Why it hurts loin belly

If a pain of the belly and the loin, only a doctor can establish the true reason, to find the right solution to assign the course of treatment. If the person uses a "methods", it will not be able to determine exactly what hurts, it will only aggravate the term of one or another disease.

With more frequency of such pain suffering females. Men are much less likely to experience problems with this sphere.

The action of the physician in establishing the diagnosis


The doctor, the patient should be prepared for the honest questions and answers about the nature of the abdominal pain, lumbar. First of all, the doctor will want to know your strength and intensity. Here is a list of basic questions:

  • What hurts? Acute, strong, irritating, paroxysmal, pulling, throbbing? (The nature of the pain indicates or another break – bleeding, the pressure inside the cavity, chronic inflammation.)
  • It is when this pain hot? Hedgehog?
  • The exact location of the problem? What is the area that hurts? Down, right, left, center? Concerned with surrounding pain?
  • It is when the pain still symptoms: vomiting manifestations, often repetitive urination, problems with it?

The woman will be addressed additional issues:

  • Was in pain with the advent of pregnancy? Where exactly it hurts, mourn? If there is pain in the lower abdomen, low back, when the menstrual period?

The task of medical doctors to diagnose the cause of a pain of belly, waist. They are doing a series of professional actions.

  • The research on the presence of the herpes virus.
  • An analysis of the blood. Objective – to identify the inflammation (number of leukocytes, ESR above normal).
  • The urine analysis. Goal – identify problems of the urinary tract (high level of white blood cells, red blood cells).
  • Ultrasound of the internal organs of the pelvis. Goal – setting of your state, of possible irregularities.
  • Study for the detection of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Radiography of the pelvis, of the spinal column. Goal – determine the state of the bones and of possible violations.
  • The definition of bone mineral density. Objective – to identify the (exception) of osteoporosis.
  • Endoscopy of the stomach, the intestine, the bladder. Most of the stomach is associated with several authorities. Goal – to objectively evaluate and detect deviations from the norm.
  • Irrigoscopy. Goal the refinement of the diagnosis.

The causes of abdominal and back pain


Explains the diversity of a large number of abdominal organs that play a major role for the normal work of all systems of the body.

The possible causes may present groups of diseases and disorders specific.

Inflammatory disease of character

This includes appendicitis, inflammation of the intestine, bladder, kidneys, prostate, testicles.

Semiology (inflammation of the appendix): strong, acute, sometimes, aching abdominal pain on the right side. If you do not meet them, you will be preserving. This is a big risk. It can be lethal.

Semiology (from the intestine): the pain is concentrated in the lower part of the belly, the return in the lumbar region, in the groin. If you do not react, it is presented an ulcer direct/12-duodenal gut.

Semiology (the bladder). Urethritis in both sexes. Cystitis is more common in women. This is related with the anatomical characteristics. Dangerous signals when cystitis – blood in urine, pain at end of urination.

Semiology (inflammation of kidney pelvis): scattered clouds oppressive pain (side), often times to the left, to the right.

Semiology (inflammation of the prostate): pain in the groin, repeating the urge to urinate.

Semiology (inflammation of the testicles): pain, nausea, migraines, fever. Testicles with appendages inflamed by the "guilt" of different microbes, for example: gonococcal, chlamydia.

This may also occur after the operational intervention.

Infectious diseases

The infection of the bladder, of the intestine.

Semiology (bladder infection): the presence of the spasmodic pains of the head, the impurities from the blood in the urine.

Semiology (intestinal infection): pulling the pain is concentrated in the lower part of the belly appears in the lower part of the back. Mucus, blood in the stool.

If anything does not take to miss a moment, you will begin to sepsis. Symptom of sepsis is the change in paroxysmal (colicy) the pain.

Colitis. Symptoms: the intense and excruciating pain, increased body temperature, swelling. A symptom of the emergence of chronic ulcerative is a transition for the relief of acute pain in stupid.

Inguinal hernia. Symptoms: awful back pain, loss of consciousness, if pinched muscles in the internal organ, nausea, vomiting. Here will help only one doctor on duty and operation.

The urolitíase. Symptoms: the appearance of a pain. If you begin to move the stone, it becomes a acute.

Neoplasms (organs, digestive tract, urinary system). Semiology: different pain (aching, sharp, and other), the belly. The disease with fewer species than pulling, and a strong pain in the lumbar region and the abdomen: osteocondrose, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, stenosis of intervertebral canal, scoliosis, osteoporosis, and stroke.

Individually, you have to say about gastric ulcers and hallcistite. First, about the ulcer. This disease has a distinctive feature. She acutely felt in the spring and in the autumn. We know that this is the time of exacerbations for many of the weaknesses of the person, disorders, diseases.

As it is only a time of transition ends, all recovered. We live more peacefully, until the emergence of the next hop. The symptoms are very unpleasant.

This is the so-called "acid" arrota, burning sensation in the esophagus, may be vomiting, the malfunction of the gallbladder (bile enters stomach).

The man begins to pass on weight, lose weight. After eating, he experiences sensations of pain. This is a very serious state.

The causes of abdominal and back pain women

Stomach pain

Variety of causes, is big enough. Many times they relate to gynecology. The pain may spread in the whole region of the belly and waist, and can concentrate in the lower part of the belly with the two sides.

