Pull the back pain: causes and treatment

This symptom, such as pain in the lumbar region, the signal of virtually every person. Especially times with him facing the female part of the population. In some cases, pulling low back pain is not dangerous, as it is related to the uncomfortable position of a body during long time of sitting or sleeping. But if the discomfort will bother you more and more, so it's worth to consult the doctor and find the cause of this symptom. For this purpose requires a careful examination. Many times these signs, such as pulling pain in the back, in the lower part of the abdomen or in the iliac areas, talk about the chronic inflammatory process. Also, the discomfort may be associated with pathologies of the vertebral column. When the lower back pain should not self-medicate, as well as the reasons can be many. To begin with, you need to find out why they appeared, and only after that, eliminate the cause.

low back pain

Where they come from pulling on the low back pain?

Complaints of pain in the low back can often be heard. In most cases, they disturb the women, but are often observed in men. More often than not pull the low back pain appear after the person gets a lot of time in the sitting position. Then the patients complain that they cannot straighten their backs. Typically, these symptoms are characteristic of diseases of the spine, in particular the degenerative disc disease and arthrosis of the lumbar spine. More rarely we can observe such a pathology, such as ankylosing spondylitis. Another name – disease Ankylosing.

In some cases, pulling the back pain is related to inflammatory processes in the kidneys. The most common of them – pyelonephritis. This disease often starts at a young age, often between the female population. Another pathology of the kidney has auto-immune in nature and difficult to treat glomerulonephritis. It may also occur pain in the lumbar region. In some cases, the unpleasant feelings occur when pathologies of the internal organs.

Pulling back and abdominal pain in women

Gynecological diseases – this is one of the causes of lower back pain. In this case, the inflammation covers the pelvic organs. This is usually the fallopian tubes and the ovaries. But, although inflammation appendages, the pain appears not only at the bottom of the belly, but and in the lumbar region. Gynecological diseases too. The cause can be as bacterial and viral infections of the genital tract. Normally, gynaecological pathology are transmitted through sexual contact, but this is not always the case. In some cases, the cause of the infection the lower urinary become: the non-compliance of personal hygiene, sit on cold surfaces, failure of the immune system. Pull the lower back pain when gynaecological diseases may be as one, and with the two sides. The intensity they are not very strong, have a tendency to suddenly appear and decrease. When the involvement in the inflammatory process of the urinary bladder appear dysuric disorder. In addition to the waist unpleasant feeling always cover the lower part of the abdomen. These disorders include: pain when urinating, rubber bumpers, a small portion detached from a liquid.

Differential diagnosis when the bad feeling in the lumbar region

To know the causes of pulling, low back pain, need to go through a screening. Typically, the unpleasant sensations link with pathologies of kidney, or the spinal column. Play an important role in the consistency, extent, location and nature of the pain. If they cover one side of the waist, the cause may be pyelonephritis, inflammation of appendages in women, frequent find in the same pose uncomfortable. When the pain the entire surface of the lower back suggest disease of the spinal column, glomerulonephritis, cystitis and t. d. Also the unpleasant sensations may be related to menstruation or pregnancy.

Low back pain: laboratory systems and diagnostic tools

The exact cause of the emergence of low-back pain can be found after a search. Often, the family doctor makes inferences about the nature of the disease and, after that, assigns laboratory and instrumental research. If on palpation of the kidneys is detected your pain, you should do a urine test. The presence of white blood cells or protein is the indication for performing ultrasound research kidney. When there is suspicion of genital infections the patient direct to a gynecologist. Many times back pain is caused OStEkondrose or artrose. In both cases, it is necessary to make Rentgeologicheskoe study of the vertebral column. For a greater accuracy of the information prescribe a computed tomography lumbar spine. Only after performing all the diagnostic procedures, it is possible to discover the cause of the pain.

the treatment of the back

How to eliminate the pain in the lumbar region

If he appeared to pull the lower back pain, it is worth consulting your doctor. Only after you discover the cause of disease, prescribe treatment. When the pathology of the kidney applies to medical therapy. Pielonephritt treated with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory means. When the auto-immune infection use glucocortикOStEroids and). For the treatment of pathologies, gynaecological apply a combination of medicines. Diseases of the spine needs treatment full. It relate to massage, manual and reflexology, anti-inflammatory drugs. To resolve strong discomfort in the lumbar region, are recommended drugs with analgesic action. It is also prescribed for physical therapy treatment.

The prevention of back pain

To avoid the appearance of low back pain, need time to treat chronic diseases organs urinary, sanitize foci of infection (sore throat, gaimarite, decay). It is also important to take vitamins and immunomedулирующиe drugs. Compliance with personal care and protected sex can help prevent infectious diseases and pathology gynaecological. When the lesions of the vertebral column, artрозe and osteocondrose is contraindicated hard physical labor. When aggravation of these diseases should seek medical help.