The low back pain to the left: causes, treatment

Probably, there is in the world a man who, at least once in his life he felt pain in the back and lumbar region. According to the medical statistics, complaints of pain in the back and occupy the second place after respiratory diseases, virus infections around the world. Low back pain can be caused by several factors: one, that these manifestations are related to the pathology of the congenital, among others, are the result of any disease or injury. In any case, the person should not self-medicate, as this can cause deterioration of state of health and the development of serious complications.

Usually, the low back pain to the left are more common in people of advanced or the age of the reformation, however, in recent years, this pathology has a tendency of rejuvenation, now it is rare to find young patients with a complaint of back pain. What causes low back pain? Consider these factors in more detail.

back pain

The causes of low back pain on the left

The main reasons for the occurrence of low back pain to the left are:

  • diseases of the muscles;
  • pelvic inflammatory disease and spaces retroperitoneal;
  • the inflammation of the nerve root of the spinal cord;
  • injury to the lumbar region;
  • the curvature of the spine;
  • violation of posture;
  • pregnancy.


Pain in lumbar region left you can use the different nature and origin. The clinical picture depends in large part on the cause of the pain. When the inflammatory diseases of the kidneys, the pain can use without cutting or hurting the nature, disturb the patient continuously or sporadically. When the kidney disease character of the pain gets sharp and paroxysmal in character, radiating to the groin and the organs in the urine.

Pain in lumbar region left may indicate inflammation of the ovaries in women or be the first symptom of the evolution of an ectopic pregnancy. In the latter case, the pain will increase and spread in the genital area, anus, groin.

If you have an inflammation of the nerve roots of the spinal cord lumbar region, pain in the back, to the left can occur sporadically, under the influence of some factors:

  • the hypothermia of the body;
  • sudden change in body position;
  • the weight lifting;
  • the stress.
the symptoms of pain

Generally, the patient feels a strong pain in the lumbar region version of the character, sometimes the patient can't even stretch, therefore, leads to the stimulation of the position of the body.

Pain the lumbar region to the left can occur in pregnant women, as it increases the length of the pregnancy and the growth of the belly. The growing uterus displaces the internal organs and increases the load on the lumbar spine, causing the woman can bother the pulling and aching pains in the region of the back. Important: if the pain take the anecdotal and radiating to the sacrum and the groin, should as soon as possible to appeal to a gynecologist, because such manifestations may signal about the threat of miscarriage or premature birth.

The diagnosis of low back pain on the left

To decide on the way they treat the lower back pain on the left, the expert must reveal the exact cause of the pain, for this, the patient is assigned to a full examination of the body, which includes:

  • urine tests (general and experimental)– allow to identify the pathology on the part of the organs in the urine;
  • blood tests (general and biochemical);
  • ultrasound and pelvic spaces retroperitoneal;
  • urography with contrast;
  • cystoscopy;
  • x-ray;
  • magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography;
  • specialist advice – an orthopedist, neurologist, surgeon.


The treatment of low back pain on the left largely depends on their causes:

causes of pain in the back
  • To identify the inflammatory process gynecological scope of women shows the supervision of the gynecologist and antibiotic therapy. The drug is assigned after the differentiation of the causative agent of the infection.
  • To identify the pyelonephritis and other inflammatory diseases of the organs mochevyvodjashie patient, prescribe a course of antibiotics, drinking plenty of fluids, in some cases, diuretics, multivitamin complex. The patient need, necessarily, to follow a diet with restriction of salt and spices.
  • When back pain in pregnancy, you must delete the start of the generic operation and adjust the mode of work and rest. To reduce the load on the lumbar spine it is recommended to use a special bandage and to delimit the area lumbar pillow or cushion.
  • In the identification of rods or aggravation of degenerative disc disease is shown to be the treatment non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and rest up sending acute process. The patient is recommended not to raise the gravity and do not SuperCool.

To the extent that sending an acute inflammatory process when osteocondrose and sciatica pain prescribe massage, therapy by exercise, and manual therapy.

It is important to understand that the lower back pain to the left can signal serious diseases of internal organs, requiring immediate medical assistance, therefore, self-medication is expressly forbidden! Apply recipes of the folk medicine to relieve back pain can, however, only after the diagnosis of a specialist and, with the permission of your doctor.