Osteocondrose, symptoms, treatment, and prevention

Osteocondrose it is a disease of the spinal column, as it is able to cause a strong of discomfort, and lead to many complications. For this reason, the most accurate, timely, and properly dealt with. Is it possible to do this at home with the help of medicines and drugs, physical education, and physical therapy services. All treatments must be approved by an expert, otherwise there is a risk of developing complications.

What is the osteocondrose

what is the osteocondrose

Osteocondrose — degenerative diseases-degenerative disease of the spine (DSP ), leading to the disruption of the structure of the tissue, the vertebrae and the intervertebral discs. This leads to a decrease in their elasticity and shape-shifting. Because of this, it is much less space between the vertebrae and can result in instability of the spinal column in this place.

When the pathological destruction of the tissues that occurs a crushing of the nerve endings exit the spinal cord, which leads to a constant tension in the muscles and spinal. In the midst of this there arise pains, and other symptoms that are characteristic. The signs can vary, depending on which segment was degenerative disc disease attack. Include chondrosis of the vertebral column of the following departments:

  • in the cervical spine;
  • breastfeeding
  • for the lumbar spine.

If the pathologic process affects various segments of the osteocondrose polysegmental. The violations that are a little bit has a story, has a complicated history of symptoms, and it is much more difficult to develop, since it may be some areas close to, and remotely from one another. For example, the osteocondrose cervical spine and the lumbar-sacral and internal departments.

Include 4 stages of a degenerative disease in the us.

  1. For the first time. It is characterized by it's initials of a disturbance in the area of the intervertebral disc. Normally, at this stage, the cartilage, the area of the vertebra, which is covered with cracks. As a result, begin to reduce the gap between the disks.
  2. In the second one. Covered with cracks, fibrotic ring, is so narrow that the joints and muscles of the spine begin to touch and rub them together. At this stage, the person may be in the first pain-induced paroxysmal in nature. The second stage is the formation of instability of the vertebrae.
  3. For the third time. Occurs an erasure of the cartilage of the strip between the disks. Rough-in is detected when you perform an x-ray, and the colour is enhanced with a nature-intensive applications. At this stage, the pain that is caused can be get only through the use of powerful drugs.
  4. To the fourth power. It is characterized by the excessive volatility of the bone, as if to form tumors in the bone — the bone spurs. They injure the roots of the nerves. Normally, at this stage, the symptoms disappear, but manifests itself in season (peak of the aggravation of falling in the fall and the spring.

Psychosomatic degenerative disc disease.

Psychosomatic causes of disease – a new direction in the search for a pre-requisite for the training. Psychosomatic implies the influence of psychological factors on the development and current physical illness. The relationship between the body and the mental health problems, using names, using names, really tight, and with a healthy mind, the person may suffer from regular pain. When osteocondrose for some people, it is not detected, on objective grounds, to the hospital, but she continues to make steady progress.

Up to 30% of the patients, after a visit to the doctor, pointing to such issues as:

  • The constant stress;
  • The chronicle of the experiments;
  • The over-voltage;
  • The problems in the family;
  • Conflicts.
  • Morality, with a change of direction.
psychosomatic degenerative disc disease

In this case, the psychosomatic on the development of the syndrome of a lesion of the spinal column, it can be seen clearly in the person of "bend" under the weight of the problems that you suffer from a spinal cord. If the hospital has one of these reasons, the treatment of a degenerative disease of the disk, it will be difficult, and the medicines usually do not help. The aggravation of the disease occurring in the waveform of the stress, and the physical causes for them, and they don't.

Often, the psychosomatic, is not only evident in the cervical department of the spine, but the pain that is caused can be wandering around the pozvonocna of the position. In the treatment of degenerative disc disease should start with the research and resolution of psychological problems is under the control of the therapist.

The causes of degenerative disc disease.

A major factor in the development of degenerative disc disease is not the same, the load on the lumbar spine.

A common cause for confusion, uneven distribution of the load over the vertebral column are:

  • the habit of using the bag on one shoulder or in the hand
  • bad posture in a seated position,
  • sleep is a very soft mattress,
  • dream on the high pillow,
  • wearing the tiger's unexpected types of shoes.

