Back pain: what can I do, how do you determine the cause of the

It's too bad when a person begins something to hurt. Each and every one of us has felt pain, and this sense of wanting to go faster, to win, to be in perfect health. But it just so happens that at times the pain goes through you, and you have to take a number of steps are required. Most likely, without the aid of doctors, practically, in many cases, you do not do this, and that, if any part of your body, it starts to hurt, try to go to a clinic to find out more about your condition. In this article, we will discuss the issue of pain in the back, and all that is connected with them.

Types of back pain and its causes

the pain in my back

The rotation, as is well known, this is the sticky part of the body. So to ensure the proper exercise of the back, the one that's going to help you prevent them in the future, for injury and damage, it is necessary to work out on a regular basis. For example, the hands and the feet, you can build up the same in a natural way, without any effort – it happens during the normal course of the trips, when used for any thing.

Many of us have surely heard of the common cold it can be, and is not acted upon, within the next two weeks will go by itself. But when it comes back, it will be. The pain in the back and deal with the passing of the years, and the results can be, and is not to be expected. If you view the statistics, so it is easy to see that, with a complaint of pain in the back comes to about the same amount, such as with SARS. What should you do if you have pain in your back?

The sensation of pain, it feels like a man, may indicate the presence of various diseases of the vertebral column, as well as other internal organs. In order to correctly identify the disease and the specific diagnosis, the medical profession will have to go through some of the studies, it can take you to the reviews, and maybe I would have to spend in a ultra-sound. The pain can be pulling in in the area of the back and lower back. It sharply on the chest, legs and even the stomach.

The most common causes of back pain:

  1. Enough to be a common cause of back pain can be the disease in the field of neurology, as well as those that are associated with the endocrine system. Take, for example, osteoporosis is the disease from occurring completely under the radar, and the complaints of the patient, the back is the only thing.
  2. Many times, you can twist it, spin it, and if one person gets sick of pleurisy. In this case, there occurs an acute or a chronic process in the lungs of the patient. A person who has a productive cough, shortness of breath, a lot of pain in the chest area, too, many, many times, when the temperature rises.
  3. The kidney disease, there may very well be one of the reasons for the pain in my back. This is the case, for example, urolitíase, or pyelonephritis.
  4. Only in very rare cases, the pain in the back, it is called metastatic cancer to the spine. This is also a great pain, which is difficult to handle.
  5. In the case of the osteochondrosis can occur in the same degenerative breach in the articular cartilage. This is a disease that is best treated as massage and reflexology. You can even use the effect.
  6. When it progresses to intervertebral disc herniation, a person feels a very sharp pain and it alone will not be able to cope with it. To improve the general condition of the patient, it is often used novocain on the block.

In any case, it's worth speaking to your doctor

You will begin to understand that discomfort and pain will bother you more and more, and each time they became stronger and almost unbearable? So you are urgently needed in order to pass the exam at the health unit. By telephone or over the Internet diagnosis for you, no one understands it, it is very common to find people who are looking for the answer to your question about health care on the Internet. It is not so with the magic wand, heavily damage yourself, in addition to wasting valuable time that could be used for a visit to the doctor. So far, only the staff from the reception to the good doctor, to help him cope with the disease.

We all know that the diagnosis is correct, and that it is not placed in its initial phase, it is essential to the success of the treatment. If you delay the visit to the hospital, you have the opportunity to some cases in his own body on the progress, and the consequences can be heavy. A similar course of action with regard to their health and, at times, leads to serious surgical procedures, perhaps even to themselves.

It's not worth determining, if the diagnostics independently, and to choose the treatment. Without delay, you should make an appointment with your family doctor, and this, in turn, will be able to direct you to the right specialist, should send to the direction of the donation required in the analysis. Only after all of this, you you you you you you are diagnosed. In this case, the disease back, often go through an evaluation with a urologist, a trauma, they do an x-ray, ultra-sound examination.

We help ourselves at home

the treatment of the back

If you know exactly what a pain in the back due to poor posture, then you need to help yourself by yourself. A bad attitude, " as it is called, it creates tension on the spinal column, and, therefore, there are several condition. Contributing to this is found in strange positions, for long hours, and sedentary lifestyle.

You will need to take care of your health, exercises for your back and entire body. A great way to relax in the rear – à-vis the buyer. It is also good for snorkeling, but the water in our rotation, as it should to relax, because it takes its natural position.

It is very important for you to know every day, a few minutes walk away, close to the wall, so to deal with that part of the back of the head, shoulders, buttocks, and calves, it is a simple exercise that will develop the ideal attitude and is a good prevention to maintain the correct position of the body.

Of course, each and every one of us knows what it is like to be cared for at home is very dangerous, and it can help you cope with acute pain can and should be. You will be able to help you, even a walk-in shower with room temperature water, draw on a solid surface.

Back pain during pregnancy

Many times, people are in an interesting position, result of pain in the back. Especially at the end of that period, nearly 75% of all women suffer from this disorder. In most cases, this is a whine in the back of a load, which causes the pain. Many times during pregnancy, lower back pain, or the aggravation of the degenerative disc disease, or a kidney disease, not only on the load, it can be the cause of their suffering.

In order to relieve their suffering, women who are pregnant it is recommended to lay down on your side until it is complete care of the pain. You can apply it to the back of the heat to dry the paste. The ointment should be to pick the medical doctor, as well as for pregnant women, it is a very dangerous thing.

For women, who often feel a pain in your back during pregnancy, women tend during childbirth, the epidural anaesthetic. The last one is a safe and effective method of pain relief. However, this method is considered to be a medical intervention, it has its indications and contra-indications, and complications of therapy. This anesthetic increases the duration of the birth, which can lead to the use of a medical device to assist women.