The map of massage against headache

Headache is a symptom, the development that can be caused by several factors. It occurs due to a defect in the surge, brain injury, diseases of the brain and spinal system, hormonal changes and acquired serious infections. The character of the pain may warn you about a failure in the functioning of a body or signal about the development of dangerous diseases.

The кратковременную pain most of the people tries to take painkillers means, forgetting alternative without medical as – folk medicine, aromatherapy, reflexology, massage.

It is a massage of reflex points is able to quickly and effectively reduce the pain in your head. It does not cause the body to damage, which involves the reception of chemicals, which is particularly important for women during lactation and pregnancy. In the latter case, the technique of acupuncture must be confirmed with the doctor, as well as the impact at some points it may cause premature birth.

How it works the massage

How it works the massage

The technique of massage of points (acupressure) is one of the types of conjunctivitis. This was a therapist who performs the massage or надавливание in рефлекторные point with using the fingers of the hands. The result are activated neuroreceptors located in the hypodermic tissues throughout the body, and occurs in a pulse, which sends the information to the brain. The reaction to a stimulus, in the case of a pain of the head becomes pain reduction, or complete disappearance.

In the human body is not the least 750 points responsible for the functioning of the whole organism. One of them with 17 major reflex points can influence pain syndromes of the head, removing the pain of tension and migraine headaches.

The point of being impossible to detect visually. For microscopic evaluation they appear in the form of the accumulation of a large number of neurons. The characteristic signs, which can be detected, are landmarks on parts of the body and your own sensations. When exposed to an active point the person may feel the following:

  • the feeling of local pain or прострелов;
  • extending the heat;
  • numbness of the tissues around a point;
  • the occurrence of so-called "axes";
  • the feeling is similar to weak impulses of electric current.

Find the рефлекторные point and relieve the pain of headaches can be independent, with a described sensations. But if the pain that is caused acquires a permanent character and accompanied by extra symptoms, then you urgently need to consult your doctor for advice and выяснением causes of its manifestation.

Point for head-pain head - on the face and in the temple

A point on the head, the head pain

The head is in 8 major reflex points, massaging which results in less headache.

  1. The point located above the top of the nose in the area of the "third eye", is massaged in a circular motion on both sides.
  2. The symmetric point is set near the inner edge of the eyebrow. You should find a small portion of the bones and, simultaneously, a circular motion, massaging it on both sides.
  3. The point, located symmetrically just above the edge of the end of the eyebrow.
  4. The symmetric point, which is located in a small recess begins curl ear. The impact it is easy for her надавливанием.
  5. The point, symmetrically set on the scalp over the upper edge of the ear, then massaged in with circular movements. To find it, you need to put the index finger on the point, who is at the start curl the ear, finger install at a point located just above the outer edge of the eyebrow, the middle finger will be on the calculation of the reflection zone.
  6. The point, located in the deepening under the occiput. Is massaged with circular movements, without a strong push.
  7. Symmetric of a point, being the place of attachment of muscles to the neck and skull. Ground light movements, when exposed, the patient may feel painful or unpleasant feeling.
  8. Point to the head-headaches - at the back of the head and the crown of the
  9. Sensitive point, located at the top of the head. To mark, has pointers to position your fingers for ушными sinks and moving them to the top of the head through the temporal hills. Search the point is in the center of the head, the meeting point of two fingers. The massage is done with circular movements, or easy-to-надавливанием.

The point of the head pain in the hand

Removing the pain attacks of headaches can, with the help of massage 3 reflex points located symmetrically in his hands. To achieve the effect, you must act on the points of both hands, massaging them alternately.

  1. The point is in the connection of the indicator and the thumb. You need to press a small portion of this area: the outer part of the palm to position the thumb of the second hand, from the inside is the indicator. After the onset of pain the fingers should be drastically little. The impact on this point is forbidden for pregnant women because it can cause preterm labor.
  2. The point is the cleavage between the two bones of the forearm: the radiation and the ulna. To find it, it is necessary to recede from folds on the wrist from a distance equal to the breadth of three cross fingers.
  3. The point is in flexion of the elbow joint. The arm is bent at the elbow and massaged the edge of the folds to the outside.
  4. A point on the hand of the headache

The point of the pain of head on the stop

The main рефлекторные point, the impact that also allows to relieve the pain of the head, symmetrically arranged about himself. She massaged them at the same time, in a circular motion or надавливанием, the patient should sit comfortably.

  1. The point is on the second finger of 2 mm above the base of the nail.
  2. The point is at the base of the fifth finger in a small deepening of the outside.
  3. The point is between the fifth and the fourth finger. To find it, it must be from the digital database for measuring the distance, such as a cross finger.
  4. The point is 3 mm above the base of the nail of the first finger and a little shifted in the direction of the second finger.
  5. The point is indicated on the outer side of the foot between the second and the first finger, above the foundation, in two cross-cutting of a finger.
  6. The point is on the side of the inner side of the foot, closer to the leg in the area of the highest point of the arc. For massage need to find a small portion.


Despite the efficiency of acupuncture for the pain syndromes, there are diseases and the state of health of the patient, when it is strictly prohibited. The main witness against your target, which include:

A point on the leg of the headache
  • The development of tumors, regardless of the specific area and location of genesis.
  • Aggravation of chronic pathologies (ulcers digestive, tuberculosis).
  • Infectious and viral diseases, which are accompanied by high fever.
  • Diseases of the heart and blood vessels after a heart attack, and after a stroke.
  • Heavy pathology of internal organs, resulting in a reduction of your operation.
  • Mental disorders in the acute phase.
  • The acute pain is incomprehensible, the nature and the source.
  • Age criteria: children up to 1 year of age and people over 70 years of age.
  • The second half of pregnancy (during this period of acupressure can cause the premature birth).
  • Diseases of the blood.
  • The menstrual cycle in women.
  • Alcoholism.
  • The excess of work, caused heavy physical activities.
  • The dependence on weather conditions (it is not recommended to perform massage points, when a sudden change of atmospheric pressure).

During the course of the treatment spot for a massage, you should limit the number of food products and the execution of some procedures. It is not recommended to take a hot shower and sauna, as well as eating spicy food, strong tea, coffee, alcoholic beverages.

The fulfillment of all the indications, prescription and professional conduct of massage will reduce the pain primary nature, arising from the head. If the exposure to the point of not facilitates state or aggravates it, then, it is necessary to have recourse to experts and to search the cause disturbing headaches.