The pain is a sign that are listed here painful conditions:

  • PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome). It has a dull, spasming abdominal pain, lumbar. Called spastic contractions of the uterus. It pains before menstruation, and the first few days. But it is strong, it's unbearable. So you have to test for the presence of inflammation, endometriosis, fibroids.
  • Directly menstrual cramps. Abdominal pain – the testimony of hormonal imbalance. In the female body, there are hormones – the prostaglandins. When the normal number, may be of short duration, only small abnormal sensations. The presence even of pain, says that the production of these hormones broken. Such problems parous women – a sign of serious violations.
  • Apoplexy of the ovary, as a result of the rupture of the follicle after the exercise, the sex. It manifests as an acute pain in the lower part of the abdomen, lumbar spine, weakness, nausea, vertigo.
  • Inflammation of the uterus, its appendages, the vagina, the fallopian tubes, endometriosis. When these inflammations, in addition to the appendices, there is the sensation of severe pain. If you have an inflammation of appendages (adnexitis) she initially was not strong, tolerant – in the lower part of the belly. If the disease is not treated, it appears excruciating pain in the region of the groin with both sides, what do you say about peritonitis. Endometriosis is manifested by severe headache during the menstruation.
  • The curvature of the uterus. To him, it is typical pulling abdominal pain. Called adhesions, hereditary causes.
  • Difference of the ovary, oviduct'. The terrible feeling in the lower part of the belly, loss of consciousness. Will save just one operation.
  • Benign of education (cysts, fibroids). When a cyst occurs pain in the lower part of the abdomen, the lumbar region, it can give the other organs, the hand, the loin, the top of the peritoneum, the rectum). When myoma – paroxysmal abdominal and back pain.
  • A lot of problems associated with pregnancy: ectopic pregnancy: pulling in the lower belly with the two sides, giving the lower part of the back, bleeding, loss of consciousness, to the beginning of the detachment placenta – strong, thick, paroxysmal more bleeding; threatened abortion: a clear, in the lower part of the belly, the weaker – lower back; premature labor: pulling, colicy (the lower part of the belly, the loin).
  • Abdominal and back pain appears after the successful done an abortion, when there is erosion of the cervix, polyps, dysplasia.
  • Psychological causes, cause sensations of pain in the lumbar region, belly. Is the stress, frustrating state of neurotic disease.
  • Banal hypothermia. Is the case when the "beauty requires sacrifice" and the girl look attractive, not have warm clothes in the cold.

The consequences are serious: the apparent pain in the lower abdomen, lumbar, significant inflammation, violations, the extreme case – the infertility.

What to do when the lower back and abdominal pain

We take

The pain in the abdominal region, the lumbar region – a sign of failure (onset of the disease, the "break" in the body, or surgical).

All considered causes of the headaches associated with painful disorders important to the life systems of the organism.

Ourselves we can't get rid of such pains. Need a professional diagnosis and treatment. It is the prerogative of the doctor. Here is important the principle of timeliness. It is not possible to neglect abdominal pain, back.

When the sensation of pain, many people are trying to deal with them using the available analgesic drugs and innovative drugs causing spasms.

Why does it help? Because we simply take a symptom, the cause is not eliminated.

Remember that self-appointed tablets change the clinical picture. Physician because this type of self-medication is difficult to make an accurate diagnosis.

Even more than with a pain can be connected by one, but several diseases. The output of a – go, without leaving of side to the doctor.

Of course, there are situations in which you can relieve a little the state, if now there is no chance to enter in the reception.

The causes can be various: it is far away from civilization (holiday in the mountains, the sea), lack of communication, outbound, night and others.

The back and belly may get sick because of a cold, the weight lifting. As the ambulance work normal friction. The backs are ground up and a bit of red. But only when properly determined the cause.

If they called the doctor, but it will come quickly, but a rotation in regret, it hurts, then you can resort to the sharing of best practices. Until the arrival of the ambulance, it is not possible to consume any drink, even water, laxatives.

You should not use any thing, the heating (space heaters, hot packs). All hot accelerates the inflammatory processes. You can resort to cold compress.

If the pain from spasming and don't pass, then you can apply mild antispasmodic generation modern.

If the inflammatory disease or infectious character, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics. Without the diagnosis, and issued a doctor's prescription of antibiotics to take not.

But here the most important is to analyze and make adjustments in your life style and the model of the power supply.

If you have an inflammation of the intestine, the doctor will help catch most effective medicines from of the proposal of today's spectrum.

In early pregnancy pain feel should warn the woman. There is the risk of losing the child. Then you need to urgently visit your doctor / gynecologist. This will help to prevent the sick from the state.

Usually, when there is this threat, prescribe rest, create a peaceful environment, they save.

The doctor assigns the call to save, and mild sedation of vegetable origin.

Of course that is all a general guideline, you need only to inform. As previously stated, the treatment may pass only by a doctor.

But we are the way they are, surely we will all respond and help it to themselves and to their medical treatment, if we are to understand what is happening, why what awaits us in the treatment process.

When we know this, we faster went back to the doctor. The ignorance, the unknown frightens us. Therefore, the information and the disease, the causes for their emergence, methods of treatment, the ability of modern medicine is the key to success in the resolution of health problems.

So, pain is an indicator of the disease. Thanks to her, the person realizes that he needs to save himself, not to hurt. Without pain, the person simply dies.

Disturbing sensations of pain, do you immediately go to a specialist, who correctly identified the disease and cure it. And remember: "the hurt – not necessarily".