To assist in the risk factors of concern as well:

  • physical inactivity (sedentary lifestyle),
  • in the presence of an excess of weight,
  • an injury to the back,
  • an injury to the lower extremity
  • flat feet,
  • any other disorders of the musculoskeletal system
  • the age of degenerative processes in the spine, due to which in turn reduces the blood supply to the spinal cord.

The stages of development of degenerative disc disease.

U, osteocondrose it always goes through four stages:

the stages of development of degenerative disc disease
  • The first phase is characterized by the appearance of the pathology in the nucleus of the intervertebral disc. The reason why the natural of the cargo is in the process of hydration (or dehydration) of the linux kernel, which leads to a decrease in the height of the intervertebral disc and can cause cracks in the fibrous rings.
  • During the second stage of the disease, there is a discomfort in the form of a pain, especially when certain types of loads, movements, and body positions.
  • In the third stage of degenerative disc disease is characterized by the formation of prolapses, and a protrusion. It could be a subluxation, and/or the development of arthrosis of the intervertebral joints. When a certain movement, perhaps a sense of stiffness and lack of mobility. The members may experience feelings of "pins and needles" and numbness.
  • During the fourth stage of the degenerative disc disease is the body trying to adjust to the consequences of hypermobility (excessive mobility), the vertebrae begin to adapt to the violation of the functionality of the spinal column and the vertebrae begin to form bone spurs (new bone from the education, in order to improve the fixation of the spinal column.

But, unfortunately, in some cases, bone spurs do cause injury to the nerves, and even more hurt to the bone. Resulting in the intervertebral discs and the facet joints begins to fibrous ankylosis.

The symptoms of degenerative disc disease.

The main symptoms of degenerative disc disease is a feeling of discomfort and/or pain in the region of the neck and the back.

So, how are strong feelings, and most of the symptoms that may arise during the course of development of degenerative disc disease depends on the stage of the disease, and in a case by case basis.

The pathology of the intervertebral disc for the cervical and lumbar spine occur much more frequently than the degenerative diseases and the degenerative changes in the area of the sternum.

The symptoms of degenerative disc disease refers to:

  1. the periodic or permanent straightening of the feeling of fatigue from your back,
  2. the lower or box, depending on the stage of the disease, pain that is caused in the region of the neck, upper back, chest, shoulder, time,
  3. the problems, detected from the movement of the upper body.

The clinical Picture of the disease, degenerative disc disease of the disc depends a lot on the location (path) of the pathology, the stage of development of the process, starting from the individual characteristics of the patient.

The pathology of the intervertebral disc, dislocation, protrusion of hernias, and the accumulation of bone spurs lead to different outcomes.

Among the most common – is to disrupt the normal flow of blood circulation in the tissues, crushing the nerve endings, dysfunction in the spinal canal, swelling, and fibrosis of the tissue, and structures.

These side effects can also be accompanied by a wide variety of different symptoms, which leads to difficulty in accurate diagnosis of the disease.

The most common symptom of degenerative disc disease is related in the following expression:

  1. the pain in the back, the neck, the back, the shoulder, the belt, the area of each of the fins,
  2. the discomfort and stiffness of movement in the torso that occurs when some of the member states of the gradients, the curves, when you increase the tension in the muscles,
  3. a feeling of numbness in the upper limbs and lower limbs,
  4. the muscle and joint discomfort, muscle spasms,
  5. headaches, dizziness, fatigue,
  6. the pain in the region of the heart,
  7. the violation of the sensitivity of the hands
  8. the weakness of the muscles.

A diagnosis of degenerative disc disease.

To make a diagnosis from an expert attributes it to the of the such tools, research techniques, such as:

  • an x-ray of the spinal column
  • if necessary, the myelography of the spinal column
  • neurological examination of sensation and of the reflexes of the spinal cord.

Other techniques that may be awarded to a medical doctor for the diagnosis and the stage of the pathological process, were installed as close as possible to, include the following:

  • a ct scan of the spine
  • the nuclear-magnetic-resonance imaging,
  • the magnetic resonance imaging.

