How to distinguish the pain in the kidneys from back pain

That pain from the kidneys or rotation

Stiffness in the back when sudden movements bother a lot of people. Hurt the kidneys or spinning how to determine if the feeling of the plane? In the first place, it is necessary to understand the symptoms of diseases of the spinal column and vital organs. This will help you get an idea about the difference in sensations of pain. The main cause of the occurrence of the discomfort is able to set the doctor after the examination and a careful diagnosis.

The pain in the kidneys or in the back – unlike the symptoms

The pain attacks in the lumbar spine can immobilize a person for some time. It is the case of an extended stay in cold weather or exposure to air currents. The muscles of the back become inflamed, occurs a spasm of the soft tissues, which causes sensations of pain in the back, covering a particular department of the vertebral column. The chronic diseases (osteocondrose the waist), or complications of diseases of the spine (sciatica), also occur with sharp bouts of low back pain.

The main characteristics of pain in the back

The main signs that indicate that the point of the attack arose due to problems in the muscles of the back and on the spine:

  • the emergence of unpleasant sensations during the ascent the heavy burdens, and excessive loads on the lumbar spine (a long walk, long walk in the same place);
  • intense pain appears at the moment in that various movements of the body – tilts, curves, change of pos when sitting, in down position;
  • the discomfort manifests itself dramatically, and in a time fully leaves the man without the movement – the patient is tied to a stance that provoked a nasty heart attack.
The main characteristics of pain in the back
Pay attention! Many times the disease back similar to the development of inflammation in the kidneys. In this case, it is necessary to analyze the nature of the pain.

Interestingly, when the pains in the back, caused by problems in the spinal column, the temperature of the body, almost never increases. The exception operates sciatica in the acute and the execution of the act, when the inflammation and swelling in the area of failure are great.

There are a number of diseases of the spine, which are able to cause acute crises in the back. It occurs more frequently osteocondrose, sciatica, протрузии, hernia in the lumbar region. The displacement of the vertebrae and also the curvature of the mountain, the inflammation of the muscle tissue and joints also imply difficulties of conducting stem in the lower part of the back. When this discomfort may disappear after giving the body to a state of numbness.

Important! Back pain because of a disease of the spinal column can facilitate the ointment with the effect of heating up your or special use of the corset, and when kidney problems discomfort in the same way does not resolve.
Signs of pain in the kidneys

The main symptoms, giving to understand that the problem lies in the kidneys:

  • an interruption of the bladder (the nasty rubber bumpers in the lower part of the belly, pain of the exit of the urine, sometimes with a hint of blood);
  • the emergence of stomach problems and intestinal (vomiting, nausea, change of chairs);
  • the presence of marked swelling under the eyes and on the legs, which is well visible after a night;
  • fast fatigue, weakness and the onset of drowsiness.
Signs of pain in the kidneys
Pay attention! When the kidney disease, the back pain can be accompanied by an increase in pressure and headaches.
The main differences

Living confirmation that the pain of the kidney, and does not revolve, is the change of urine. It becomes blurred or loses the color. The biological material may be blood, mucus, buy dark tea hue.

Unlike the symptoms is the back pain when kidney disease can be accompanied by high fever. In the case of pathologies of the spinal column, fever and chills are absent.

Unlike the symptoms lies in the fact that the occurrence of pain due to an inflammation in the kidneys does not depend on the position of the body and its movement. While acute and sharp bouts of low back pain due to pathology of the spinal column occur is because of the inclinations, curves of the body, changes of postures.

Also to determine to hurt the rim, and not the loin, you can about the location of a heart attack. The discomfort once more, everything occurs on the side of the inflammation of the organ, and gives other areas:

  • to the side, grabbing the part of the belly and in the groin area;
  • in мочеполовую session of the outside (external reproductive organs);
  • in the area of ducts in urination;
  • in the hip area on the inside.
The difference in back pain and in the kidneys

Symptoms are listed give you the opportunity to roughly determine where is the pain in the kidney or in the back. Reveal just this alone is impossible. Understand the true reason for the patient to help the doctor.

Specific lower-back pain in men and women

Many times the discomfort on the lower back does not refer neither to the kidneys, nor the pathologies of the back. In men, the pain can occur due to a settling of мочеполовую system infection that causes the inflammation. Prostatitis is also able to cause an unpleasant sensation in the back.

The weight lifting, physical activity and exercise is also able to cause in men, pain in the lumbar area. Typically, after a leisure or crushing with the effect of warm or painkillers ointments places that more alarms, the unpleasant sensations disappear.

For women the back pain is often associated with the месячными secretions. Usually it is a sign of pre-menstrual cycle. If to speak about the disease that can give back pain, so it is an inflammation in the ovaries. The discomfort in the back of the pathology arising in the middle of the waist or close to крестцу, do not let him touch the area of the kidneys. Most all pain has pulling to nature, and is accompanied by a резями in the groin or lower abdomen.

Seizures lumbar spine may be negative and the malfunction of the bladder (cystitis) and the ducts of bile. Such diseases, in addition to back pain, induce women frequent urges in the toilet, lack of air and pain in the distribution of these elements in plants of the urine.

Specific lower-back pain in men and women
Important! During pregnancy is also the discomfort in the back. In this case, the pain can be caused by a great load on the column due to the growth of the fetus, or to talk of old battles.

To determine with precision what hurts is, in fact, can only be an expert after the research. Then you need to seek medical help if symptoms suspicious in the back.

The diagnosis of low back pain

To identify the true cause of the crises of low back pain you need to know which doctor to seek. Initially, it is recommended to go to the doctor. It will cause the pre-inspection, which includes пальпацию places more sharp the pain, will review the complaint and assign the necessary analyses.

To determine hurts if the kidney, the expert can do some light brush strokes side part of a palm of the hand on the lower part of the back. Any manifestation on the part of the body in response to this manipulation reveal the pathology of the kidney. Before being placed a clear diagnosis, you need to go through a series of case studies, and then go to a doctor.

If it is not the pain in the kidney or in the back, there are the following methods of diagnosis:

  • the study of biological material of the patient (urine, blood);
  • conducting ultrasound research kidney in search of inflammation or neoplasia in the double organs of the urinary system;
  • the ct scan (computer and MRI) of the lumbar spine – identify vertebrae displaced, a tightening of the nerve fibres and the presence of infections in the affected tissues (if any).
The disease and its diagnosis

When integrated diagnosis has revealed the existence of problems of musculoskeletal system, the therapist sends the patient to невропатологу and other professionals. It all depends on the conditions identified. In case of kidney disease, it is recommended to consult a urologist. Professionals dedicated to appoint an effective treatment that helps to resolve the problem.

Pay attention! To determine the source of the pain is almost impossible. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a doctor who will perform a full diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment according to the characteristics of the patient.

The back pain in some cases, it may indicate inflammatory processes in the kidney or disorders of the spinal column. In the initial stages of one form or another disease discomfort can be the same. Therefore, people don't always understand, it hurts if the kidney, and perhaps the problem in the back. To understand the causes of the occurrence of a starting point of the pain syndrome, lumbar help the doctor. Importantly, when the first signs of discomfort to seek medical help, not to get the disease.