Back pain: causes, signs, symptoms, treatment

Back pain is a symptom, which manifested in each person, at least once per life. Statistics medical is that, throughout his life, the sensation of pain in this area are revealed about 80% of the inhabitants of european countries. At the same time, the doctors begin to sound the alarm, as well as the type of symptom has become "younger". If, previously, the low back pain to the right or to the left, which could give or not give in the foot, it was the prerogative only of the elderly, even now, the average age of your primary manifestation of 35 to 45 years of age. Many times, your diagnose even in adolescents. This all suggests the question – why is the pain in the loin, the answer must know for each man, just as no one is immune to the appearance of such pain.

low back pain

In fact, the reasons for the progression of this pathological condition quite. Many times, the pain that is caused in the lumbar region accompanying the osteocondrose, sciatica, low back pain, a variety of pathology lumbar-sacral department. It is important to understand that if you prepare for this symptom, then he, in any case can not be ignored. Of course, you can trigger completely causes physiological, such as increased physical activity or even hypothermia. But also the pain that is caused in this area may be the first symptom of the progression of severe pathologies in the human body. It is important to go immediately to the reception to the qualified doctor who will be able to establish the true reason for such state and shall appoint the correct treatment.


Depending on your location:

  • the local. In this case, the point the syndrome manifests itself in a specific location in the lumbar region. In some cases, the pain occurs in the foot. Many times, it manifests itself with pain in the back below the waist;
  • widespread. In this case, the pain that is caused not only covers the lumbar region, but also completely across the back.

Depending on the length of the starting point of the pain syndrome to distinguish between:

  • recurring pain;
  • permanent.

Intermittent pain

His name to this symptom has received because of it, that it disappears after being eliminated by a nursery of pain, and the man recovered fully. More often than the uneasy feelings of this type appear as a consequence of the non-normalized physical or physiological characteristics of the human body. But many times the reason for the emergence of periodic pain becomes pathology of internal organs acute character. It is worth mentioning that the pain, the cause what exactly are the ailments of vital organs, can be of two types:

  • radiating;
  • mirrored.

The persistent pain

Typically the reasons for manifestations of pain this type are:

  • the inflammation in the bone and cartilage structures;
  • the processes of degeneration and degradation of bone and cartilage;
  • violation of blood circulation in the legs.

Much less likely to cause steady pain in the lumbar region is the defeat muscular structures or internal organs. About the progression from the starting point of the pain syndrome, this type of to say, in this case, to correct the pathological is a nursery, it is hardly possible, as well as the mechanism of degeneration of bones and cartilage has already been released. Here everything is the fact that the medicine today, has almost no money, which could completely eliminate dystrophic or degenerative processes in the body of a man.

The main causes manifestations constant headaches:

  • the defeat of nerve fibers that come out of the vertebrae lumbar;
  • the defeat nerve nodules, located near the vertebral column in the sacral region and departments, as well as the lumbar spine.

The disease, the escape of which is accompanied by the emergence of constant pains in the lumbar region:

  • lumbago;
  • the intervertebral osteocondrose;
  • sciatica;
  • lumbar hernia;
  • scoliosis;
  • sciatica (lumbar pain, often in the leg);
  • thrombophlebitis. A characteristic — pain, giving on the affected leg. Many times it can occur also a strong inflammation around a blood vessel injured;
  • atherosclerosis 3 or 4 degrees;
  • rheumatoid arthritis;
  • ankylosing spondylitis;
  • spondylosis;
  • osteoporosis;
  • various length of legs.

Pain caused women

causes of pain in the back

Many times the question is, why the pain in the loin, define the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. The low back pain to the right or to the left may be one of the first signs of progression of dangerous gynecological diseases.

The causes of the manifestations of lower back pain on the right and to the left, women:

  • adnexitis. Mainly sensations of pain are located in the lower part of the belly, but also often gives the waist and even the foot;
  • twisting ovarian cysts;
  • the climax;
  • pregnancy.

The feeling of lower back pain in men

The low back pain to the left or to the right in the stronger sex, many times, manifest themselves due to their professional activity. But they can also flag and about the progression of the following diseases:

  • prostatitis;
  • epididymitis. The main place of location of the pain is inguinal area. But it can also give you with the lower back and leg.

The most common causes of pain

The low back pain to the left or to the right manifests itself due to a progression of pathologies, the digestive tract, of the kidneys, diseases of vital organs, with infectivity nature. Also this symptom can be a symptom of cancer growth or even surgical complication, a consequence of abnormalities of the metabolism.

The causes of low back pain to the left and to the right may be the following:

  • the appendicitis. In this case, the main location of the pain is right lower abdomen area, but they can give the lower part of the back. Usually manifests itself with low back pain to the right;
  • cholecystitis. The pain manifests itself more frequently on the part of the hypochondrium and radiates in the lower back. Can occur manifestation of low back pain on the right (due to the location of the victim of the gallbladder);
  • pancreatitis;
  • the points after you have performed the surgical intervention;
  • the pathology of the kidney. In this case, may occur as a nagging low back pain chronic and acute. Depending on what the kidney can be vulnerable to the pathological process, will manifest lower back pain to the right or to the left. The sensation of pain accompany pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis, nephrosclerosis and so on. Acute pain in the lumbar region, often manifests itself in the context of renal stone, when the conglomerate formed passes through the paths;
  • obesity 4 degree. Nagging low back pain appears as a result of an increase of load in a particular area;
  • myositis. Acute pain in the lumbar region, when such pathology usually manifests after the strong cold;
  • infectious processes that occur in the bone tissue. To this state has a great low back pain;
  • tumor. In the initial stages of pain, can not be. The acute back pain manifests itself in the 3-4 stage of development of a cancerous tumor.

Medical therapies

Typically, patients are concerned not only a question, why is the pain in the loin, but also ask them: what do you do in such a situation? The algorithm of action may vary depending on, it is known that the cause of the pain or not.

If the patient does not have notion, which caused a sharp pain in the back, so the first thing he needs to do is measure the temperature of your body. If it is raised, which means a high probability that the sensation of pain caused the progression of infectious or inflammatory. Alone to do nothing is not recommended – it is best to call the doctor or go to a medical centre for advice and diagnosis.

If the cause of the pain is the stretching of the muscle fibers or injury, then, in this case, you can start to do the following:

  • take anti-inflammatory tools. Such as the treatment helps to relieve pain caused and reduce the intensity of the inflammation;
  • alone for treatment, you can take diuretic medicine;
  • the attachment of the muscles and bones of the waist through the towel.

What not to do:

  • if you have a place of the systematic manifestation of low back pain, that still gives in the foot, taking pain killers constantly is not recommended. The elimination of the main symptom (pain) can, subsequently, hamper the process of diagnosis;
  • as a method of treatment, it is not possible to use the heating. Many people are sure that if you heat the struck place, the pain will decrease. It is not so;
  • do not need to immediately sent in treatment a therapist, if you breached the position of the vertebrae. Such changes may be the result of a dystrophic processes, and, consequently, no measure of treatment cannot be applied until the time when that will not be passed by an examination of the body.

Treatment of pain in the lumbar region is involved neurologist. The treatment plan developed in a consonant, that has provoked the manifestation of pain. The methods can be conservative and operational. Typically, the first, doctors will make the decision of resorting to conservative techniques of treatment, and only because of their inability to resort to surgery.

The medication treatment can be the reception of such medicines:

  • antibiotics;
  • anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • glucocorticoid;
  • diuretics;
  • antispasmodics;
  • probiotics and so on.