pain can be fatal. Armbar syndrome in the lumbar region of the back manifested-if more than 15 various disorders of the female body.
  • The back pain is more commonly associated with serious diseases of the spine. Scoliosis osteocondrose and other pathology of the thoracic spine, cause almost the same pains, localized between the scapulae.
  • Virtually every person appeared pain in the muscles of the back. His appearance may be a harmless phenomenon, or indicate that the person develops a serious illness. It doesn't matter what she appeared, make sure of the opinion of the doctor.
  • The low back pain certainly familiar to almost everyone for the modern man. In the workplace can affect a wide variety of reasons.
  • What to do if the pain in lower part of the rotation.The lumbar spine, during life, resists a very large work load. It is not surprising that, sooner or later, many times, at the end of the afternoon, many begin to feel that they have pain in the lower part of the rotation.
  • The pain in his left side rear may be related to several causes. Your need to know in order to perform a proper treatment, as well as the pain that is caused adversely affects the life of a patient, but inadequate treatment can lead to tragic consequences.
  • For what reasons back pain occurs in the foot. The most common causes of back pain. What to do when the pain in the back and gives in the foot, how to treat
  • The pain in the back is so "popular" the problem, that would count to anyone need. However, it is worth saying that you have to verify before we say for sure that it hurts is actually a round.
  • Anyone who spends a lot of time sitting behind the wheel, the table, the computer, that often suffer from low back pain, but rarely pay attention to them.
  • When it hurts under the left paddle is very popular a syndrome that can mean the development of a multitude of diseases. These pains can be sharp but short in nature, and may not retreat for a long period of time.
  • Why it hurts my lower back? How to determine what is causing the pain?
  • The pain of the blades – this is quite common. According to the statistics, 60% of the citizens complain that they have pain in the back of the blades.
  • The human body is a whole, and the rotation can twist for a reason completely unrelated with the state of the tissues in bone. This can be a long injury, transferred operation, disease of the internal organs, infection, inflammation, stress, lifestyle, and professional overhead.
  • The appearance of pain in the back and on the sides - very dangerous, because there is located the a large number of nerve endings, coming to the internal organs. Therefore, when you see even a slight discomfort, there is a reason for alarms and consult a specialist.
  • For what reasons the pain in the back, right? What to do, if you started an attack of acute pain?
  • For what reasons strongly to back pain? What should one do to avoid the pain that is caused?
  • Every pain gives a person inconvenient, many times, therefore, the body signals about the presence of any disease. Pain in right side of side of the back can have many causes, but in all cases, requires a super treatment.
  • Pain in the lumbar region of the back – is extremely common. Paleontologists and biologists believe that this is a consequence of evolution such acquisition, such as bipedalism.
  • Abdominal pain, back are evident violations of the human genito-urinary, digestive system and skeletal muscle systems in human. This applies to anyone, regardless of gender. It is important to understand what are their true causes, and how to eliminate them.
  • This article describes the types of pain in the lumbar region, cause headaches.
  • Back pain, low back pain – there is no man who never in his life that has not experienced. According to the World health organization, is the most common complaint and the leading cause of temporary disability.
  • The pain in the back complain about 85% of people. How to properly treat and you can get rid of the pain once and for all?
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  • the back pain, the Etiology, the Variety, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, Prevention
  • The causes of pain in the neck; How to get rid of a pain in the neck at home; folk remedies of the pain in the neck; some More tips
  • The causes of pain in the neck; How to get rid of a pain in the neck at home; folk remedies of the pain in the neck; some More tips
  • Efficiency of the tool; How to make a choice; pay attention
  • Instructions of use; Price; How to make the collar of the Trench alone in the house?
  • The construction of the neck; Types of headaches; Causes; Diagnosis; Treatment
  • Ointments for the joints and the back-to-base began poison
  • All diseases sneak in very quietly, including problems in the joints and the spine.
  • The causes of pain; Diagnosis; treatment Methods; exercises
  • The main causes; neck pain; Neck sciatica; Osteocondrose; Between the vertebrae hernia; Dangerous symptoms; and Prevention and treatment
  • Causes, Accompanying symptoms; Treatment
  • How it works massage; Point to the head-headaches; to the Point of pain, head in hand; the Point of a headache at the stop; Counter-indications
  • Who will help, if you suffer; Who diagnoses low back pain; Diagnosis
  • The definition of pancreatitis and its effect on back pain; the Major causes and symptoms of acute pancreatitis; Symptoms of a chronic form of pancreatitis; the Treatment of pancreatitis
  • Back pain on inspiration – dangerous if it Causes of sensations, such as pressure in the chest area
  • Pyelonephritis; Cancer; Cysts; kidney stones; Fibroids and adenoma; Nephroptosis; Hydronephrosis of the kidney; Renal failure; Renal colic; Between the vertebrae hernia; When there is a need to visit a doctor
  • Most people do this type of work, where you need lot of time to spend in the same position. They know that it is a pain in the back in the lumbar region and very willing to get rid of it. Let's talk about how to do this.
  • The causes of pain; Diagnosis; Treatment of back pain when breathing
  • The pain in the kidneys or in the back – unlike the symptoms; Specific pain in the lumbar women and men, the Diagnosis of low back pain
  • Causes; Symptoms; Treatment; medical therapy; Folk techniques
  • Etiology, Symptomatology, Diagnosis, Treatment, Prevention and forecast
  • Basic rules to relieve back pain, and Repetition of approaches, of Movement, of the Lesson to strengthen the muscle tissue of the back, the Uniqueness of a technique, it is Not necessary to treat the joints pills!
  • The cause of the unpleasant sensations, the Cracks in the spine, Osteocondrose, Spondylosis, Slipped between the vertebrae, Lumbago
  • The cause of the unpleasant sensations, the Cracks in the spine, Osteocondrose, Spondylosis, Slipped between the vertebrae, Lumbago
  • Why it hurts the lower part of the back, as well As determine the exact cause of pain in the lower back, the Other causes, What to do to relieve pain in the lower back
  • Pain that is caused – the primary and the secondary, Which is a pain acute and chronic, the Area of distribution of pain – the dependence of the disease, Completion
  • 9 causes of lower back pain in women its characteristics and treatment
  • An uncomfortable position, Osteocondrose, kidney Disease, Between the vertebrae hernia, Pancreatitis, Between the vertebrae is an inflammatory disease, Other possible causes, first aid, In conclusion
  • Injections of analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs and injections, cock of the three drugs, injections, when радикулите,injections when the hernia
  • Causes of pain in the back can be treatment of back pain, prevention of back pain