Back pain in the lumbar region

devastation often complain of lower back pain, and this is natural: this area is responsible for the largest part of the workload. In comparison with other departments, the lumbar spine more susceptible to diseases.

In the article, we will learn what is the back pain in the lumbar region, what caused it and how to get rid of it.

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Back pain is known as lumbago, or "apparitions". Sometimes it is so strong, that the person has to take a weird position, his movements, bound in chains. Each movement causes the patient the most strong discomfort.

The pain can last from a couple of minutes, and a few days. They then suddenly stopped, but after a time, repeat with a new force. A man has to get used to these waves of pain that does not go fully, if it is not treated.

Why it hurts loin?

The reason can become to the following factors:

  • дительное get behind the steering wheel or the work of a computer in a seated position;
  • the physical load, emotional stress or nervous at work;
  • extra training at the gym to do the exercises in the standing position or sitting);
  • the period of pregnancy and heavier birth;
  • problems with excess weight.

Is such that the pain disappears by itself. This gives the understand the following: if the tenderloin cares regularly, it is not possible to develop a serious illness. And the later the treatment is able to cause serious consequences, to get rid of the surgical intervention.

The low back pain as a symptom of disease

There are two types of low back pain: the primary and the secondary.

The primary pain caused occurs directly with the development of diseases of the spine. This can be:

  • osteocondrose lumborum of the department;
  • education протрузии межпозвонкового disk;
  • межпозвонковые hernia;
  • spondylosis or spondylarthrosis;
  • diseases of the spine, such as kyphosis, scoliosis, kyphoscoliosis;
  • arthritis;
  • discit, osteomyelitis and tuberculosis of the spine.

Secondary pain that is caused occurs due to diseases in other areas of the body. Its cause of the following reasons:

  • fractures;
  • the tumor within the spinal canal;
  • constant muscle spasms;
  • disease of the internal organs;
  • renibus lapides disease;
  • complicated pregnancy;
  • problems with яичником.
back pain in the lumbar region

The classification of pain

Low back pain can be:

  • strong;
  • sharp;
  • ноющие;
  • chronic;
  • moved.


Sharp pains appear when osteocondrose. The pain harasses a person constantly: when he walks, sits, raises the gravity even coughs or sneezes. Sometimes, she gives in the lower limbs. It is accompanied by онемением and the sensation of "chills".

When lumborum-sacralis радикулите the person feels a strong pain in the back and other parts of the body: buttocks, hips and thighs, the pelvis and the postremo. The pain become stronger in the process of walking, coughing, change of body position.

When the first symptoms are similar, it is necessary to resort to a neurologist. Sleep is recommended in the disk foam mattress to keep the waistline in the correct anatomical position.

Acute pain

Acute pain in humans manifest themselves in the following cases:

  • the stretching of muscles;
  • time to find yourself in an uncomfortable position;
  • work with weights;
  • the injury;
  • sudden movements;
  • the subarrefecimento of the body;
  • the currents of the air.

For the resolution of such pain need to use gels and ointments, and has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. They help establish the circulation of the blood and get rid of the swelling. If after two to three days after the first manifestation of lower back pain will not pass, then it is time to consult with your doctor.

In the early days, when the low back pain manifest themselves particularly strong, better stick with the bed rest.

Ноющие pain

Ноющие the lower back pain can occur due to myositis, or inflammation of the muscles of the waist. The man arrested in the movements, because he experiences sensations of pain, when to do it, even the most simple movements.

To get rid of the pain you need to first take a hot shower and then dress in warm clothes. Physical activities are excluded. To improve the state of health it is recommended to rub the ointment, with tepidus effect. If the pain after three days does not pass, it is best to consult your doctor.

Chronic pain

Many times the cause of such headaches, it becomes deformavit spondylosis. A person with such a disease very worried about the tenderloin, it can develop a loss of sensation and weakness in the toe area.

Chronic pain may also appear due to spondylitis спондилита, problems with the exchange of substances or of cancer tumors. To deal with these diseases at home is not going to leave. Isolate the cause in the early stages is also difficult. Therefore, when you see the pains that do not go more than three days, and even worse, it is worth consulting your doctor.

back pain in the lumbar region

Moved pain

This type is characterized by its "confusion". The person feels pain in the back and believes that the reason for them-problems with the column. But, in fact, moved, the pain usually manifest themselves by cause of the diseases of organs located in the pelvic area, tumors and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and kidney.

In that case you need to see a doctor?

If you have any feature from the list below, you need to immediately sign up for the counselling to your doctor.

  • intense pain in the lumbar region does not go away after three days or more;
  • the reason for the pain in the lesion of the vertebral column, which you know (for example, for a couple of days before that, there was an accident or a fall on the back);
  • you donate, simultaneously, the loin, thigh, leg and foot;
  • because of the pain of lost sensitivity in the buttocks, thighs, legs, feet, and groin region.

How to cure the low back pain?

Typically, the patient turns out to be a comprehensive treatment, where attention and lumborum area, and the backbone, and the authorities.

The treatment is divided into two types: conservative and quick.

The conservative treatment is a type of treatment event, in which the recovery of the patient is obtained through the application of medicines (treatment), and through the use of alternative techniques .

The conservative treatment is the case of several types:

  • the reception of special drugs;
  • of physical therapy;
  • kinesiotherapy;
  • massage.

Treatment medicines

back pain in lumbar region treatment

Ointments and gels

Ointment — medicine in a gentle way, intended for external application on the affected area of the body. The ointment is composed of two components: the principles and medicinal properties of the active substances.

The ointment as medication, is effective in the case, if you need to as soon as possible to improve the state of health in the home. They help the person to remove the pain that is caused, inflammation, muscle spasms. Some have tepidus the effect of the waist, which is helpful, if she frigus.