The potential for complications

Many, with no special attention has to refer to the first hint of the degenerative diseases-a dysfunctional process in-between the tissues of the spinal column. This is the course of action with regard to your own body, you can dramatically affect the impact on the performance of all of the internal organs. The imbalance in roles will increase in the avalanche, and a man, of a sudden, you may be in a hospital bed. The lowering of the mobility of the spinal column, for the violation of the ratio of the switching signals, and the difficulty of the addition of nutrients to certain areas of the body, leading to the development of disorders in the skeletal system and muscle work, joint, and ligaments.

The partial or complete destruction of the intervertebral ties leads to the development of the vi, I saw many chronic diseases. A small pain suddenly appeared and just as quickly lost, and it should cause a person to pass an exam. This will help you to identify the areas of birth, sickness, and, with the help of a preventative to avoid the spread of the cancer.

It is not paying any attention to the early signs, you may face the problems:

  • The emergence of harsh, long, severe headaches, migraines, and vertigo, the traffic circle is.
  • The problems in the region of the cervical department of the spine can result in loss of vision.
  • Many times hearing loss is the result of a breach of the work to the top of the column.
  • The development of the degenerative disc disease can cause autonomic dysfunction.
  • Problems in the low back can lead to a worsening of the diseases of the urinary system.
  • In the absence of a proper treatment of the degenerative disc disease leads to chronic, the radiculitis, and sciatica.
  • the possible complications of the snapshotLots of work, and the lack of a system for the treatment is the cause of intervertebral hernia is.
  • People stakivayutsya diseases such as lumbago, spondiloarthrosis, lumbalgia.
  • During the development of degenerative disc disease without any qualifying treatment leads to the closure of the lowland waterways, spondylosis, bone spurs.

You must clearly understand that any and all irregularities in the functioning of the spinal column, not necessarily to lead to the development of more complex and chronic diseases of the internal organs. Damage to the vessel, the beams of the nerve makes it difficult for the pace of the work, the application of the law is a violation of the advancement of the required number of input and output of wastes and toxins.

This is a negative effect on the entire body. The accumulation within the tissues of the damaged cells and toxins and encourage the development of training programmes in england. You may suddenly find that you have good health, had suffered a serious injury to a small pain in the lower back, upper back, or neck.


In order to have success in the cure of the osteocondrose, and the need to carry out a detailed survey and establish the correct diagnosis. First of all, the doctors carry out a visual inspection of the patient, collection of the history of the disease, and then use it in the lab, as well as the techniques of research.

There are 3 types of therapy:

  • your doctor;
  • physical therapy;
  • the operating room.

To be a great benefit in the treatment of degenerative disc disease brings on a special diet, the observance of rest in bed, and to minimize loads on the vertebral column. When on vacation, it is recommended that you use a solid surface instead of a soft mattress.

In terms of the costs of the treatment of the disease, it can be used in the two methods. In this case, it is advisable to match it. To increase your power, you can get the therapy that's popular way.

If, however, self-medication, is highly undesirable. All of the measures and the procedures that must be approved by a specialist. When the treatment of degenerative disc disease, you will need to follow a few rules on the use of certain methods.

In this case, if the delivery of a health care provider has paid off, and as the disease progresses, then, to prescribe a medical treatment. The operating procedure is carried out for the stabilization of the structure of the spinal column, for the removal of intervertebral hernia, or fully, the affected discs.


The medical treatment of degenerative disc disease should be comprehensive and have the aim of the excavation, the starting point of the pain syndrome and to the resolution of other outstanding symptoms. To do this, employ a number of different groups of drugs:

  1. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. They are designed with a view to the resolution of inflammatory processes and all kinds of aches and pains in the head. They, too, will ease the swelling of the tissues.
  2. A sedative. They are used to hitting the start point of the pain syndrome, but it does not affect the process itself as a pathological problem.
  3. Relaxing your muscles. To apply for the relief of muscle spasm in the spinal column, and making it noticeably lessening of the pain. It works by blocking the receptors in the affected muscle fibers, resulting in a disrupted electrical conductivity of the impulses to the spinal cord. The effect of these drugs is short, but during this period of time, the muscle fibers have time to return to the regular tone, and the hotel's own defense mechanisms of the degenerative diseases-degenerative diseases and processes.
  4. The B-group vitamins are a, D, A, E, C, phosphorous, and calcium, and medications. The vitamins and minerals that are required in order to compensate for the body of substances that are involved in the formation of bone tissue and cartilage, the rates of the processes.
  5. Chondroprotectors
  6. Vasodilation of the drug.

