The back pain, the doctor resorting

If the back pain, the physician appeal – question of interest to many people, the arms with a serious problem. Especially with age, the back pain appears with more frequency and more strong, if not solve this problem. It can have varying characteristics: acute, aching, pulling. When appear "horrible" feeling, the feeling of discomfort, a person has thoughts appear, back pain, that your doctor request, that will help you deal with this disease. First you should analyze in the main reasons for such a state. Only a doctor can provide a correct diagnosis based on careful inspection, the results of analyses, studies.

back pain

Causes of pain in the back

Let's look at the main causes of pain:

  1. Neurological disease nature (herniated intervertebral disc).
  2. The curvature of the spine.
  3. Pleural effusion.
  4. Tumor education.
  5. Problems with the kidneys.
  6. Different issues related with the internal organs.

All of the above reasons lead the patient to reflect on what kind of doctor to go, if the pain in the back. Not worth making it a barrier to get the help of a professional in the field of medicine. Remember that without early treatment, the miracle does not happen, hence the need to seek medical advice. It is necessary to make, first of all, to the issues in this area is not to repeat and to intensify with time. You can in some situations (when the misconception of a correct diagnosis) cause the deterioration: hypothermia; survey of the best items; the infection.

If you have a chronic disease and, in addition, pain in the back, which medical recourse – this issue should not be easy, make an appointment with the doctor. Different pathology may cause pain of a different nature, then you should consider. For example, if you have at the moment aching pain, then this may be related with the muscle toning inflammation need the help of a neurologist.

What kind of consult with your doctor if the back pain and occur sewing sensation? This problem can occur due to some pathologies in the respiratory system or urinary. In such a situation, it is necessary the help of a urologist or a pulmonologist. Stab you in the back can also for the reason that the man ripped it back so if back pain neuroscientists to help you.

The question arose as to what kind of to consult your doctor if the pain in the back, if you do not know. The spine is the doctor, the student to study spines and its pathologies. He has taken care of the way, behold, and will be the general framework of the disease.

You sciatica or osteocondrose, hernia and back pain that the doctor needs in this situation? Here, you will help the neurologist experienced. He can also diagnose the inflammatory process.

What kind of consult with your doctor if the pain in the back, the loins of a woman? To a gynecologist, such unpleasant sensations can talk about the ectopic pregnancy or inflammation sexual. In addition, even fairly healthy pregnancy, it can become the main reason for the emergence of unpleasant sensations in the lumbar region.

If the constant pain in the back proper reception of medicines you can assign only your doctor, who already put the correct diagnosis according to the results of research, analysis.

After the fall of height, an accident with a back pain doctor it carefully inspected, it is not worth the squeeze with the visit of a professional. Otherwise, the consequences can be severe enough. If the person had a serious injury here and think too much, do not need, urgently need to call an ambulance. This will be the only correctly the decision.

A strong back pain that the doctor will help to deal with this phenomenon? If you do not know who to turn to, list to your doctor. The sooner you get to your doctor, the faster you will be able to get rid of the disease, that, perhaps for a long time, you are worried.

If the neurologist did not put the diagnosis, but continues back pain that the doctor comes to, where to go? Enroll a consultation with a urologist. The reason for your problem can be the sign of a sick, evil work the kidneys.

Unexpected and sharp pain in the back, and the doctor will help you to solve problems, but to do this you will need a time that should be spent on a detailed search of the body and the accurate results of analysis.

If you need an endocrinologist — physician attending back pain, related to the lack of nutrients, as, for example, calcium, in a hurry to reach him and receive recommendations.

the causes of pain

If, due to the arthritis or of osteoarthritis appeared back pain, which doctor to search for? In this situation, you will help the experienced rheumatologist. He carefully examines the connective tissue. Strongly the pain in the back where to go? Of course, you need to hurry up and make an appointment with the doctor of the health center, trusting your health a true professional. Let you are not more concerned with the question, the back pain that the doctor is necessary, on the medical center you to exactly the help and advise recourse to the knowledge of the narrow professionals.

