back pain

Back pain - the unpleasant, the manifestation of a multitude of diseases or a strong impulse to the muscles of the back for other reasons. In most cases, this pathology occurs in the middle of many changes in the structure of the joints of the vertebral column, also located on the side of the muscle, nerve endings, or the cover on the spine. In addition, this symptom that accompanies some diseases or malfunctions of the internal organs.

Location the location of the pain can tell you a lot about what the internal organs damaged. Therefore, the pain in the lower back suggests that, perhaps, suffered the bone tissue of the vertebral column, the person develop intervertebral hernia, and be amazed with the nerves of the bone marrow, abdominal and pelvic organs.

Pain in the upper back it is manifested in the background of a variety of diseases of the aorta, who suffers from cancer, or benign lesions from malignancies in the chest when coughing, as well as against inflammation of the spinal column. But much more than back pain appear due to a large load on the joints and ligaments of the vertebral column.

The etiology

The back pain is not uncommon for a healthy person, but some times more common in diseases. The main causes associated with disorders of the functioning of the body, are the several violations of the integrity of the spinal column. In this group pathological reasons relate to the following diseases:

  • the osteomyelitis, which is pounded bone marrow;
  • cancer cancer or metastasis, common in the spine, causing pain in the lower part of the back;
  • the training of hernias of межпозвоночных units;
  • displacement of vertebrae;
  • the curvature of the spinal column to different degrees;
  • fractures or other injuries of the body;
  • stenosis of the spinal canal;
  • spondylarthrosis defeat of the cartilage;
  • fibromyalgia - chronic muscle pain, accompanied by many unpleasant symptoms. Occurs not only the pain in the upper back, but also in the lower part.

The main causes of pain in the back


The causes of the starting point of the pain syndrome, not related to lesions in the spinal column or change its structure:

  • pelvic bleeding;
  • the crushing of the nerve in the sternum leads to the onset of back pain when breathing;
  • gynecological diseases, often characterized by unpleasant sensations in the right side or in the lower part of the back in general;
  • the accumulation of large amounts of blood in the space retroperitoneal;
  • the sicknesses of different pelvic organs;
  • dissection of the aorta;
  • peptic ulcer - causes pain in the back between the scapulae;
  • disorder of the functioning of the kidneys;
  • pityriasis versicolor;
  • arthritis;
  • disorder of organs of the gastrointestinal and the urinary system and cause pain in the back to the right or to the left (in the place of projection of the affected organ);
  • failure of operation, of the organs located in the abdominal cavity;
  • rheumatological disease;
  • neoplasms of the lung to manifest pain when breathing, or coughing;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system cause a person of pain in my side, more commonly, the left;
  • the formation of kidney stones - manifests itself pain in the lower part of the back;
  • appendicitis - when this disease the pain occurs in both sides;
  • infectious diseases, accompanied by liver failure.

In most cases, these causes may excite the pain in the back below the waist.

Factors by which the pain can appear in healthy adults is of a man or child:

  • the effect of long-lasting cold temperatures;
  • the conditions of work in which the man is obliged to raise the gravity a few hours;
  • sudden movements;
  • the bad cough (occurs pain in the back above the waist);
  • stay posture problems, perhaps during sleep or during long journeys;
  • the escape of the menses;
  • injuries or fractures, with the option of the vertebral column. Due to fractures and pain a space, many times, gives the back;
  • bad posture;
  • the increase of the body mass;
  • age rating - back problems can occur at any age, but for the people of the middle-aged and elderly such a characteristic symptom of frequency, once in the body may leak out of the chronic diseases, slowing down some processes, so, and the pain occurs in the muscles of the back (can't spend a lot of time).

Separately, it is worth considering the back pain during pregnancy. The woman throughout the time period in which you feel the weight in the back and a pain in the chest when coughing, due to the increased fruit and pressure, which it creates. Due to the inclination of the trunk, the muscles of the lumbar spine and pelvis tense, in order to support the weight. It is for these reasons that appears a pain in the back.


Depending on the reason, is the feeling of discomfort can локализоваться in several places:

  • the pain in the back above the waist - can be periodic or chronic character, basically, occurs due to innocent factors, amongst which the organisation of the workplace or lifting of loads;
  • the pain directly at the lumbar - manifest themselves in the context of displacement or hernia of the intervertebral disc. The pain can be so strong that occurs the back pain when breathing and coughing, but in a horizontal position, everything goes;
  • pain below waist - this can occur due to a cold of the body or heavy loads in the back. If this symptom manifested itself when disease or illness, you should immediately call an ambulance. For this kind of typify the unpleasant sensations in his right side, which often give in the lower limbs;
  • pain in the blades - pain in the back, to the left, comes to a heart attack or psychological problems. Many times, stretches in such unusual specific area, such as the right hand, neck, or groin. With the right side - when the formation of stones or other pathology renal. The pain directly on both of the blades expressed due to tumors or tuberculosis;
  • the pain in the back, on the right - gives a signal to respiratory problems, pneumonia or lung cancer or бронхах, as well as the bodies involved in the allocation of urine;
  • the pain in the back of the left says about the problems with the heart and the respiratory system;
  • pain in the lower back - the most common type of discomfort, because it can be due to a large number of diseases, for example, when the catarrhal cough, or under the influence of external factors. What is characteristic, unless such pains are distributed from the hand and still more than three months, which means that the disorder overflowed chronic;
  • pain in upper back - most often results from a cancer tumors or metastases in the lung or the spinal column.