When diseases of the musculoskeletal system, doctors will recommend that you apply chondroprotectors, which have a cumulative effect, acting on the human body after a certain period of time, you will help restore the intervertebral disc. These drugs to use them for a longer period of time, up to 2-3 months. And chondroprotectors a serious load on the liver, and the organs of the gastrointestinal tract; therefore, you must combine it with a probiotic.

Therapy for the year

the therapy for a year, when osteochondrose

In the treatment of degenerative disc disease and physical (therapy exercise). In fine motor skills can have a positive impact on the moderate exercise. It stimulates the metabolic processes, restoring the mobility of the spine and strengthening of the muscle corset.

The methodology and the system of treatment center you must choose a doctor as it may vary depending in which department is the spinal column of the affected pathological process. For this reason, it is advisable for one to one), under the supervision of an expert. Once you have mastered the curriculum of physical education, doctor, you can keep in your home.

For example, when a diagnosis of degenerative disc disease, cervical recommend the following simple exercise:

  1. Tilt your head forward and apply pressure over the area of the forehead, made with the fingers of the hand. The patient should keep the pressure on. Like it, then do, but if at the occipital bone on the left side and the right side of the temple.
  2. Pressing on the forehead with the four fingers, as if he were stretching out on the skin for 45 seconds. Action to be performed in a different way. This exercise is designed to restore the circulation.
  3. Sit in a chair or on the floor, keeping your back straight, and no problems with bending the head backwards. Your hands have gently pressed on her chin from the top to the bottom. Then, you turn your head to the left and to the right.
  4. Trying to get a hold of the chin to the chest. In this position, you will need to cross your hands at the back of his neck, and put pressure on it. In a state that it needs to rest for about 1 minute, and then have to carry out a movement of his shoulders, lifting him up and trying to get up to their ears.

Physical therapy

The medical treatment is a good result, and if you combine it with physical therapy procedures. The state-of-ones useful in magnetic therapy, electrophoresis, ultrasound therapy and t. d. Some of the types of procedures that you can perform at home, if you acquire to the mobile devices. The beneficial effects are mineral waters that have healing and medicinal mud.

In the absence of any contra-indications to massage, the patient may see a chiropractor. In the treatment of degenerative disc disease may also be applied to the sessions of reflexology — the impact on certain parts of the body. At home, you can perform a self-massage. There are a number of techniques, it is suitable for the solution of the starting point of the pain syndrome, and tiniziavano muscle

  • light stroking of the spine to one or both of the hands;
  • kneading of the muscles, tingling, or on the movements of so-called so-called the the circular of of a little nodiulianiya with the tips of the fingers;
  • kneading the muscles with the palms of the hands;
  • use the tines of a study v-of the muscles;
  • the longitudinal and klubovidNoé by pressing in gently massaging;
  • rubbing the intervals between the ribs.

Folk remedies

To ease the pain, you can use the tools of your income. The results of the treatment with herbal and other natural provided to show if the use of the term.

Folk remedies are preferable in comparison with the drug, because in the past when the duty to use that is able to seriously harm the intestines, the liver, and the pancreas. Thus, the methods of alternative medicine it is advisable to use the following up acute pain syndromes of of of medications. They are presented in ways that will gradually replace the drugs when directed by your doctor.