If you suspect that you are worried about old injuries, appeared a back pain what kind of doctor to go? Here you carefully seen by a doctor-traumatologist, he explores the past problems, maybe you tore off the back of a difficult job.

Lumbago, back pain who to turn to in this situation? Sign up for an oncologist, because the unpleasant feeling (lumbago) it can be a tumor as benign and malignant character. It's not worth the grip with a campaign for an experienced technician.

Therefore, if you have a question, a back pain, which doctor to turn to, first, sign up to a therapist, it will bring you to a specialist (neurologist, urologist, endocrinologist).

If the back pain, which doctor to browse

On the question, what kind of consult with your doctor if the back pain, the answer is understood by an experienced technician. Of course, when you face this kind of problem, until then, nobody you did not put any diagnosis, so you should make an appointment with a family doctor, general practitioner. Only after the doctor carefully you will, I will do some further questions to help to detect, you may require the consultation of other professionals. If the pain in the back and reception following the medical you will need:

  1. Doctor-neurologist.
  2. Doctor - urologist.
  3. Doctor-gynecologist.

Each of these professionals carefully, you will prescribe the inspection, so be sure to make the diagnosis. This will depend on your new treatment.

If you are constantly upset, pain in the back and what type of doctor to ask for advice and recommendations. If the reason is in a state more spine, then you will form a professional in a particular area, the experienced spine. In the case where occurred the crushing of the nerve, nervous tissue irritated the drop of an inflammatory process, so you have to look for the office of a neurologist. But, when the main problem lies in the state of the internal organs, then you should consult the cardiologist.


To determine the causes of appear headaches, you will need not only the doctor, but also a series of additional studies, without which it is not possible to present a complete picture of the problem situation-problem. Each patient can be assigned to:

  1. Radiography of the spinal column.
  2. The analysis of blood and urine.
  3. Ultra-sonography of the hip joints.

Thanks to an agreement with the analysis, you can exclude some diseases and put a sure diagnosis.

Methods of treatment of pain in the back

Developed some methods to get rid of the pain:

  1. The chiropractic treatment.
  2. Kinesiotherapy.
  3. Massage.

In complicated situations, can not do without a surgical intervention. In addition, for the treatment sophisticated, appointed by dr. medicines. They contribute to the reduction of pain. Physical therapy treatment also are nothing less than an effective way to get rid of unpleasant pain. If you have financial resources, you can leave to relax in lama resorts.

Therefore, only an integrated work, it is very fast and effective for dealing with pain in the back. Don't neglect the recommendations experienced doctor, only a professional based on your experience, knowledge will prescribe a treatment that helps prevent the negative effects.


If you don't want to face the pain and the sensations in the region of the back, it is important to note the following insigni and easily practicable recommendations:

treatment and prevention
  1. Need to sleep quite elastic for beds, and not the soft mattress.
  2. Always keep the correct posture, strictly follow this time.
  3. Do not need a long time to be in the same pose (especially if it is inconvenient for you). If you are working on your computer, then make many times a small breaks during which you will be able to stretch, move around.
  4. Properly organize your desktop, everything should be like this, as you will feel comfortable and convenient: grab a chair necessarily common, it is best if it will be the arms, the back of the head (this helps a bit, and recline the head and relax the tense muscles). Remember that your forearm should be fully lying on the table, and not be somewhere in the air, in the air.

Young people need great attention from high-heeled shoes, you should not walk in such shoes for more than two hours per day. Do not make sharp turns or inclines, avoid such unexpected loads. If you need to raise the floor a particular object, it is best to sit down a little and do its work, that tilt. In addition, if you, for some reason, represent a prolonged period of time in the foot, for example, a number of hours on public transport, then, certainly, find a point of support, which can easily be lean. Strictly take care of your own weight, extra pounds affect the health of your body. Contact regular lesson of physical exercises. This will affect positively in your state. Swimming and fitness are also playing far from the last function to take care of himself.