The pain in the back in the middle

Many times, when the complaints of the pain in the back in the middle, in the patients reveals the curvature of the spine. But can develop and other diseases: osteocondrose, spondylosis, disease Spondylitis, intervertebral hernia, and t. d. not excluded pathology of the shoulder-notintramural joint, shoulder joint, clavicular junction of the bones.

the pain in the back in the middle

Why occurs that is similar to the symptom and what to do for treatment and diagnosis – describe this material. With it, you can learn more about the spread of the pathology, that doctors have prescribed at one time or another illness.

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Hurts spine in the middle of the back: what to do?

The first thing to do, if hurt the spine in the middle of the back has recourse to a medical consultation. If there is an attendant symptoms, indicating that the pathology of the cardiovascular system, so first you should visit a doctor, a cardiologist. Your help may be needed if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • sinusestü the lips and nasolabial triangle (cyanosis in the midst of the failure of blood circulation);
  • failure in the work of the heart;
  • swelling of legs and hands;
  • lack of air, including yves peace, which is strengthened in the prone position;
  • cough and difficulty in breathing.

If these symptoms are absent, that is, with high probability, the pain caused problems in the area of the intervertebral disc or the vertebral bodies. Least a pain of the spine in the middle of the back, in the midst of corruption intervertebral disc and facetintramural joints. The likelihood of developing abouttof Georgia and herniated disc, scoliosis and other types of violations of posture.

Pain in the spinal column need to delete the probability of OStemulatie and osteopenia. This applies especially to young women, are in "mama". The pregnancy is too complex for the body of the woman, all the time. It also increases the need, in many nutrients welltStanstOh, minerals and vitamins. If the diet of a pregnant woman contains an insufficient number of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D, your body begins the process of resolution of bone tissue through the leaching of calcium salts. Suffer can the teeth, the tubular bones, which are the distortion, and the articulation of the pelvic bones and vertebral column.

Sensitivity in the region of the vertebral column during the pregnancy is always an excuse to gain access to the doctor. Within a period of 30 months and weeks is very recommended to visit the doctor and take a course of manual therapy. This will allow the body to prepare for the generic process and eliminate the risk of development of numerous diseases of the musculoskeletal system, which women are subject.

If you hurt your spine in the middle of the back of the man, and then delete the need for a disease Ankylosing. For ankylosing spondortand characteristic is present rigidity in the early hours of the morning, until dinner time, and not bother me until the next morning. This is the first sign of evolution of the disease Ankylosing. We need as soon as possible to consult on the reception to the optonedy. In the later stages, ankylosing spondortand your spinal column fully loses the capacity for flexibility and agility. It turns into petrified a structure that does not allow to bow, to tilt, rotate the trunk in different directions. Avoid this is possible through techniques of manual therapy, used in the early stages of the disease Ankylosing.

Why the pain in the back in the middle of the back?

causes of pain in the back

Why back pain in children, adolescents, and adults? To understand this question, it is worth considering carefully the anatomy of the location of the musculoskeletal system.

The middle of the back the back is in the chest the division of the vertebral column. It is composed of 12 vertebrae. They differ in their structure: side surfaces are present in the rib pit. They touch the head doug the ribs. In this way agile articulation, through which is conducted the movement of the vane that when they are breathing movements. When the inspiration rib arch make the crane from the top and the ribcage expands. Mobility is guaranteed by the intercostal muscles and the diaphragm that separates the thoracic cavity from the abdominal.

The thoracic department of vertebral column has a physiological curve in the form of letters, called kyphosis. When kyphosis occurs the sensation of lisa's back when it worsens rotation becomes circular, posture poor. And this condition can cause pain in the spinal column, since suffering rib-insects joints that deform and are subjected to destructive processes.

If the pain in the back in the middle of the back, it is important to eliminate the evolution of scoliosis. This disease is characterized violation of posture in the side of the plane. The patient may be present with the following signs of scoliosis in the thoracic spine:

  • a shoulder is located below another;
  • during the seats, with the trunk tilted to one side;
  • the angles of the blades are located in a different level.

The symptoms of scoliosis can develop gradually. The pain in the middle of the back is one of the first signs. When you receive complaints, she must immediately consult your doctor. The doctor, with the help of manual search, and radiographic lateral imaging is able to establish the presence of scoliosis, its shape and degree of deformation pathological. Depending on the delivered diagnosis, the treatment will be prescribed.