You can mark a life, the life of the most effective recipes:

  1. The honey and potatoes. You will need to take some of the potatoes, then slice them on a grater, add the same amount of honey. The components that need to be carefully of the mix, put it on a piece of gauze and use it as a compress on the wan, on the spot. The validation of the results, the application needs to wrap a scarf and leave it in that position for 1 hour.
  2. Horseradish. You should take 1 sheet of the plant, and the steam of boiling water. It should turn on the inner facing of the painful area and then apply it. The tool should be secure, and wrap the scarf. The procedure should be performed during the night, and to make the, I think, only in the morning.
  3. The bottle warmer. You should take the plastic of the packaging, pour in the hot water, lay on the couch and lay on it on his back. Preferably, you attempt to move a bottle from one. The procedure should take no more than 30 minutes.
  4. Top. You will need to have a 30-day, all-day 1-the roots of the plant.
  5. Pine kidney function. You will have to collect during the period of the spring material. The length of the pine trees, the kidney should be 2 inches. Need to wash it and dry it out. The raw material needed for milling, and add with the pasta in the ratio of 2:1, and after that to the mix as well, and pull it out of the fridge. The tool is completed, it's full-bodied, with a brown eyeshadow. To the mixture, you need to have 1 h. l. per day for up to 3 weeks.

The use of drugs with a lot of care should be similar to the procedures that cover the thermal effect. This can help you to get rid of the pain and inflammation, but they are able to bring you harm. In the periods of aggravation of the disease, are prohibited in any of the heats, because they cause vasodilation, which may occur in the swelling. In cases like this, you should seek treatment with a specialist. When osteocondrose neck in any way is prohibited and it is in the neck, as this may cause a strong headache.

You can heal your osteocondrose?

A lot of people have dIPtde rofihNoé the defeat of the intervertebral discs, which are interested in the question: are you able to cure the osteocondrose, and how to do it? Experts in the leading hospitals of the world, and to make the treatment of this disease, it is said that the osteocondrose has been identified at an early stage, in most cases, you can completely restore the functionality of the spinal column. If the patient is turned into a hospital, in a 3-or 4-stage of the disease, doctors can only improve their condition, as well as when you get to this stage of development, the osteocondrose leads to the formation of tumors in the bone, and by changing the shape of the spinal column. In these phases, to achieve a positive result, it is only possible, when the surgical treatment.

After this therapy the patients start periods of remission, it is able to extend to you the same, if you are going to need to follow the recommendations lehASIC doctors

  • to avoid stressful situations;
  • correct, and it is rational to eat.
  • swimming and corrective exercises in the physical
  • to reduce the level of the charges of gross motor skills;
  • to normalize your sleeping and the t. d. d.

In the prevention of degenerative disc disease.

Each person must be able to carry out prevention activities, to the acknowledgement of such a disease such as osteocondrose. First of all, you must constantly monitor your posture, not only during the move but also to sit at the computer or watching a loved one die in the tv series. Not least, the practice of physical exercises, which help strengthen fine motor skills and create a corset back.

It is recommended to choose for a good night's sleep, an orthopaedic mattress and pillow, which are designed and developed with the aim of prevention of degenerative disc disease and other diseases of the spinal cord. To avoid damage to the muscle system-for the Vigatelgnome drive, people need to be very careful when lifting and carrying heavy objects.

Dietary meals (three times a day in smaller portions), which are included in the ideal balanced meal, allow us to normalize the work of many of the critics of the organs and systems of the human body. It should not be consumed as beverage with a higher content of caffeine, alcohol, and chocolate. Only a limited number should be used belkovuu of the food, in particular the starter, then the meat, and the beans.

How to sleep when you osteocondrose?

During sleep, the person might be in such a posture that will allow your muscles in the muscle system-for the Vigatelgnome the unit to completely relax. This is due to the fact that the long-lasting presence in an uncomfortable posture is often the root cause of the development of degenerative disc disease.

In order to minimize the work load on your spine during the night's rest, a person must comply with the following rules:

  • It is forbidden to sleep on your stomach. During sleep, the person relaxes, and his head can be turned in or you will inclinaçãote. As a result, the blood vessels and the arteries of the peRedenolenoeYutXia, you have stopped the flow of blood to the head unit, the brain, the cervical spine is very attentive, and t. d.
  • The best place for leisure and relaxation is an attitude of "embryo", which is the recommended for bed-patients with a diagnosis of osteocondrose. The patient is to lie on your side, then his knees bent under him, he should push on the chest.
  • If you move the bed and patients to make his / her preference, her clothes, the bed, the uniform of the base. On the mattress, it is best to use.
  • The pillow of the people with OSteohondrosa, you have to use a little to cal's head and shoulders were metReTSe. It is best to buy a cushion to the spinal.