By hurting the muscles of the back

Muscle pain in the back can be the result of injury, stretching, the of myositis or degenerative disc disease of the spine. There are other reasons, but these are from the leader. We consider them in more detail. After all, the treatment of pain in the muscles of the back can not be effective without the timely and correct solution of the factors that cause.

So, let's start with the fact that you hurt your back muscles, after considerable physical effort. This may be elementary too much work or exposure to extreme loads, when correctly drawn up the formation of muscle tissue. With the goal of prevention of a similar condition in the future, we recommend that:

Pain the muscles of the back
  • perform, necessarily, a complete workout with stretching exercises of muscles and tendons;
  • respect to water (drink plenty of fluids during periods of intense physical culture, since dehydration of the muscle fibers leads to the risk of the development of the microscopic breaks and accumulation of lactic acid);
  • increase physical activity gradually, to the extent that the strengthening and the preparation of muscle fibers;
  • practice, at least at first time), under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

If you have already appeared muscle pain in the back, so you need as quickly as possible to stop the exercise. Apply the patient to a cold place for 2 to 3 hours. After that, use the special exciting of the ointment, that increase the peripheral circulation. If you are sure that there is no rupture of ligaments and small breaks in the muscles, then you can apply heat and make exciting packs. Pain in the muscles of the back to the sport of overhead, usually passes within 3 to 5 days. If during this period you was not the best, then it is worth seeking medical help.

In clinical manual therapy, you can take advantage of the professional massage therapist. Therapeutic massage speed up the recovery process of the muscle tissue and prepares you for the future physical exercise.

Other causes of pain in the muscles of the back

There are other causes of pain in the muscles of the back. This can be a disease of the spine, arising from the violation of posture, or the bum tissue cartilage the intervertebral discs. Gather from a pathology related to the deposition of salts, the education, bone spurs and other etiological factors of deformation.

When osteocondrose pain in the muscles of the back occur in the acute phase. This is a reflection of the process of tension of the muscle fibres, through which the organism tries to compensate the work load and to ensure the relative peace reached by a department of the vertebral column. This causes tension and a strong, muscle pain, supporting one or another department of the vertebral column.

A back massage

Especially intense muscle pain in the back cause protrusion and herniated disc. These diseases are associated with injury and pain nerve endings. In the midst of this pathogenesis develops sciatica and sciatica (inflammation of the nervous tissue). Impaired innervation and narrowed the blood vessels in conditions of swelling of the soft tissues only exacerbate the situation.

Another common cause of muscle pain in the back - myositis. This disease is characterized by inflammatory processes aseptic etiology in the homes of the muscle tissue. Occurs in the middle of the exposure to air currents, when the worsening of some chronic diseases, injuries, muscle, for example, with the impact.

With prolonged exposure, traumatic, including infectious factors, in the intercostal nerve endings occurs with neuralgia contributes to the pain of the muscle fibers. Intercostal neuralgia different unilateral and location of the court contributes to the pain, which increases with deep inspiration.

The treatment of muscle pain in the back

If you have muscle pain in the back, the treatment must be initiated with a differential diagnosis of the disease. Depending on the delivered end of the diagnosis, you may use the methods of traditional medicine.

When miositex, sprains and tendon apparatus, the intercostal neuralgia can you do the therapeutic massage, reflexology, the special structure of physical exercises. All of this together, help to regain their health and begin to know the sports training.