The collar of the Trench when the cervical osteocondrose: the correct application

The collar of the Trench – orthopedics product, it helps in various diseases of the back, usually made of soft polyurethane foam, distinct from rigidity. The device to be used with a multitude of different diseases, the collar of the Trench when the cervical osteocondrose will help relieve the pain and relax the other symptoms of the pathology.

The collar of the Trench when the cervical osteocondrose

Correct cervical bandage is always very helpful when used, the neck is set tight enough, limiting the movement of the head, and holding a correct from the point of view of the anatomy position. When osteocondrose of the cervical collar of the Trench helps to relax the muscles, relieve tension and get rid of the main manifestations of the disease.

In general, when osteocondrose neck bandage dress, for the following reasons:

  1. Resolution of pain. The collar of the Trench provides a secure fastening of the neck and head anatomically correct position, which helps to get rid of the pain threshold of the syndrome. Passes the muscle pain, leaves you dizzy, passes numbness.
  2. The muscle-strengthening steel frame on the neck. If the severe forms of degenerative disc disease using the collar of the Trench, the treatment will be most effective, the muscle tone, away, don't immediately try to go back in the wrong position. Bandage provides long-term effects of the therapy.
  3. To restore the normal flow of blood in the vessels of the neck and cerebral circulation. When osteocondrose vessels often turn out to be taken, the brain does not receive the normal amount of oxygen that you receive the constant fatigue and dizziness. When wearing a knee brace the vertebrae take their place, stop tighten the blood vessels.
  4. The elimination of a sense of numbness, fatigue, normalization of sleep. With the disappearance of the starting point of the pain of the syndrome disappear vegetative symptoms of degenerative disc disease, which, sometimes, does not always link directly with the disease of the cervical spine.

The main thing – to choose and wear a collar, for the use of a knee brace brought exclusively please. When нерациональном uses the state of the spine can get worse, also not in all cases, the degenerative disc disease wearing the collar is really necessary.

Positive comments from doctors indicate a high efficiency of the tool, if cervical osteocondrose. When severe forms of the disease the device helps you recover more quickly the normal functioning of the cervical spine.

Important! Before you use the collar of the Trench need to forget to consult your doctor.

Instructions for use

To wearing the collar has not caused the worsening of the disease, you should know how to choose, use, what are the contraindications of when to use a bandage, and dangerous to health.

The use of knee brace can be shown when the majority of the diseases of the muscles of the neck, spinal column, nerves and vessels cervical. Even when they use переутомлении, muscle pain after heavy physical exercise. By account согревающего effect improves the blood circulation, the pain go away.

In some cases, the use of a collar of the Trench is completely counter-indicated. In the first place, you can not use, if the cervix completely mitigated, because, in this case, it is necessary to complete immobility, which can not be achieved by this key type of the knee.

Instructions for use of a necklace

Therefore, before using, you should consult your doctor, pass the exam. Normally, it is necessary to make a radiograph of the cervical, sometimes, need to magnetic resonance imaging or computed tomography, with the staging of diagnosis there are difficulties. Making sure that the use of a knee brace is not going to harm and benefit when the disease, choose the most appropriate type of collar.

Important! It is not recommended to wear a collar of the Trench if you have inflammatory conditions of the skin in the cervical area.
How to choose

For the use of the collar was the maximum, it is important to choose. The dressing is not suitable in size and other criteria, can lead to the worsening of the disease, rubbing the skin, squeezing the vessels and cause discomfort.

To correctly identify the size of the key of the knee, one must measure the following parameters. The measurement should be performed in standing, erect, look at should the front, the head should not tyrannize:

  • the distance from the collar bone to the chin – the height of the collar;
  • the neck circumference of your volume.

According to the parameters must be identified in a bandage. During the assembly proper, one must pay attention in as he sits down. From the front to the top of the knee to touch the bottom of the jaw, the bottom part – the fall in the chest, the pressure of the collar should not cause discomfort. Back of the top knee should keep the base of the skull, the lower part should end at the base of his neck.

How to choose

You should also pay enough attention to be firmly fixed to the neck, the mobility of the head should be almost fully limited. Thus, it is necessary to make sure that the paste is not in any place of the third, not надавливает in your skin too hard.

Should not buy a necklace without the mounting, purchase accessories orthopedic worth exclusively proven shops. To inspect things should make sure that there are a variety of defects.

How to use

In each case, the rules of transport may be, but, typically, try to live with the following schema. It is worth considering that, if you use a bandage more than is necessary, the disease may begin to progress.

In general, you should not use a leash longer than 2 to 3 hours per day briefly. This means that you can use the bandage twice a day, for example, in the morning and in the evening for 1.5 hours, depending on the needs and indications of the doctor. If osteocondrose is in the form of execution, time of use, you can increase, but not by much. During use the collar should not engage in the activity. A more favorable time — at night, at home, after work or school, to relax tense muscles and recover after a hard day.

If there is present the feeling that the bandage too tight, you should consult with your physician and choose the most gentle of the model. If it seems that he, on the contrary, keeps firm enough for the neck, you must choose a model.

In general, the collar of the Trench when osteocondrose cervical are less than a month, specific time period defined medical. As the disease of the spinal column, very difficult to treat completely, the bandage may be necessary for a sufficiently long period.


The average cost of orthopedic fixtures – 300 – 500 rubles, it depends on the stiffness of the model and the attendant option. Advise not to save money to buy similar products, especially if you consider that, using the paste, you will have a lot of time.

The analog of a necklace that you can make yourself at home. Must strictly follow the instructions, then the homemade dressing will be for properties very similar to the factory product.

How to make the collar of the Trench alone in the house?

How to make the collar of the Trench alone in the house

The design of the collar is quite simple, you can make your own, if there is the possibility of buying a suitable product. If when you used the steamy collar occurs discomfort, you should abandon it. In general, to make the bandage can be of the following form:

  1. Need to take your measurements with a neck, of a soft fabric, cut two rectangles, width – to-height of the neck length and neck circumference. In grants to add two inches.
  2. The rectangle with the same parameters need to carve out from quite flexible, but the buyer. It should not replace whatever it is.
  3. Rectangles of fabric I need to sew three sides, leaving an opening for the foam rubber, rotate to the front and back, paste, foam rubber, sew.
  4. You need to try the ready collar to mark the location for the effect, sew the velcro. Paste is ready.

One should consider that the caretaker of the collar may not match the properties to the factory. In general, wearing a knee brace and pharmaceutical can greatly improve the situation when osteocondrose cervical. Do not forget, especially, the treatment, the collar of the Trench is able to help, just by logging in complete the necessary procedures.