Back pain between the shoulder: causes, treatment

The pain, manifest in any part of the body of the man – abnormally. Therefore, if you notice the presence of prolonged pain in your body, so don't hesitate, contact the specialized doctor.

the pain in the back between the blades

With the pain in the back between the scapulae may be enough to suffer, before you will deliver the correct diagnosis. Not always she is able to communicate with the problems of the spinal column.

The cause of headaches can be muscle interscapular area, ligaments as well as tendons.

But if the pain is very strong and does not pass after the change of position of the body, the cause may be heart disease, as well as problems of column and t. d.

The disease, which have the pain in the back between the scapulae?

The pain between the shoulder blades of a person can be accompanied by any other disease. In case, if you feel numbness, tingling, sensation of ice, which can be symptoms of the following diseases:

  • the kyphosis;
  • kyphoscoliosis;
  • ischemic disease of the heart;
  • angina pectoris;
  • scoliosis;
  • spondroartroses;
  • the herniated disc of the spine, in the region of the chest;
  • neuralgia intercostal;
  • ulcerative disease of duodenal ulcer or gastric.

In most cases, the occurrence of persistent pain between the ribs occurs due to a prolonged physical effort of the muscles of the belt strap.

In this respect, typists, seamstresses, programmers, and other workers, mainly in lead a sedentary lifestyle more susceptible to the occurrence of such headaches between the blades.

It is necessary to call attention to the fact that the thoracic department of spinal malopodvizhen. In this respect, any significant dIPteroticheskih change does not occur. But there are cases. Therefore, they must be subjected to an examination of x-ray. So, pain in the back between the scapulae more often can occur because of the long duration of the load on the muscles interscapular area.

It is worth mentioning that the pain in the back between the scapulae, related with your tendons and ligaments, if you do feel a different person.

The competent doctors, that can help in the treatment of pain between the shoulder blades

Depending on what is the reason of back pain, their elimination may involve the following doctors:

  • the cardiologist;
  • the neurologist;
  • tRaumatolog;
  • the rheumatologist;
  • the gastroenterologist;
  • massage therapist;
  • this was a therapist.

Causes of pain in the back between the scapulae

Let's look more closely at what causes many to be the pain in the back between the shoulder blades. Talking about the back pain, may be more likely to state that they are related to the posture the wrong man, as a result, with the curvature of the spine (scoliosis).

Also it is quite common for pain, the cause that serves the osteocondrose dorsal and cervical departments of a vertebral column. In addition, to accompany the pain in the back can spondroartroses department of the thorax. A little less common in people of pain related to the disease.

the treatment of pain

The scoliosis is the result of that the person is wrong is a style of life. Some people may long period of time to stay in a specific position, so that loads any kind of group of muscles of the neck and spine.

Regarding degenerative disc disease of the spine, let's say that he develops, in the majority of cases, when multiple lesions of the intervertebral disc, the deformation, the package, the inflammation.

The location of the disease, may be in any location of the spine. It's worth calling attention to the fact that the osteocondrose can be combined with the scoliosis and t. d. Listed diseases can cause pain in the back between the scapulae.

In addition to everything, the back pain can occur because of pneumonia (inflammation of lungs), as well as with other lung diseases. That is why doctors recommend to do regularly fluorography of the chest. Occasionally there is pain in the back between the scapulae, associated with the violation of the heart's work. In such cases, must also be, without delay, consult the doctor.

The treatment of pain in the back between the scapulae

To relieve the pain in the back between the scapulae mostly people are turning to physiotArapovtMATIC techniques, medicines and curative physical education. Widely applied in the treatment of pain anti-inflammatory drugs (non-steroids).

Methods of physical therapy can often be applied together with the pharmacotherapy. In the concept of drug therapy can be attributed to the ultra sound, electrophoresis ifdthe basics and magnetic therapy, laser treatment, manual therapy, iglorefleksotarapey, a massage, a spa treatment, elektRhotERPII. It is worth mentioning that, in each case, the doctor attaches the single treatment, the ideal combination of tools for a quick recovery.

Well suitable for removal of back pain also therapeutic exercise. She is assigned the doctor at the time, when occurs the deterioration of the pain syndromes. During the passage of the physical education course medical, the patient mastertXia exercises. You will need to perform regularly, every day, and later, after recovery.

On the advice of doctors, absolutely all people must learn to create a comfortable environment to work the muscular system of the body, move correctly, to track their posture (position of body), sleep in a comfortable environment and conditions, be physically active.

As you should lead the way of life correct?

Since the earliest childhood, parents told us that it is necessary to maintain a correct way of life, not taking alcohol, no smoking, move more, play sports, and t. d. However, not all people today know the principles of a healthy lifestyle. Definitely stop drinking, smoking – an important step on the path to a healthy life. Needs to be addressed more broadly and globally to the subject.

Therefore, it is necessary also to pay attention to your diet, to be environmentally educated and t. d.

What products to eliminate from your diet?

On healthy eating you can talk for a long time, since it is a subject that is always current. For your body functioned normally, the need to exclude from the daily diet removed the following:

  • confectionery, as well as pastries;
  • the sugar;
  • the butter;
  • chocolate;
  • sausages;
  • products of fast food;
  • some of the types of concentrated juice.

Which products you can eat every day?

  • fish: trout, mackerel, salmon;
  • meat: veal, beef;
  • bird: turkey, chicken;
  • fruits;
  • vegetables;
  • cereals;
  • dried fruit;
  • dairy products: cottage cheese, yogurt, yogurt;
  • cheeses: mozzarella, Dutch, gouda, mozzarella, anddgaski.

It is also desirable to adhere to a correct routine of food intake, or eating only matching products, and not впихивandtü-if everything is on the table, as intended, the system power supply (soup, potatoes with meat and pudding).