Why and how it hurts the right side of the back

Every pain gives a person inconvenient, many times, therefore, the body signals about the presence of any disease. Pain in right side of side of the back can have many causes, but in all cases, requires a super treatment. To assign a therapy physician will need the data from a global survey of the patient. Without laboratory and instrumental research results, it is not possible to understand the causes of the pain on your right side.

How it can hurt side right

why screw the right-hand side)

The pain in the back, to the right manifests itself in different ways:

  1. Acute, as if it were inside of something the grid and (or) cuts. This symptom is the testimony of the problems of systems and organs, located inside the body on the right side.
  2. Pulling pain, becoming stupid or hurting the symptom of pathologies of the vertebral column. Normally, well manifested hernia, the crushing of the nerves and all kinds of neurology. In all of these cases, the pain in the right side of the back reduces the integrity of a person.

It is worth noting that the acute pain in the back of the right hand side a sign for immediate treatment in a medical institution.

Often, in such a situation, surgery is required, without the realization of which maintains the risk to the life of the patient. In addition, a strong pain affect the normal mode of work and leisure.

The acute pain in the back, on the right triggered with the following changes:

  • the sharp contraction of the muscle, called colic attacks;
  • sleep in an uncomfortable position or on uneven surfaces the mattress can cause pulling pain from the back to the right or to the left, soon after waking;
  • the development of inflammation - growing source of pain behind, on the right side;
  • abnormalities in the functioning of the CNS are the cause of the appearance of shooting pain in the head or in the back.

The location of the pain - important information for the elaboration of the anamnesis and treatment. So, when I go to the doctor, the patient should develop, such as pain in the right side of the back: with which intensity, how long in time and when this all started. Many times this is how it begins lumbar type rods.

3 main causes of suffering

the three main causes of suffering

To answer the question: why it hurts on the right side behind the back, the physician should determine with precision the highest point of the suffering body. The origin of the syndrome can be located in the central region, the upper or lower part of the spinal column. More often that patients bothers me is the right side.

The main reasons that cause pain in the right side of the back, can be assigned the following:

  • disease of bone dorsal of the structure;
  • the development of a pathology of internal organs;
  • the illegal activity of muscle mass.

Now all of the causes, causing pain on the right side of the waist or above, read more.

The influence of pathologies of the development of bone tissue

Most often found the following types of dysfunctional changes of the bone structure:

  • the processes within the bone tissue, leading to the dystrophic or degenerative nature;
  • it is a different type of injury, have an area of the action - back and the lateral segment of the back.

In the first case, pain in the right side of the back caused by pathologies of the spine, which change not only the bone structure, but cause the deformation of individual vertebrae. Sometimes, you can get sick with pain sacral meals, and the source of the pain is detected for the spine above.

Listed above disease - the reason of the entrapment of nerve endings in the spinal cord, similar to a grip accompanied by severe headaches. Gain the starting-point of the pain syndrome when it is celebrated by the whole movement of the trunk.

Low back pain can be caused by the presence of degenerative-dystrophic disorders:

  • a tingling in the fingers of the hands and / or feet;
  • the partial numbness of the trunk;
  • chained to the nature of the movements.

But, when the collection of the history doctors must rule obtained man mechanical trauma. After all, with fractures and injury of the ribs of the patient also complains of pain in the right side of the back.

Important: if the pain in the back, to the right and the pain go away in an arm or a leg, the urgent need to get in the health centre.

Disease of the internal organs as a source of problems

disease of the internal organs reason of problems

The pathological changes in the internal organs of a person can become the cause of pain under the ribs on the right and behind. When broken activity of the liver or the biliary ways, the patient complains of cramping pain in the right side of the back. If this symptom added vomiting, change in color of the sclera of the eye, and the emergence of thirst, nausea, this episode of acute cholecystitis.

Acute pain accompanies the gap in the internal organ (for example, the liver). This process is accompanied by internal bleeding, when the blood flow that runs directly under the diaphragm. When you do this, pain in the right side of the back, sensations of pain are enhanced during deep breaths or attack of coughing. This pathology develops after receiving the mechanics of the injury, or becomes the consequence of an intervention.

If the patient has a pain in right side and in the back, this may be the result of the development of acute pancreatitis. When you do this, the surrounding the pain has the bright express location - the lower part of the back, under a shovel. The most painful feelings are added attacks of vomiting, which are not intensified during coughing or with deep breathing.

If it hurts right back, but the injury of the internal organs was not, if you can go about the development of the frénico abscess. The attendant of this pathology symptoms: increased body temperature of the patient, nausea, vomiting, degradation directly to the eyes.

If the pain in the right side of the back caused by diseases of the lung, is the result of pleurisy, inflammation or oncology. Characteristic of disease - accumulation of pain when you change the depth of breathing, or cough. The area around the nose and lips of the patient when this acquires cianótica shadow, appears nausea, increases body temperature, and respiration becomes difficult and it becomes superficial.

The loin on the right side it hurts even more if you have an inflammation of appendicitis or development of a disease process in the right kidney. Description of the headaches, in the first case - aching, pulling. The second case is accompanied by cutting and stitching pain and sensations in the low back. The doctor it is important to know: how long will whine a hotbed of inflammation, to assign competent therapy.

Muscle flaccidity activities

The muscles of the back may lose complete operation due to exposure to different factors:

  • the excess of physical activity;
  • the subarrefecimento of the body, in general, or specifically - back.

Well well-coordinated activity of fibers broken and the man realizes what hurts is the loin on your right hand side. Reduction of the orphans, the muscular performance becomes the cause of an acute pain, extending up the spasm. If the roots of the nerves trapped in the lower segment of the spine, and the pain caused will give below, in the lower part of the back. Any back problems, it is important to resolve in a timely manner, to avoid the proliferation of hernias.

Fundamentals of therapy

fundamentals of therapy

The main aim of the doctor when the solution of the starting point of the pain syndrome in the lower part of the back - to rid the patient of the suffering body, because such manifestations are only the consequence of more serious diseases and pathological conditions.

After the pain cut off, there is developed a scheme of therapy for the underlying disease. If the pain of the right is caused by a appendicitis, the patient is assigned to the operation. When pain syndrome in the area of the gallbladder or liver, shows a survey of the sick person in the presence of stones. Muscle pathology of the tissues treated course of injection and the use of local analgesics and anti-inflammatory ointments, gels.

A full lift - key to the top quality of therapy. In the complex clinical and instrumental research when make sure that are included in the following procedures:

  • ultrasound examination of the pelvic;
  • Magnetic resonance imaging of the spine;
  • laboratory tests matter;
  • other methods that your doctor deems necessary for the fullness of the story.

The correct diagnosis and well-chosen the medical therapy - the security deposit of the good of the health of their patients. For their part, patients need a great deal of attention as a healthy lifestyle, and preserve the back part of the mechanics of injury and overloads. A small pain in the lower part of the back should be a sign to access to medicine, because it is the only attack may be hiding the development of a serious illness. The flexibility of the joints, the maintenance of the steel frame in good shape - the prevention of possible problems with the spine in old age.