What are the forms of treatment of joints sheet?

What are the forms of treatment of joints sheet

The treatment of joints sheet – one of the alternative methods, which, in the opinion of the patients, gives a positive result and helps you to deal with мучительными symptoms of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Rolls food foil many are stored in the kitchen and housewives applied in the preparation of the dishes. That way this cooking accessory can help in diseases of the musculoskeletal system, you can apply it for medical purposes? It happens that the sheet has unique properties due to the beneficial effect on the condition of the patients joints.

The properties of the sheet

Sheet – it is a very thin sheet of metal (aluminum, steel, silver, gold ). In fact, it is, metal, paper, plastic, and flexible, which can be in any form and to use for body wraps or packaging of products. In the food processing and pharmaceutical industry uses aluminium foil, which perfectly reflects the infrared (heat) radiation. This property provided the application of the sheet of food in the preparation of the dishes in the oven cabinet and storage products.

It is useful to know
The high reflects the ability of the sheet has found application in medicine, namely in the physiotherapeutic treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The technique of heat treatment is the application of applications or body wraps sheet, which helps to reduce the transfer of heat and provide a deep прогревание. It is the property of a material widely used to prevent freezing.
The properties of the sheet

But as usual the food a metallic sheet can help in diseases of the joints? There is a theory according to which the effect of the treatment sheet explains the ability to reflect biotoki, the output of the energy meridians of our body. When any violation of, the acupuncture points emit signals, which are perceived by us as pain.

Sheet reflects these biotoki back, at the same point, is responsible for the energy potential of the patient's body. Such an effect causes the phenomenon of bio-resonance, beneficially interfere with the cellular structure and regenerates the integrity of your energy field each and every one, violated the disease.

Thanks to the protection biotokov and strengthen the interaction of the array field with the cells of the epidermis, occurs an improvement of the condition of the affected joints. Disappears the pain that is caused, decreases the severity of the inflammatory process, by decreasing the swelling in the area of defeat, regaining the joint mobility of the joints. Reducing the transfer of heat to intensify the process of circulation and limfootoka, normalizes the power of cartilage and muscle tissue, speeding up the metabolism, contributing to the recovery of the functions of the joint.

The treatment sheet stimulates regenerative and adaptive processes, activates the immune system, strengthens the body's defenses, which allows you to deal with the pathological process and accelerate the recovery.

Indications and contra-indications

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system, use a leaf for medicinal purposes recommended in the following cases:

  • the elimination of pain when артрозе, arthritis, gout;
  • relief of the state, when osteocondrose of the spinal column;
  • treatment of manifestations of rods;
  • help when injuries to joints (sprains, mother").

In addition to painkiller, against the edema and anti-inflammatory action, of procedure, with the application of the sheet contribute to the breakdown of excess uric acid and deposits of salts in the joints, which improves the mobility of joints and eliminates the joints in the morning stiffness.

The procedure observable with, overlap, compresses, applications of aluminium have a number of contraindications that should be taken into consideration. Including:

  • the infection process and purulent complications developing in the cavity – in this case, the heat will only increase the pain, will accelerate the development of inflammation and promote the penetration of pus in the surrounding tissues;
  • in addition to a strong increase of the pressure (hypertension);
  • tumor processes;
  • heavy pathology of the cardiovascular system;
  • skin lesions in the area of intended impact (pain, erosion, abrasion);
  • allergic reactions occur when in contact with aluminum foil;
  • the presence of implanted metal implants or stimulants in contact with the sheet increases your risk of rejection;
  • disease dermatologic with the location of manifestations (rash, erosio) in the area of the patient's joint;
  • the period of pregnancy and breastfeeding.
It is useful to know
In addition, the body wrap sheet unacceptable when severe respiratory failure, and the involvement of the lower limbs – when thrombophlebitis and diabetes, complicated myocardial ischemia foot or polyneuropathy.

How to treat the joints in the sheet?

To apply the leaf for medicinal purposes should follow some recommendations:

How to treat the joints in the sheet
  1. for medicinal treatments, it is possible to use just feed the sheet with a high content of aluminum;
  2. compresses and inserts of aluminium is not possible to maintain a long period of time, the duration of the procedure, may not exceed 2 hours, day and 7-8 hours per night;
  3. the sheet must apply to skin, glossy (shiny) surface, as well as matt side, does not block the heat dissipation;
  4. if in the composition of the gauze is used cloth gauze impregnated with medicines of mortar between it and the layer of aluminum foil, make sure the excavation of cellophane, which is not the corrosion of a metal surface.

