Pain in left side of back

When it appears a pain in the back, to the left, something that many people begin to suspect a disease of the spinal column. But far from being a pathology of the spine can cause unpleasant symptoms. Almost 95% of the people, after 35 years of age, they begin to feel pain in the region of the back.

pain in left side of back

There are a number of reasons able to the cause of the problem: the inappropriate use of the internal organs, colds, disease, hypothermia, physical inactivity, poor posture, and many others. Not worth get to perform therapeutic activities, if you have pain on the left side of the back. Only an expert of the truth recognize the disease and prescribe the treatment. But, for now, the more it is worth considering possible causes of the disease.

The cause of the discomfort

Before you get going on the treatment, it is necessary to find out the cause of the pain, define its precise location, the time. Perhaps, the reason became a surge of muscle as a result of a strong physical stress or hypothermia. This is the primary pathology, that back pain on the left side.

Intercostal neuralgia

Pain that is caused, which occurs when compression, irritation or inflammation of the nerves, which are located between the ribs. Causes of the disease is very cute. The main of them can be called: allergic reaction, diseases of the nervous system, reducing the immune strength of the body, cancer in the lung or pleura, hypothermia, some infectious diseases (tuberculosis, tinea versicolor), a lesion on the back and chest, disease of the spine (scoliosis, intervertebral hernia, and t. d.). In nerve lesions to the left it hurts the left side of the chest, increasing when the movement or breath was identified with the increase of the sweating, placebostü, chills, numbness of the affected areas, a sleep disorder.


The kidney disease, which is related to the defeat of the parenchyma, the shells, and the renal pelvis. In most cases, pielonephritt develops due to the presence of infectious agents in the bladder, up the urinetechnical. Also the development of the pathology, contribute to and other diseases: urolitíase, diabetes, diseases of the organs of the female reproductive system and t. d.

The symptoms of kidney disease are pain in the lumbar region with the affected side, which it provides in the area of the pubis, the total weakness and malaise, rise of temperature with the increase of the attlivostüю, urine Mootitt and acquires a reddish tint, in the analysis of the urine will be up to date of protein and the content of bacteria in the blood, increase of ESR and leukocytosis.

The urolitíase

The disease, which in the organs of the urinary system has a solid education in the form of stones. These stones are not nothing, as crystals of dissolved salts in the urine. The occurrence of the disease leads to the presence of several reasons: hereditary predisposition, the use of water, contains large amount of minerals, insufficient intake of liquids, physical inactivity. Depending on the location of the pain, the doctor can understand exactly where is the stone.

To confirm this can be through paid LINKS search. In addition to back pain, patients experience rubber bumpers and burning sensation in the lower part of the belly above the pubic bone and the urethra, the increase in body temperature, renal colic, turbidity of the urine with the mixture of blood.

Myocardial infarction

The form of coronary heart disease, characterized by necrosis of the heart muscle due to its vascularization. Most commonly, the disease is common among men under 45 years. Causes of heart attacks can become diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, the abuse of alcoholic beverages, smoking, neuro-mental tension.

Pronounced psycho-emotional surge can cause a stroke in the context of coronary disease and angina pectoris. The clinical manifestations include burning and sharp pain in the region of the heart, which can irradhirovatü on the left arm, the jaw, the scapula, the lower part of the back. In addition, you receive the lack of air, cold and sticky sweat, a feeling of lack of air and the feeling of fear of death, and acrocyanosis .

Stomach ulcer


It is a chronic disease, characterized by the occurrence of ulcers in the mucosa of the stomach. Pathology tends to be frequent recurrence, the progression of the disease and the appearance of various complications. Develops ulcer of the stomach for some reason the previous diseases of the digestive system, the impact of bile and hydrochloric acid, the prolonged intake of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, ischemia gastric tissue.

It is proven that heredity plays an important role and has found cases of morbidity between kinship in blood. For the ulcer is characteristic of the presence of pain in the upper part of the belly (below the mecawidNYM otpoctkom), sometimes it can give back or atdреберüе. Usually, patients may need to specify the location of the unpleasant symptom. In addition to pain, patients complain of sensation of gravity, and the stomach in fasting or after ingestion of food, disorder of the chair, nausea, vomiting, leading to the elimination of unpleasant signs and headaches.


Pathological, a condition in which occurs an accumulation of gas or air in the pleural cavity. The cause of your become diseases of the respiratory system, injuries, malignancies, connective tissue diseases, tuberculosis, and t. d., it is most common in people between the ages of 20 and 40 years.

Develops pneumothorax always suddenly and the severity of the symptoms depends on the degree of incidence of lung. The main signs of the disease is considered to be: the acute pain from the top of the chest, with the affected side, which increases with inspiration and can give a hand, dry cough, shortness of breath, sinusestü skin of the integument, the cold sticky sweat, decreased blood pressure, and sometimes fainting. When the form open the pneumothorax can see the blood from the wound.

Pulmonary tuberculosis

Serious is an infectious disease that affects the tissue. The pulmonary tuberculosis is the most common form of the disease. The reason of the pathology – the bacillus of Koch. Provoking factors for their reproduction are adverse conditions and some diseases that weaken the immune system: smoking, HIV infection, intake of special drugs, diabetes, diseases, neoplasm, chronic renal failure, and other.

Also at risk are people in places of deprivation of liberty, migrants, drug users and alcoholics. Initially, the development of a disease do not have symptoms or they are mild and occur in the form of a cold. The cough is absent, or rarely appears with ontхonжdeniem binding of the sputum, which has an unpleasant odor, pain in the back, to the left or to the right when the defeat of rims with one of the sides. Also patients complain about increased fatigue, sweating, low-grade fever of the body, enlarged lymph nodes, heart palpitations, sometimes, hemoptysis.

Women cyst on the left ovary

Benign new growth, with the liquid content inside and a tendency to increase. The appearance of cysts is rape, menstruation, a disorder of the endocrine system and lifestyle. Pathology does not depend on age. Initially, the new growth is not evident. The only symptom may be tAnusha abdominal pain.

When the need for extra medical advice

If it hurts the left part of the back, and the pain does not decrease, then, after a few days, worth to be suspected of a serious condition that requires immediate medical attention.

Also not worth ignoring the emergence of a and of other clinical signs:

  • a sudden acute pain in the region of the belly;
  • nothing justifies the loss of mass of the body;
  • the improper use of the digestive tract and the urinary system;
  • a lot of weakness, rise in body temperature.

The examination


To diagnose the disease it is necessary to pass a full examination. Your doctor can be assigned the following types of research: research of blood in the clinical and biochemical analysis, urine analysis, ekg, ultra-sound, x-ray or fluorography, if necessary, magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography, blood, and other biological materials in the bullets.