Why pain between the shoulder blades on the back of the middle

Set exactly so that it hurts between the fins on the back of the middle, is only possible during the full time of the reception, with the help of manuals of the study and the realization of diagnosis of the cases of functional testing. Among the most common reasons for the appearance of this type of symptom may be called:

  • the wrong placing of the foot, making the distribution andмonрtизandциonннonй load during walking and running does not affect the lumbar spine, and affects the chest, that causes an increase in pressure on the discs of the spinal column and causes pain;
  • any type of violation of posture and curves of the spine lead to the fact that begin to crumble a rib-insects joints fixing of the position of the chest;
  • excess weight, especially in conjunction with obesity visceral, leads to the impairment of the state of the diaphragm and the change in the balance of вwelltрипonлOSttion pressure – it adversely affects the position of the arch of the ribs, which hurt betweencostela the muscles and the nerves;
  • is different than the length of the foot, including that which occurs with the destruction of the hip or knee – formed secondary scoliosis with кonмпенсandtornoy goal;
  • spondylosis, spondилonandрtroses and other forms of damage facetintramural and the joints of the vertebrae and of the ribs;
  • the intervertebral abouttRUSIA of disk, hernia, stenosis of the spinal canal;
  • OSteofits – often make up special plates of the thoracic vertebrae in the mind of his little mobility;
  • the displacement of the vertebral bodies under the influence of factors caused by trauma (fall, injury, cracking the vertebral bodies and their OStIPtsх ontрOStкonв).
why doctor search

If the pain in the back at the top in the middle, then it is also necessary to perform differential diagnosis with diseases of the heart and lungs. The patient is recommended to make fluorography, in case you need to visit a pulmonologist, a cardiologist, perform ECG research and t. d.

Why the pain in the middle of the back to the side of the column?

More often than pain in the middle of the back to the side of the long column of the ligament, which maintains the equilibrium of all the bodies of the vertebrae. Only the ligamentous unit of the vertebral column are present two long longitudinal ligaments, begin in the occipital region bones, and end near the tailbone (front and back). The short ligaments are yellow and Mezobereny.

Ligaments of the vertebral column are responsible for the integrity of the structure, retention of the vertebral bodies in a position pre-determined. When the reduction of the height of the intervertebral disc, occurs a gradual reduction in the extension of the ligaments. Therefore, in the initial stages of abouttof Georgia occurs instability of the state the vertebral bodies. It can be periodic violation of the radicular nerves that leave the spinal cord through the openings.

Why back pain in middle of spine during osteocondrose? Here, the role played by various factors. The first of them – a degeneration and dystrophy of fibrous tissue in the intervertebral disks. It loses its elasticity and is subjected to a constant process of dehydration, cracking and chalking. This is why regular outbreaks of the inflammatory reaction. When sliding parts pulpous kernel in the formed crack fibrous ring occurs the hernia. She is the source of composed of proteins, that are recognized by the immune system as an alien. In response to this, there occurs the reaction of inflammation.

The next factor of the appearance of pain – кonмпенсandtonрнandя reaction the excess of muscle tension steel frame in the back. Regardless of the location of the source of an inflammatory reaction in the spinal column surrounding the muscles exposed to excess voltage, with the objective of compensating lost andмonрtизandциonннonй of the band. Therefore, it is determined the position of the vertebral bodies, separated from each other destroyed unit between the vertebrae. Excess muscle tension gives resistant the pain that is caused, which is reinforced during the attempts to perform any movement.

If strongly pain in the lower back in the middle

If the pain in lower back in the middle, so it is important to exclude the possibility of pathology of the kidney. Positive symptom Пandсtернandцкonгon is the indication for the assignment of ultrasonography of the kidney, urography, which is common to urine analysis. If the symptom Пandсtернandцкonгon negative, the doctor does a differential diagnosis and reveals one of the forms of pathology of the vertebral column. This can be spondylosis, spondилonandрtroses, dефonрмирующий osteoarthritis rib-vertebral articulations, the osteocondrose, the disease Ankylosing and t. d.

If a strong pain in the back in the middle, you should consult a doctor. The doctor is able to diagnose and treatment comprehensive.

With the help of techniques of manual therapy can be treated almost all the diseases of the spinal column and joints. You can completely cure osteocondrose and to get rid of herniated disk, recover mobility, when scar deformation of the muscle tissue, and to eliminate the development of ankylosing spondortand.

The methods applied in our clinic, manual therapy:

  1. massage and osteopathy to restored I tissue elasticity, enhance the microcirculation of blood and lymph;
  2. medical gymnastics and кинезиontерandпия – for the recovery of the muscle tone and the frame of the back and improve the state of the musculoskeletal system;
  3. reflexology to start the process of regeneration of damaged tissues;
  4. physiotherapy – as an additional measure;
  5. laser treatment of diseases that require a map application.
the treatment of pain in the back

You can sign up for the complimentary reception to our clinic of manual therapy. The doctor establish an accurate diagnosis will be able to give you personalized recommendations, and, in case of need – develop, fully-fledged individual of a course of treatment, which will give a positive effect.