The time limit to perform the procedure to do with what a metallic sheet, in addition, that does not ignore the thermal radiation, and also prevents the flow of oxygen and the removal of n-fat of the secretions. As a result, under the bandage creates the greenhouse effect, which causes skin irritation and creates an ideal environment for the spread of pathogenic microorganisms.

The treatment of joints sheet in the hands and feet

Sheet joint pain is used in the form of body wraps problematic zone. The thin metallic sheet as well accept any form, therefore, the strips of the sheet can wrap around patients fingers or the joint, and up-and-fix лейкопластырем. To break the affected joint enough of a layer of aluminum foil.

In the treatment of knee joints sheet, the need to apply several layers, reliably ensuring the compress elastic bandage or a bandage on the knee. This will move and engage the usual the affairs of the house during all the time that it will last for the treatment. In the same way, to proceed with the treatment of the elbow, ankle or shoulder joint, cutting in aluminum foil during the procedure a bandage.

If the aluminum foil used simultaneously with ointment for the treatment of joints, first to the area of injury-causing drug, and then close the treated area with plastic film and only then apply to the sick суставу sheet, cut on top of a bandage or transport.

When the gout suffer small joints of the fingers of the hands and feet. To lessen the agony of the pain, it is recommended to involve each one of the patients fingers sheet and freeze лейкопластырем. In the treatment of пяточной spurs enough to cut a square of aluminum foil and attach it to the heel of duct tape. The application is recommended for the evening.

In other cases, the clamp of aluminum need to keep yourself 40 minutes to 2 hours, all depends on the type of disease and severity of symptoms. The procedure involves the joints sheet is recommended to be part of the morning, at lunch and at dinner. The duration of treatment – 1-3 weeks.

The treatment of the spine

When osteocondrose the doctors advise you to do, not break, and the "silver bridge" of the sheet, which engancham in the troubled region. To make it easy. For the procedure need to buy at the pharmacy a great adhesive, cut a piece of the size 10×15 cm, and paste in it the narrow strips of the sheet (width of 0.5 cm -1), therefore, for the glossy surface was higher. The distance between the bars of the sheet must not be more than 1.5 см. For better clamping with the surface of the body at the edges of the adhesive, leave stains, free of the sheet, width up to 2 см.

Eventually turn to a kind of catwalks of aluminum. The sticker sheet must be posted in parallel to the spine in the area of the injury, therefore, that the straps are vertical. Keep the "silver bridge" does not need to withdraw, in up to three days. If necessary, you can increase the duration of the procedure, just change the adhesive and achieving the complete disappearance of the pain. When changing the adhesive of the skin in the region of the appliques need to clean the vegetable oil or decoction of medicinal herbs.

When радикулите, osteocondrose lumbosacral sacral region, accompanied by severe back pain, it is recommended to use a harness, made with 2 layers. The first layer, stretch, тянущейся fabric, will fit to the skin, and the second from solid material, with pasted it strips of the sheet, carry out the dressing of the function. Use the belt needs to three times per day, for 40 minutes.

In the treatment of degenerative cervical disc disease may fold the sheet into several layers (5-6 ) and attach it to the neck, in the place where the pain expressed more brilliant. Top foil cover with a cloth, gauze pad, attach the pad and keep at least 30 minutes.

The treatment of the spine

The active energy of impact, and, therefore, the effect of the treatment can only provide when all of the recommendations, the correct overlap of the application from the sheet and of the fulfillment of the ideal duration of the process. We should not forget that this methodology is not conventional there are some counter-indications. So, before you start treatment be sure to consult your doctor, as even when all the diseases of the joints contact of aluminum foil with the skin and thermal benefits.

On the treatment of joints sheet

The use of leaf diseases in the joints – is yes, a helper method, that together with the people of revenue applied in conjunction with the medication, the doctor physical exercises, massage, physiotherapeutic sessions. However, testimonials from patients, испытавших this method in and of itself, confirm its effectiveness and say very concrete positive results.