Lower back and abdominal pain

The state, when a total pain in the belly and the loin, is familiar to many people. Is due to several reasons. Most often associated with diseases of the urinary system, pathology of the gynecologic women and urologic — in men, the violation leads to a system of nerves and channels in the lower part of the department of the vertebral column.

the pain in the back and the lower part of the belly

The doctors there recognized, the term "chronic pelvic pain". He has the right, if the patient has pain in the back and the lower part of the belly of 6 months and more. The statistics show that the women in 75% of cases, it is caused by gynecological disorders, only 25% are in other pathology called extragenital.

Men also suffer from lower back and abdominal pain. Prostatitis, adenoma of the prostate may cause permanent aching pain radiating to the back.

Why are there pain?

Causes of pain in the back and the pelvic organs that are found in the inflammation or clogging of the nerve trunks, branches, and the stretching of the capsule of the abdominal organs.

All the impulses of pathologically changed internal of the pelvis, gallbladder, intestine, pancreas, liver, kidneys, they go to the ganglion lumbar-sacral column

Here, they can change from one segment to another, then the person feels the radiation in the far zone. If the disease affects more of the spine, it should be noted the possibility of degenerative disc disease, compression of the intervertebral disc, the inflammatory process (disease Ankylosing).

The defeat femoral joints among the elderly, accompanied contributes to pain in the lower belly. We will see symptoms of the main diseases that cause pain.

What are the characteristics of abdominal pain are of interest to the doctor?

With the goal of determining the nature of the symptoms, you must discover the signs of the starting point of the pain of the syndrome, its relationship with other symptoms. An experienced doctor interest you and issues:

  • on a specific location of the maximum of the pain;
  • the initial phenomena and the limitations of their occurrence;
  • spastic type (colicy) or stupid, dolore nature;
  • appear in the midst of pain, of other symptoms (vomiting, dysuria, diarrhoea, constipation, blood in your urine or stools, feelings of stiffness in the joints);
  • the availability and the limitations of a fever;
  • the regular monthly of the women, the relations with menstruation, climacteric manifestations;
  • suspected pregnancy;
  • the nature of the work (length of diagnosis of adenoma of the prostate has the value of "sit-ins" profession).

Diseases of the urinary system

The most frequent manifestation, if it hurts the loins and the lower part of the belly, typical of cystitis (inflammation of the bladder). They suffer more women due to the anatomical characteristics of the channel urethral.

Pain are pulling the nature, much as it hurts the lower part of the belly, but "gives" in the lower part of the back. At the same time appear dysuric symptoms (rubber bumpers and an increase in the frequency of urination). Severe accompanied by increase of temperature.

Pyelonephritis — infection of renal pelvis, it is shown in the main pain in the lumbar region radiating to the lower part of the belly. The onset of the disease is usually acute, if temperature increases, in patients with chills, dysuria.

the pain in the back and the lower part of the belly causes

The intensity of the pain increases to the extent that the manifestations of inflammation

The kidney disease is accompanied by constant obtuse arching low back pain. Especially the case when the location of the stone in the pelvis, required to stasis of urine and education hydronephrosis.

If the calculation moves down the ureter, the attack has the character of renal colic. Strong pains are distributed in the course of the urinary tract in the groin right or to the left. The patient is excited, is torn. The state improves after unloading stone, there is blood in the urine.

About some diseases of the digestive tract, you can think of?

Low back pain — frequent manifestation of gastritis, duodenitis, duodenal ulcers, pancreatitis. The tinea nature to complain about the patients with worsening of pancreatitis. Stomach pain, accompanied by signs of digestive disorders: nausea, heartburn, painful caused, resistant diarrhea or constipation, burping, weight reduction.

Intestinal infections, in addition to diarrhea, expresses the pain and the sensations in the lower part of the belly radiating to the lower back. Attention is called to the total of intoxication: high temperature, surrounded by the language, vomiting, weakness. Chair frequent and liquid, it has a lot of mucus, maybe the impurities in the blood.

Symptoms and treatment of diseases of the pancreas

Chronic constipation caused by atony bowel, annoy the older people. The accumulation of feces of the stones, the intoxication slag contribute to the head pain of the bowel movement, swelling of the belly. Acute pain occur when the signs of intestinal obstruction.