As tepidus medicines excellent indicators, have chinese the stickers for the back.

There is the following classification of ointments:

  1. Anti-inflammatory ointment with the effect of analgesic. Have a cooling effect on account of this, which contains menthol and lavender.
  2. A combination of ointments. They apply when injuries and sprains. In addition to anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, have заживляющим the effect, which is achieved through the heparin and demethyl sulfoxide in the composition of ointments.
  3. Drugs that have the effect of expanding the blood vessels. They increase the blood flow to the struck by a place.
  4. Chondroprotectors. Are used when pathologies of the tissue of cartilage. Thanks chondroitin sulfate data of medicines restore the joints.

The injection of

Injection involves the introduction of drugs into the muscle or a vein to speed the delivery of medications to the inflamed location. It is important, that the needle was acute – so that neither the skin nor the muscles do not травмируются.

The characteristics of injection are:

  • The rate of healing.
  • The effectiveness of the treatment. The active substance is not subject to any degenerative process in the gastro-intestinal tract.
  • Need for a professional approach to the introduction of the injection. Alone, it is better not to do his jabs or each day to go to the doctor, or call a healthcare professional to your home.
  • Requires the assignment of a specialist. The right medicine can prescribe you with the doctor. And many non-prescription drugs, and not buy impossible.

Physical exercises and loading

Kinesiotherapy — method of treatment of diseases and the reduction of low back pain. The task of therapy for exercise is to restore these muscle of the instrument, the improvement of the health status of the patient and correction of posture.

When back pain is recommended to perform the following exercises:

  1. Initial position — lying down. Need to lift alternately to the left and right leg. Maximum lifting height of ten to fifteen centimeters. The raised foot needs to maintain the weight for 10-15 seconds. The exercise is performed 10 to 15 times on each leg.
  2. The supine needs to bend the knees. Angle of flexion — 90 and 100 degrees. After the exercise, I bent the legs need to lean to the right and to the left until the stop. Exercise is carried out 15 times.
  3. You need to slowly and gently inclined on different sides. When you perform exercises in rotation should be the most direct route. Enough to 20 slopes to each side.
  4. Initial position — standing on all fours. You need to do the mahi opposite each other the hands and feet (for example, use the right hand and left foot) at the same time. Runs 10 to 15 times
  5. "The bridge". Kneeled down on the stomach, need to выгибать back up and fits in that position as much as possible about how you have the strength. Do the exercise you need at least 5 times.
back pain in the lumbar region massage


The massage is a technique of treatment for the purpose of impact on the hot spot of a person with the hands or special devices. This method is perfectly behaved in dealing with pain in the lumbar region. However, the massage should cause only a qualified technician and specialist, such as a bad work may harm the health of the spinal column.

Benefits of massage:

  • improves the blood circulation in the affected part of the body;
  • causes the muscles and ligaments more flexible and эластичнее;
  • eliminates the acute pain;
  • eliminates toxins from the body;
  • creates a pleasant feeling on account of the massage the sensitive areas of the body;
  • beneficial effect on mood.

Massage it is better to combine with the adoption of the baths and saunas. It is especially useful steam brooms of birch or oak: they increase toning the body.

Прогревание and cryotherapy

This method of treatment refers to the popular medicine. Heats up help pain that are not associated with inflammation. For example, it is the stretching, hernia, curvature of the spine or osteocondrose. Cryotherapy, on the contrary, it is effective in acute forms of inflammation.

"Remember this! If you have an infection in the body прогревание loses its positive effects. Enhanced the flow of blood conducive to the emergence in the body of a strong man of pain, and the area of inflammation can increase.

Disease prevention

To avoid the re-occurrence of pain in the lumbar region, we recommend to observe the three main rules:

  • Do exercises regularly

The exercise should be tonic in nature. They uniformly act on all the muscle groups, including back and belly. They it is recommended to practice daily for at least twenty to thirty minutes. Ideal morning exercises, run, swim in the pool or walk at a fast pace.

  • Keep the areas in balance between salt and water

On the day of the man, it is recommended to drink up to three liters of liquid. For this, it is appropriate to pure mineral water. Soft drinks, coffee and tea are bad for the renal health and not saturate the body.

The more water you need to drink in the first half of the day. After 20.00 better to reduce the amount of water consumed, because this can lead to swelling and pain in the kidneys.

  • Eat and go to the doctor

Reassess your daily diet. You should reduce the quantity of oily, grilled and smoked foods or even eliminate their it's best to add healthy dishes and products. The most useful is the one that is steamed or soldier. In the daily diet should be as much as possible food rich necessary, the body of vitamins, trace elements and minerals.

It is recommended annually held врачебные examinations, which include a full examination of the body. Women should regularly visit the gynecologist, men — urologist. The health of children is controlled in the level of educational institutions — established диспансеризация will help the time to identify the disease and how you can before you start the treatment.

The main condition for the save of a spine healthy is the right path of life!

In addition to these three rules, there are a few more which is also recommended to follow:

  • To keep track of your posture.
  • Avoid postures uncomfortable when you are sitting. The knees should be above the level of the pelvis. Sit down in a chair or even put a support under the feet. It is best when it is between the back and the backrest of the chair (seat) small pad.
  • When an office job worth regularly move. Once in the time of pause in a small load.
  • Need to sleep in the disk ортопедическом the mattress.
  • To correctly lift weights. This is done by bending the joints of the knee. You need to go to the subject, bending the knees, keeping your back straight.
  • To transfer the load it is worth to distribute the load between the two hands.


Back pain is a dangerous symptom, which is characterized by its variability.

Take care of your health, do not delay hiking to the doctor and lead an active lifestyle – then the problems with the column you will not have.