Classification of pain in the back

The symptoms

Symptoms of back pain different location, may vary, depending on the nature of the occurrence. More often than pain that is caused in the back follow these signs:

  • the limitation of work capacity and motor skills of a person due to the different intensity of the pain and spreading it in different directions, of other organs or members;
  • frequent urges to emission of urine, especially if the back pain due to problems with the kidneys or urinary tract channel;
  • in some cases, occurs fever;
  • the drastic reduction of the body mass;
  • diarrhea;
  • the weakness and pain in the muscles of the back;
  • bouts of nausea, followed by vomiting;
  • the pressure in the chest area, heart and lungs;
  • the appearance of a sharp pain in lungs when coughing;
  • the feeling of lack of air;
  • constant concern;
  • the dispersion of attention;
  • decreased visual acuity and hearing.

As the main symptom is pain, she can wear a different character. In some cases, it can be sharp and incisive, at other permanent and pressing. Often, the pain spreads in different directions, internal organs or places in that it, in principle, should not be, for example, the face, the neck, the lower jaw. In some cases, the pain that is caused aggravated after ingestion of food, or, on the contrary, stops, can occur during sleep, due to a bad position, or to perform, once the person accepts the horizontal position.


Before you start the treatment, the doctor must perform a series of examinations to determine the possible cause of the expression of the pain, its appearance and the place of location. The doctor received a full picture about the past this uncomfortable feeling of patient needs:


  • provide complete information about the symptoms that accompany the pain in the back, when for the first time expressed and how intense;
  • to express hypotheses about what could cause this sensation, for example, the menstruation, the inconvenience of the posture to sleep or the position of the body during the work, coughing, or sudden movements, and also to give the opportunity to a professional to check out the complete list of all the diseases of the patient for life;
  • say, in the place in which the pain occurs, and what organs or parts of the body is distributed. This is very important to determine the diagnosis, because it is different than the location of the pain can talk about a variety of diseases;
  • go through a general inspection, to which the doctor will perform пальпацию of the spinal column;
  • a blood test and urine to the definition of a disease process, or kidney disease;
  • perform x-rays - which will help to detect abnormalities in the structure of the vertebral column, the thorax and of the lungs;
  • pass the computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging examination for the detection of possible pathologies of the internal organs;
  • the survey of the muscle using electromyography;
  • perform the search of the bones by means of the introduction in the body of the contrast medium. Where will accumulate, and there the violation occurs;
  • examined to determine the density of the woven bone;
  • additionally consult a of such a professional, such as neurologist, rheumatologist, orthopedist and vertebrologist.

After you get all the results of the examinations, the doctor will prescribe personalized treatments for each patient.


If the pain is unbearable, then, before you reach the doctors need to perform first-aid activities:

  • apply cold compress to the back area, where is located the pain;
  • to ensure the total immobility to avoid further damage. The victim must take the most comfortable position of the body;
  • taking analgesic medications;
  • to completely eliminate any type of load.

After the arrival of a medical institution of therapy based on the therapy of the underlying disease, which can consist of:

  • anti-inflammatory medications;
  • greenhouse effect ointments;
  • drugs to delete a spasm when intense pain in the lower back, as well as is this type of pain is more commonly found in patients;
  • drugs, which will increase the production of the components of the tissue of the cartilage;
  • physiotherapeutic treatment (heating);
  • massage therapy;
  • techniques manual therapy, but only apply it once by the appointment of the doctor, because if it is poorly performing this type of treatment there is the possibility to aggravate the situation;
  • acupuncture - as in the previous paragraph applies, with the permission of your doctor;
  • medical intervention - is held only in some cases, for example, when oncology or the need to establish a prosthetic intervertebral disc;
  • wearing a special corset, which reduces the load on the spine and the lower back.


Preventive methods to prevent the emergence of back pain are:

  • timely treatment of major diseases of the spine, lungs, kidneys and abdominal organs;
  • exemption of strong physical stress, and hypothermia of the body especially in pregnant women;
  • compliance with the correct posture during the time of work and study;
  • software comfort conditions for sleep;
  • the adjustment of the increase of the body mass;
  • limiting sudden movements of the back;
  • preventive examinations at a clinic for the early detection of pathologies causing back pain.