Cystic diaphragmatic hernia is called pinched a was in the mouth of the stomach, the esophagus. May be a violation of swallowing. More frequently exposed full of people without motor activity training. Abdominal pain is from the epigastrium to the back. The condition worsens after you eat. A similar feeling appears in the patient when cardiospasm.

If the pain arose suddenly in the midst of full health, do not disregard the acute appendicitis. Atypical location of the kidneys (blind gut, the median line of the pelvic floor) is called the pull abdominal and back pain, "glutino bonum est" the bladder wall or women for the womb.

When aggravation of ulcerative colitis the distribution of headaches directed to the lower part of the back, anal opening

Men of the disease

Men gradual hypertrophy of the prostate gland accompanied by aching pains over the pubis, bestower in the sacrum and lumbar spine. Urology inflammatory disease are less common than in women.

But the most common cause of urethritis and cystitis are genital infections (gonorrhea, chlamydia, mycoplasmosis). Painful rubber bumpers and an increase in the frequency of urination testify to the inflammatory process in the urethra.

Orchiepididymitis — inflammation covers the testis and the appendices. Can be caused by an injury, but more frequently, the infection is transmitted sexually. The patients, in addition to places of pain, increases the temperature, there may be nausea, vomiting. For the treatment are applied to specific antibacterials. The wash of the channel urethral.

Gynaecological pathology

Abdominal and back pain in women are commonly associated with inflammation of internal genitals. Among the gynecological diseases of the female body most often found adnexitis (inflammation of appendages), ovarian cysts, dysmenorrhea.

Often the pain take the cramps, "trahens" nature, concerned with a hand or with two. Sharp adnexitis complicates carried out the abortion, childbirth. The pain is located in the lower part of the belly, on the one hand. Without treatment, they become very intense, capable of causing peritonitis.

Sensations of pain when the cyst are enhanced during movements

When the legs of ovarian cysts in woman twisted occurs an acute attack, with a stomach ache, but it gives at the bottom of the back. The same clinic unfolds when the ectopic pregnancy. The diagnosis is based on the Paltseva study of the uterus and annexes.

Gynecologists detect the increase or painful infiltration. One of the symptoms — the cessation of menstrual periods. It is important to timely detect the disease, because the complication serves as internal bleeding. Endometriosis — a pre-cancerous disease of the uterus, characterized by an intensification of the pain on the pubic area during menstruation.

Gynecologists claim that the female half of the adult population in young age suffer menstruo pain. Why it hurts the lower part of the belly, in the period before menstruation young and healthy young and in the first three days?

Scientists have proven that the reason of cramps cutouts of the uterus related to the concentration of special hormones, prostoglandins, an inflammatory process or the scarring. Rarely, some women choose to the curvature of the uterus.

Direct impact on pain that is caused has the desire of girls to dress in the cold of the coating with the naked lower part of the back, cold shoes. This is the reason that leads to infertility. Unnecessary bravado men complemented by a high load when the service in the army. A dangerous trend becomes the main warning of fruitless marriages.

When it hurts the lower part of the belly and the loin, the girls gynecologists recommend the candles with belladonna. They work quickly, relieve concomitant symptoms (nausea, dizziness, excessive salivation).

the pain in the back and the lower part of the belly diagnosis

In pregnant women abdominal pain — a disturbing symptom. The beginning of the life cycle of obstetricians suggest a threat of interruption. In the III quarter of the belly pulls constantly, increased the uterus compresses the intestine, the bladder. The load on the spine increases significantly.

It is particularly difficult to physically move a woman's inexperienced. Moderate pain in the first half of pregnancy are related to the stretching of the ligaments growing removed. In the period before birth symptoms can disguise themselves under false labor. Early detachment of the placenta is accompanied by increases in headaches, bleeding. Disturbed the fetal heartbeat.

The diagnosis has the value of surveillance of the wife of a doctor, timely realization of ultra-sonography.

The belly and the loin are unattractive women who have undergone an abortion. Long pain, the secretion, the increase of the temperature point to the successfully completed the intervention, and incomplete removal of fetal eggs.

Woman threatens to preserving, therefore, the urgent need of treatment in a hospital environment. Violent sex can cause breaks in the walls and in the arch of the vagina. A tummy ache, lead to the erosion of the cervix.

