What is the doctor curing the back pain

What is the doctor curing the back pain

If the person has a pain in his back and he does not understand, the which doctor to turn to, and at the clinic level office lack, the help of an expert in the area of therapy. This doctor will perform a pre-diagnosis measures, then, will refer the patient to another doctor. Today you will learn what is the doctor to go, if it bothers pain that is caused.

Who will help, if it hurt

Specialist vertebrolog healing pain, problems related to the spine. A neurologist to help ущемлении of the nerve, and also when the inflammation attacks the neurons. If the person manifest themselves in dysfunction of the internal organs, which will help you to specialists in cardiology, gastroenterology.

What is the doctor curing the back? In medicine a lot of specialties have a narrow profile. First, the person is not able to decide where to go, if you have back problems. When disturbed, back pain, a chronic condition, it is first necessary to turn the участковому doctor, which copes with the treatment. Different sensations of pain are caused by different pathological processes. The pain can bother the person always she кратковременна.

If the pain in the back, then the reason for this pathological state can be spondylosis, in which the bony structures to grow strongly. Also, the patient can be insensitive, and the weakening of the foot. In this case, you should contact the невропатологу or vertebrologu. If the pain that is caused has a character, then, probably, воспалены muscles. This type of pain is lower, but continues with her for a long time. The inflammation occurs due to the fact that the man переохладился or experienced physical surge. To cure these pains the help of a neurologist.

Pain that is caused колющего character signals about the likely pathologies of the respiratory system, выделяющую urine. In this case, involved the treatment will be experts пульмонологии, urology. For those who go if the pain in your back? Stab you in the back then, when the patient is ripped off your back. This symptomatology is, for example, when between the vertebrae грыжах. Help the patient can neurologist or vertebrolog. If you will end up with the rotation, but it is not clear which is dr. help, then resort to a therapist. He advise the patient, send it to the diagnosis.

When the doctor will study the information, parses the clinic of pathology, he recommendations of other professionals for treatment.
About vertebrolog

Is a doctor, the student of diseases of the spinal column. Such a doctor can also do different types of massages, apply мануальную therapy, done album of the vertebral column. The causes of these pains are different:

  • Dream too soft or hard beds.
  • The person sleeps in the wrong position.
  • If pillowcase, duvet cover and I am consist of artificial fabrics.
  • The man is obliged to perform physically demanding work.
  • Permanent sit-in a position when you are behind a laptop.

Not to bothered with the pain they must respect the prevention. Sleep is necessary for the bed, in which the stiffness medium, preferably in purchase to have a good night's sleep in a bed with the pillowtop. If the bed surface has a strong rigidity or the bed is very soft, which will occur a deformation of the spinal column. It is still necessary to monitor the posture. If the work is related to a seat in the same position, one should perform an exercise that is well tone and eliminates muscle stiffness.

When you are behind a laptop, you must choose the chair with the table. The spin will not experience the overvoltage, if the chair will have a high back. The arms block the hand, so the spine will not be difficult to exercise. Excess weight is need to get rid of. It overloads the spine, the likelihood of education degenerative disease of the disc between the vertebrae hernias increase. It takes many times to swim, practicing physical exercises, then спинальные the muscles are toned, the back will be flexible. If the need to lift a heavy object, then the back should be direct, otherwise, you will have problems with the spine.


To find a specialist vertebrologii is not easy. In this case, the patient goes to a therapist, who recommends the neurologist. Qualified neurologist has the same skills, as vertebrolog. A neurologist performs the diagnosis with the treatment:

  • rods;
  • hernia between the vertebrae at different stages of development;
  • degenerative disc disease, osteophytes';
  • the inflammation of the sciatic nerve and other nervous system diseases.

The man experiences sensations of pain in the back, but the cause of pain are different, they may occur in diseases of the respiratory system, of the endocrine glands. Also the pain that is caused infectious cause of the process, the oncology.

