In the treatment of degenerative cervical disc disease.

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Osteocondrose bone - osteon, the cartilage - chondros, the Greek) is a degenerative changes in the tissue of the cartilage of the intervertebral disc, which is beginning in the case of a violation of the food, and the weakening of the metabolic processes that lead to aging and to the destruction of the fabric of the disk of cartilage in the joints and the spinal.

The diagnosis and treatment of degenerative cervical disc disease is a complex process, because in this department, more agile, and muscular corset, it supports your vertebrae, is the most weak, and it is difficult to provide in a training session. A further difficulty lies in the fact that the bandage for the neck, unlike the girdle, and works for other departments of the spinal column, use a fairly hard, it is not easy to hide under clothing.

For that to occur, the osteocondrose

The cause of the disease, degenerative disc disease of the cervical disc is not the same as the inherited tendency to permanently high loads. In the modern world, and the osteocondrose is visibly younger and your symptoms will start to appear in people of 20 years old, and sometimes younger.

The main causes of the disease, all of the following:

  • All the burdens when a man is bound to time, to be in such a boring pose. A permanent sit at the computer, in a chair or driving in a car and this is one of the main causes of degenerative disc disease, including in the cervical area, the department;
  • A dynamic overload from a strong rotation of the earth, it correctly calculated the load for the practice of sports. Frequent changes in body position, lifting and moving of heavy loads;
  • Incorrect posture, hours of sitting at a table or standing wearing a backpack on one shoulder;
  • The injury to the vertebrae, a permanent myositis of the muscles of the neck.

The principal reason of the disease, they are added to the additional factors, such as the forum, to the effect that some of the chemicals that enter the air and food, and the modes of failure of the power supply, and the rest, too much weight, and hereditary predisposition,trophic pathology of the joints, or hormonal failure. All of these factors by itself can hardly be the cause of the degenerative disc disease, but it is in a complex of the main reasons why they greatly increase the risk of their occurrence.

How to recognize the disease

The signs of the disease, degenerative disc disease of the cervical disc is so obvious that anyone can easily recognize them:

  • The difficulties encountered when you try to turn your head. Depending on the location and the severity of the violations, the rotation angle can be different – sometimes a man can't turn his head, and there are times when it's felt just a little pain.
  • The muscles of the neck are under constant tension, from this point on, it starts to hurt all over to the grip of time. Any attempt to stretch out your shoulders and relax the muscles of the neck, accompanied by pain.
  • Discomfort in the upper arm, the length of the shoulder to a brush. A feeling of numbness, extending to the outside of the leg, and is so powerful that it has been woo's hand;
  • Cutting pain, with a tingling sensation;
  • Even the slightest pressure on the shoulder or in the hand, it intensifies the pain. In the acute phase, the pain can be so severe that the man looks unbearably heavy, even draped over the shoulders of the jacket;
  • When you take any sharp movement of the coughing, sneezing, turning the head, especially on the healthy side of the neck, the pain becomes more intense.

The diagnosis of the disease

This is the most simple and signs of degenerative disc disease, which can observe and recognize any person's use only.

In fact, the symptoms of degenerative disc disease cervical vertebrae are numerous. Some of them are very similar to the symptoms of diseases of CAS, and osteocondrose of the thoracic vertebrae, which differentiate only to be able to an expert:

  • At times, the patient may feel numbness in the lower extremities, which limits the mobility.
  • When the compressed artery, the injury can occur in migraines, which are associated with the restriction of the blood supply to the tissues of the brain. The future development of degenerative cervical disc disease, the pain of the head, and can become permanent;
  • The description of the aches and pains of the head, it can be very, very different, but very often they occur in the occipital parts are moved to the atm is the parietal a part of. When to the slopes and curves of the head, and the pain will increase, when a lot of of one's consciousness
  • Sometimes, it appear by pressing, long-lasting, pain in the heart area.

All of these symptoms are non-specific and characteristic only for degenerative disc disease of the cervix, therefore, is to correctly identify the place of location of the pathology, it can only be a specialist. The diagnosis is used for them.

  • Magnetic resonance imaging;
  • Fluoroscopic research;
  • The ct scan;
  • An ultrasound scan.

These are some of the techniques that allow the doctor to correctly identify which vertebra is impressed, and where it is located, the condition, and in accordance with the intensity of the problem is to assign the appropriate treatment.

The basic principles for the treatment of

How to deal with the osteocondrose the cervix, can only determine a doctor. Self-medication is, in most cases, you don't get the results you want, and it will only make the problem worse.

In the treatment of degenerative disease of the disc is made up of two parts:

  • Medical therapy, which consists of the inflammation and the resolution of the start point of the pain syndrome. The main drugs – NSAID's, and analgesics, which can be taken orally and can be administered by intramuscular injection. The second way is preferable, as the drug acts more quickly and does not affect the digestive system. At the hospital, the patient can carry out the procedure of electrophoresis, which facilitates the fast penetration of the active into the home of an inflammation;
  • The physical therapy treatment, that they have to carry out after you to relieve inflammation and pain.

The main methods of treatment in physical therapy, degenerative cervical disc disease with the following:

  • The type of massage, you should do it only to the expert. It's not worth to trust the Amateur, as well as for any improper use of pressure or sudden movements may lead to a worsening of the problem. To enhance this effect, rather than a massage oil, you can use an anti-inflammatory and analgesic ointment, be that of the substance which, during the massage, the more easily to penetrate through the skin into the shape of the barrier and have a direct impact on the hearth of inflammation and pain. The minimum number of sessions is 10, and if necessary, the course may be increased;
  • The gel electrophoresis with the use of anti-inflammatory medications and painkillers;
  • UHF, laser therapy, in the treatment of the magnetic field.

All of these procedures can be performed in a hospital setting, and a few of them in the house, with the use of a special portable device:

  • Kinesiotherapy, composed of a specially selected complex. To perform the exercises, using various fitness equipment, classes should be conducted only under the supervision of an expert. An effective way for the treatment of degenerative disc disease cervical spine exercises for a panel, of wood, furnished with the arms of the two levels, with the use of the loop's pedicles. It's not worth carrying out this exercise on your own as any wrong move could cause a deterioration of the status of the organization.
  • The use of a special kinesiology tape that is glued on over the course of the muscle fibers in the area of the pain. He will take part of the burden in and of itself, allowing for you that will speed up the process of recovery from the bone, it decreases the pain.
  • During the treatment, and, in the future, to prevent the experts recommend the use of a special dry-wheel by, for example, in the tire of the Ditch. These decorative products are taking upon themselves a portion of that load, relieve muscle tension, speed the healing process. However, for someone who is constantly on the dull attitude, this necklace is the advisable to dress up each day to a 1⁄2 - to 1-hour to the muscles of the neck relaxed.

How to help yourself

After suffering from the disease, the patient will often ask the question, what do you do to prevent a recurrence or worsening of the disease.

The main recommendations are the following:

  • You also need to have a proper way of life, go hiking, while the physical 5 minutes.
  • When you are constantly in a standing position, necessarily, to change a regular bulb, and not necessarily, at least 1 time a day and put on the neck with a bandage, for the discharge of the muscles of the neck, and the entertainment industry;
  • 1-2 times per year to go to massage therapist to carry out the preventive maintenance of the course;
  • Take part in sporting activities. This is the best game in the download, and strengthening the muscles, swimming,
  • At the first sign of degenerative cervical disc disease it is necessary to consult a doctor who will conduct tests and prescribe the necessary treatment.