Inguinal hernia

Hernial protrusion in the groin and more find boys and men. This is a violation of embryonic development of the genital organs, and of the weakness of the front abdominal wall. Manifestation by means of:

  • the lifting of weights;
  • abdominal trauma;
  • cough smokers;
  • ascites in cirrhosis;
  • obesity or sharp weight loss.

Men feel pain in the groin, radiating to the back, the emergence of an education that tinydeal.com when the tension of the abdominal muscles. In the position of lying down, the swelling disappears, the self is back in a channel of the hernia. When infringement acute pain can cause a faint. The patient should be urgently hospitalized, and operate when in strinxit part of the intestine is not formed from gangrene.


The malignant tumor of the kidney, the lower divisions of the bowel, bladder, uterus and ovaries in women accompanied by abdominal and back pain. The realization of the differential diagnosis between them will require a full examination. The germination of neoplasms of adjacent organs and metastasis makes it difficult to identify and treatment.

Chronic pain

Abdominal and back pain are refer to the manifestation of chronic diseases. Among them, the most common are:

  • rheumatic arthritis with the defeat of the intervertebral joints (the strongest pain and stiffness the patient feels immediately after the sleep);
  • osteocondrose lumbar-sacral department — it is called radicular symptoms, the doctors and neurologists have pointed to the impaired integrity sensitivity in the areas of nerve supply of the nerve plexus and branches in the front wall of the belly, hips, buttocks;
  • herniated disc — formed weakness ligamentous apparatus of the vertebrae;
  • osteoarthritis of the spine — the atrophy process violates the form of the contact of the surfaces of the vertebrae;
  • osteoporosis is a disease that reduces bone density, which is related to the elution of the body of salts of calcium, lack of vitamin D.

Pathological pain is seen as central to the pathology, when the stroke. Patients feel they are "hurting your back" not only a long lying down, but also of disorders of the nerve supply of the body.

What causes pain in the back and in the stomach of the children?

Children, including adolescents, often complain of back pain. How to distinguish between important symptoms of very safe? According to the observation of pediatricians, we would highlight the following reasons for the pain. The delays of physical overload in the child classes, sports activities, different types of struggle. Not all children develop identically.

If the muscles are not willing to stretch, after training, the child has pain in the lumbar-sacra area. They are related with the twists and turns, radiating to the front or back of the thigh, the groin. Stretching of the ligaments of the joints of the hip "answers" contributes to pain in the lower belly.

Violation of posture, the habit of carelessness can be caused by problems of furniture, the height of the chair, very soft bed

Long immobility in one lesson in a sitting position is called static exertion of the abdominal muscles and back. For this reason, certain teachers who have short warm-up.

For the child to have the amount of excess weight. Children with obesity more and more patients complain of back and abdominal pain, increased flatulence in the intestine.

Myositis — inflammation in contact with the infection, draft, injury to the muscles in the lumbar region goes through long and painfully. Most have aching in nature, radiates to the belly. Pain appear immediately after waking. Typically unilateral defeat.

Intestinal infections occur much more heavy than that of an adult. In addition to diarrhea and vomiting, no seizures, dehydration.

The disease of the urinary tract disturb the children as well as adults. Large cálculos still don't have the time to train, but salt cause paroxysmal renal colic. It is more likely to occur in boys. During the heart attack occurs, a delay of urine, vomiting. Pain radiating to the groin. The urine blush because of the abundance of red blood cells.

the pain in the back and the lower part of the belly in children

The diagnostic value

If the person has a pain in the back and pull the lower part of the belly, the examination should include all possible methods to find the real causes. The laboratory through analysis of blood, urine, stool, you can exclude or confirm the presence of inflammation in organs urinary and bowel.

More bacteriological research allows you to install the causative agent of the disease and assign the therapy.

In summary the x-ray of the pelvis and the spinal column can be judged on the osteocondrose, diagnosing hernial bulging disk, see the stones in the ureter. The realization of cystoscopy is possible to explore the wall of the bladder and urethra, install balanced revenues of urine from the ureteral holes.

The ultra-sound help in case of suspicion of disease of dense of the organ (pancreas, kidneys).