Other doctors

If a neurologist does not resolve the problem, the cause of headaches may be in pathological processes that affect the kidneys. The patient, then, help the nephrologist or urologist. Pain that is caused maternal vertebral segment can also occur due to pathology of the lung. If the pain that is caused колющего nature, then the probability of inflammation of the airways and organs.

The pain in the chest, chest area, back can cause the pathology of the heart and blood vessels. Timely exercise and assistance to reduce the risk of development of myocardial and ischemic change of the heart. If the patient has broken carbonate metabolism, the human body suffers with the lack of calcium, that you have a problem with the engine system of a machine, the person will end up with the rotation. In this case, the patient requires эндокринологическая query.

Diagnose the pathological changes of connective tissue, to help a rheumatologist. He heals the inflammation of the joints, helps eliminate pain. Sometimes an injury gives know after a long period of time. The patient may forget that 2-3 years ago he had an injury, you might think that only physically redesigned. If the pain does not pass, other the doctor doesn't help, then you need to consult a specialist.

The pain колющего the character may be a consequence of pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract (GI). Is язвенные, inflammatory processes, stomach, gallbladder, or there is a problem with the pancreas, appendix, and other organs of the digestive tract. If there is suspicion of cancer in the body, so it's worth getting advice. The oncology is best treated in the early stages of training.

Pre-menstrual painful syndrome in women happens when gynaecological problems, the tenderloin can be very painful. Such pains are due to the location of the anomalous uterus, pregnancy, flows out of the uterus, inflammatory processes, mutilation of reproductive organs. Even if you occur a normal pregnancy, the pain may also manifest.

If a pregnant woman pick up a bandage of pain will cease. A woman needs to consult a gynecologist.

Who diagnoses the pain lumbar area

If it hurts the loin, what is the doctor going to help? Low back pain can be due to back problems or violation of the functions of any of the internal organs. So, assesses symptoms, and then points to the expert, the first therapist. If the person for a long time in an uncomfortable pose,he with the time, the pain of the loin. But if it rest, warm up, you will receive массажную procedure in the absence of contraindications, the discomfort will be undertaken in an independent, extra-territorial aid is not necessary.

If it hurts the loin, then often the causes are injuries that cause fractures of the spinal column. Acute pain caused in the lower back area occurs due to a herniated disc located between the vertebrae, протрузии. Occurs an irritation of the sciatic nerve, which manifests itself clinical sciatica's. The pain stretch from the gluteus medius of the area to the sole. When a serious case of one or two legs can be numb, you will have the paralysis. In this case, it is relevant to the help the neurologist or neurosurgeon.

Who diagnoses the pain lumbar area

Lower back, sciatica may occur when a strange man bending of the back. The pain of giving to the gluteus medius area or thigh. Patient is worth, and moves with difficulty. Cure sciatica help the neurologist. Cancer also cause pain caused in the lower back area. The patient, then, it is necessary to consult an oncologist.

Pain lumbar segment can occur due to diseases of organs выделяющую urine. In addition to the pain, the person is in breach of the urination, he is vomiting, experiencing vomiting, will lead to changes with hyperthermia and other симптоматикой. The patient will help a urologist or nephrologist. If a man is inflamed prostate, pain is different parish site, also painful lumbar meals. Pain that is caused has different intensity, painful scrotum with промежностью. You should consult the urologist.


Diagnostic procedures may help you decide with a specialist, who will cure the patient. Held:

  • The search of the urine with blood, will help to identify the inflammatory processes.
  • Radiographic research with different projections.
  • CT help uncover the trauma.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging is more accurate, it is installed under the spread of a disease process. More than one time per 30 days does not apply.
  • Ultrasound detects a problem with the cartilages, their tendons, cancer.
  • With the help of electromyograms are recorded electrical signals that occur due to muscle contractions. This method determines how well you work the muscle tissues.

If it bothers backache, the best thing is not to tolerate the pain, do not self-medicate, instead of asking for the help of a therapist, who will forward it to other professionals. Then will not occur in your body complications, that are not always successfully treated, therefore, health is best not to risk it.