Why is it so important to lisa's attitude to children and how to prevent the onset of scoliosis

Why is it so important to lisa's attitude to children and how to prevent the onset of scoliosis

Correct posture to one student — the object of the concerns of parents and doctors. What is posture and how the curvature affects the health of students — will be analyzed in the article.

Posture is formed during the growth and development of children, from an early age. The student with the posture must not have a deviation, prescribed patterns anatomical. People with correctly посаженной posture, seen from the distance. The head they keep always in the front, the march have easy, spin is not folded.

Violation of posture in school-age

Disorders of posture sorted innate or hereditary characteristics, and were also read diseases, injuries. This pathology can be a consequence of sticky life. Students in classes sit at the table, in the house — teach lessons to the desktop. Throughout the day, along of, on average, 5 to 6 lessons, the child receives the exhaust. Of immobility decreases the perception of a training program.

Often the violation of posture students caused by the fact that the time to sit down to the table causes the stagnation of the phenomenon of blood circulation. If you tire the muscles of the back, spine, neck, legs. About the signs of fatigue, they say, lowered his shoulders and head, the movement of a chair. All these factors negatively affect the correct posture training of the student. At an early age, the child has the ability to move actively, with the arrival at the school, he has more sit.

Violation of posture in school-age

The child has to explain about the importance of taking the position of the table. During the execution of the works written shoulders should be disclosed, be on the same level, and slightly tilted head. The student should be able to relax on the table in the moments in which the teacher explains the lesson. At this time, you can relax and hard to lean over the backrest of the chair. Keeping important princes, posture problems can be avoided.

How do you get the curvature of the posture

The list of the main reasons that lead to changes of the posture:

  • migrated earlier injury or disease;
  • the neglect of an active lifestyle;
  • the lack of feedback in physical education classes;
  • incompatibility of workplace standards in relation to the growth of the student;
  • the excess work of a long period of seats;
  • the position behind a table;
  • inadequate lighting of the workplace;
  • problems with vision.
To prevent the manifestation of problems of posture and the need to eliminate the factors of its distortion.
How to determine the violation of

In the case of a posture in the body arise: a natural slouch, the asymmetry of the location of the shoulders, growth of the belly. In medicine is the phenomenon characterized as the curvature of the vertebral column, which represents a scoliosis. Identify and diagnose defects of posture in school-age will help in the inspection of a child.

The exam is conducted in the standing position. The heel should be placed together, the semi dilute it at an angle of 45 degrees. If it is detected irregularities, which came out of the rules of symmetry, anatomical, it is recommended the study of the back x-rays. This must be done for the detection of pathologies of the vertebral column.

How to determine the violation of

Visually perceptible signs capable of bringing diseases, that may occur due to changes caused by posture. The system of keeping the child table in a posture complemented the more serious side signs. For example, one leg may be shorter than the other.

Scoliotic violation of posture

The curves of the vertebral column of a person are formed from an early age. Any violation manifest themselves due to the impact on the back of a series of adverse factors. The time is not seeing the problem with the passing of the years the student will acquire more curves. As a result, in adulthood, is the effect on the health. When scoliosis the spine curves to one side, more to the right.

With scoliosis, congenital, everything is clear, as it can be the result of a genetic predisposition. With acquired disease of the business can different worst. Sometimes, the parents do not pay attention on a problem for the next few years. When the breach is possible to realize the time, thanks to корректирующим exercises and supervision of professionals in the easy situation to recover from.

Exercises for posture students

Simple exercises are performed in the form of exercise to alleviate fatigue and work load with the spine. Acting with the help of physical complex for the formation of a correct posture students, can achieve significant results. Performing the exercises is recommended, in conjunction with parents, or independently. The complex is, therefore:

  1. Of the foot, with прижатыми the buttocks on the wall, well in the hour that closed the worth, together, heels, and then separate the hands to the sides, in the height of the shoulders. Ладошками front to simulate the sliding with the hands on the wall.
  2. Exercises for posture students
  3. For the correct posture of a child enough to get up exactly on the wall. Raise the arms upward to stretch the back. Count from 1 to 10. Relax, fall down of the hand.
  4. The exercise in the position lying face down. For this, you must pull throughout the body of the foot and the hand. Based on the belly and chest, simultaneously, raise the hands and the feet. Good results can be obtained if delay position raised of the hands and feet for a few seconds. To return to your original position, of an exercise repetition.
  5. Lying on his back, to simulate a ride on his bike. The feet should be at an angle of 45 degrees. To do manipulation with one-minute intervals of 10 approaches.
More complex exercises for a correct posture to perform best only under the supervision of a professional trainer or physician.
The prevention of disturbances postural

Excellent preventive will the self-control to the position of the back, in standing and sitting. Rotation should always remain in a straight line. The long sit-need to take a break, you can облокотиться in the backrest of a chair or to stand up the opinion. If necessary, you should adjust the height of the table соизмеримо the growth of the child.

In the standing position it is best to distribute the load, based on alternately, then in one, the other leg. Instead of a long period of find in a single place, it is helpful to walk back and forth to the front. To lift the bag or dropped on the floor optional item lean back, enough to sit down, knees bent.

Sitting at the table or in the chair needs to rotate the child firmly adjacent to the bedside. For lessons, sit in front, not leaning to the front, the back and head. Feet should stay on the floor. Otherwise, under the table necessary to put a support for the feet or to adjust the location of work.

The prevention of disturbances postural

Do not underestimate the damage caused to scholarship by the top of the shoulder. Wearing such accessories instead of backpacks directly threatens the curvature of the spine. Explaining to the child how the correct posture is important for the students, it is recommended to give more them recommendations.

As recommendations to improve the posture

To the correct position for the school-age child in out of place, and must comply with the following rules and perform simple recommendations:

  • must be properly organized sleeping space, the presence of an orthopedic mattress and comfortable pillow;
  • do not forget about the use of shoes according to the size of the foot;
  • lack of physical exercise, furniture, games, outings — is also a great advantage;
  • it is unacceptable to stand or sit on a leg;
  • negatively affects the wearing of the weight, it's not worth filling the portfolio's other books.

In order to develop the correct posture, one should follow the recommendations and use existing techniques, which were developed for its improvement.