The pain in the stomach gives back: causes, symptoms, cure

In a timely manner to listen to your body and not ignoring the signs that he sends, you can avoid a number of serious diseases and their serious consequences. Especially, one can not neglect the phenomenon, such as pain. Free yourself from the painful sensation of the most people with the help of painkillers available to medicine cabinet. But this method of treatment can not be called ideal: the relief given to the temporary, and the problem is not resolved.

abdominal pain and it gives in the back

If there is pain in the stomach, the character and returns in other places may suppose symptoms of any disease it is. More often than not it is the sensation of discomfort in the epigastrium gives in the back. Is not experienced in the field of medicine, a person may appear that these signals are not interconnected, and imply a variety of diseases. However, it is a misconception: pain in the epigastric area and back, many times, the symptoms of dysfunction of the same organ.

Possible diseases

1. Perforated (perforative) to prague.

It is a passage of a defect in the lining of the stomach, resulting in a fusion of the lumen is a body hollow with the abdominal cavity. Features-pathology as simultaneous cutting of back pain (right shoulder, under the blade or collarbone) and the epigastrium, and other signs:

  • sharp tension of muscles of stomach;
  • the catch of cold sweat;
  • pale skin;
  • decrease of blood pressure;
  • the inability to move and breathe deeply.

Sometimes, it is the complication is accompanied by vomiting, and after a few hours, and swelling of the belly because of the presence of gases.

2. Hepatic (biliary) colic.

Acute, painful state, evolved and in the midst of dyskinesia (movement difficulties) biliary paths. Its symptomatology is manifested brilliant:

  • occurs instant thrust heart attack in the hypochondrium (the man it seems that the stomach pain), which later gave it around the neck, back, right, and the spatula (or radiating pain between the shoulder blades);
  • the urine acquires a dark tone;
  • notes nausea and vomiting;
  • increases the temperature of the body;
  • occurs discoloration of the stool.

3. The appendicitis.

The inflammation of the kidneys cecum (appendix) essentially begins with the development of a pain in the belly near the navel and radiating to the lower part of his right part and the back part. To get the signals become pronounced for 12-18 hours is:

  • loss of appetite;
  • frequent episodes of vomiting;
  • liquid or solid chair;
  • the heat combined with chills and shuddering;
  • tenesmo (inconclusive, and extremely painful urges to the act of urinating or defecating).

4. Pancreatitis.

When the enzymatic defeat of the pancreas, the patient complains of intense pain in the stomach, giving on the back and under the ribcage, which instantly intensifies after the intake of food. The patient is with fever, may occur the acceleration of heartbeat, increased blood pressure, abdominal swelling, nausea and vomiting. During the day, you will feel a fatigue unexplained, it is possible to faint.

5. Cholecystitis.

Under this disease involving an inflammatory process in the gallbladder, the signs of which are very similar to colic of the liver. But in the case of an acute cholecystitis is peculiar to their specificity:

  • specific the pain starts on the right side and hypochondrium, gradually, covering the largest part of the belly (can someone also look like it is a pain in the stomach) and reflected in the right arm and on the back;
  • you will receive a symptom of Exemplary (that is, the attacks are enhanced when fully straightening right foot);
  • realized the weakening of the body, speech, cold sweat, bitter in the mouth;
  • it reduces the blood pressure;
  • periodically is nausea, vomit mass containing the impurity of bile.
the causes of pain

6. Intestinal obstruction.

This syndrome is characterized by a disorder of the promotion of intestinal contents (secretions of the glands of departments of intestine and food mass), is different than the manifestation of one or more of the following symptoms:

  • is this a little sharp, excruciating abdominal pain which gives in the left-hand side;
  • increases the temperature of the body;
  • are observed seizures (muscle spasm) of the abdominal organs;
  • unstable chair.

Also, many times, the patients indicate that the pain in my stomach gives in the chest and radiates to the back.

Other causes of pain

Women, when the stomach gives pain in bottom of belly and on the back, there is the possibility of developing an ectopic pregnancy (in the fallopian tubes, the cervix, the ovary or even in the abdominal cavity). If the diagnosis is confirmed, treatment is only possible surgically (mainly due to the laparoscopy – an operation in which they are made 3 puncture in the region of the umbilicus, to the right and to the left).

In the event of the occurrence of physiological (masterbatch) pregnancy pain in the epigastric area, with impact on the back, can spell complication (up to threat of interruption) in connection with:

  • stretching of the ligaments that support the uterus;
  • the excess of tension of the abdominal muscles;
  • pathological state of the gastrointestinal tract.

Many times, pain in the stomach gives in the back when there are neurological and gynaecological (fibroid, adnexitis) diseases. These symptoms are often from diseases of the pleura and of the lung. Thus, for example, the pain during the pneumonia may simulate a heart attack the stems and "acute belly" with the use of the left or right of your mouth (depending on the location of the inflammatory process in the lungs and the defeat of slips, pleura).

If you are with rubber bumpers on the bottom of the belly with impact in the lumbar region, but also tingling and a burning sensation during urination, one can talk of a urinary tract infection. Secondary signs of this are to serve as:

  • cloudy, dark urine (possibly with blood), and its strong smell;
  • the presence of secretions yellowish;
  • the feel is insufficient to empty the bladder;
  • pain in the body;
  • the acute pain during intercourse (women).

As well as all the abdominal organs receive a software division from segments of the vertebral column, one can not exclude associated with the disease: osteocondrose thoracic or lumbar spine, herniated disk, cancer, lumbago (low back pain in the lumbar area can give pain not only in the stomach but buttocks and chest) and other diseases back.

What do you do?

Soon, what should you do for someone is to accept the horizontal position, with the goal of reducing the load on the spine and mitigate the starting point of the pain syndrome. When the attack weakened, about sharp increase can not be and speech: first you need to turn on the right or on the left side (that doesn't hurt), make, at the same time, drawing on both knees and the palm of the hand, and only then to rise slowly, using the auxiliary support.

If the pain in the stomach takes a shrill, cutting in nature and strongly gives in the neck, back, lumbar, shoulder or chest of a department, will be accepted an analgesic anti-inflammatory action. However, you continue to let me of treatment unacceptable: you should visit a doctor or call an ambulance.


Timely examination of an expert, step-by-step referred diagnostic event ( intravenous urography, the procedure of ph-metry, gastroscopy) and residential necessary tests (urine, stool, blood) able to not only eliminate the unpleasant, sometimes distressed the manifestations of the disease, but prevent its possible serious consequences. Therefore, always occurs when there is pain in the stomach, the lower part of the belly radiating to the chest, the back or other parts of the body, you should seek medical help. Only the professional of diagnosis and treatment – the key to the successful resolution of health problems.