If the back pain does not pass

99% of causes of back pain - the violation of the provisions of the vertebrae and, as a consequence, the crushing of the nerve - hence the pain. If you do not want to resort to your doctor, you can heal yourself, of course, with caution. One of the most faithful of the people of the tools of the treatment of the spine - stretching. In the morning after a good night's sleep do the normal stretching, all known - hands up and get. Drag warning, when the first pain to stop. So, first drag to a minimum. Is stretching to perform not only in the morning, but throughout the day, see the free time. In parallel, you can run visy, but such is not, as they do on the horizontal bar. Addicted to the hands of some guide, for example, behind a cabinet, and slowly podhisita the knees to the spinal column is stretched.Drag also the first discomfort. And yet. Lie on the floor face up, extend your arms at your side, with your palms on the floor. Then, begin lifting the feet up as high as possible, the drag, and is also the smallest pain. In general, in each year, calculate the maximum limit of stretching,after which starts the pain. Make every day, many times, should help.Stretching opens the vertebrae, gradually putting them in place,reduces the density of the compression of the vertebrae between themselves, straightens the posture.

back pain

I also have back pain since childhood. I do not wonder:and by csip walk with wheelchairs, walking stick, and td is the load on the spine huge. But there is an exit and not a:

  1. massage - it can make,as a professional, and parent (only bending, for the circulation has improved.
  2. Often the pain in the back, if you are coming off of a buzzer or the disk should adjust and the pain will pass.In edit can chiropractor or orthopaedic.
  3. The hot tub relieves fatigue; disperse the salt (if the salt is deposited in the neck or back, then it is scary);
  4. In a bathroom (or before it), you can add a little sea salt (I take it with needles) - the effect is even better.
  5. Heat the wax helps a lot.

And the pure me, the board, spend some money and buy a massager for the body. I brava and bought - scary back and legs in the winter, if resent do not sleep. This massager vibration makes the massage and improves the blood circulation; if something deposited - disperse; very relaxing and relieves pain.In the practical work.

Causes of back pain may be numerous,therefore, in no case do not self!Sometimes,a pain of the loin.the man pounded to stems,and, in fact, problems in the kidneys or in the female. I, here, also suffered from a sharp pain in the back,how many times have you neurologist at the reception was,until she told me that I should do an ultrasound of the internal organs. And what do You think? The cause of the pain was the hefty stone in the gall bladder.After your(bubble) is removed,the pain disappeared as if by magic. then, go to the doctor, and searched for the well.

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I think that the back pain is familiar to each person. The reasons for its occurrence too. This and load in your back, the inconvenient posture, and t. d. But all this is not serious. Such pains disappear with time. Well, if the pain does not spend a lot of time and more constantly reinforced then you need to immediately consult a specialist doctor. Only he will be able to accurately identify the cause, and, therefore, to assign the correct treatment. For the relief of pain, the popular tool can be considered a back massage. Highly recommend. Worse not exactly.

back pain can occur due to many reasons. maybe, how long you were in tension, or did the work and not folded. perhaps, it starts sciatica. if these pains are not frequent, will help you massage. ask someone from your family, you polegchet. or, at least, throw on a solid surface. if the pain for a long time does not pass then without medication! immediately go to the hospital to receive medical attention.

Back pain #8212; what to do?

If you suffered from pain in the back, even in the resting state, back pain, what to do? Necessarily need to go to the hospital. And not worth the excuses that there is no time for this. Otherwise, after some time, you will have to have luck there in the ambulance.

And don't expect immediate healing. After all, the back pain did not appear immediately, they began to cause some kind of overload, health problems. Therefore, in most cases, you will need to integrated long-term care.

Back pain: causes

According to medical statistics, back pain is felt about 90 percent of men under 30 years of age. The most common cause of pain in the back, the component of 80 percent of all cases of muscle weakness. This causes a lot of diseases. Examine the main causes of these headaches.

  1. A common cause of back pain is the pathology of the lumbar spine .
  2. The same headache can take, and various diseases of organs. located in the abdominal cavity .
  3. Also the pain can cause pathological biochemical changes in the body.
  4. Many times, a variety of infections and inflammatory processes leading to such armbar sindRoma.
  5. Not are less common causes of back pain – a variety of injuries, sprains .
  6. The doctors also called causes of headaches, some psychological factors .
  7. Often arise lower back pain during pregnancy, especially in the recent life-cycle.
causes of pain in the back

In each of these cases, it is possible to highlight some of the options, causing the pain. For example, injury, sprains can cause:

  • overvoltage muscles of the back;
  • the stretching of muscles;
  • the sudden brusque movement, resulting in withtraseiniu of the spinal column;
  • the emergence of the cracks in the vertebra, and much more.

The pain in the back between the scapulae

It is difficult to immediately put an accurate diagnosis if you have pain between the shoulder blades. For example, the cause may be a osteocondrose, very common in our time, the disease. Also the pain can be stretching of the muscles, ligaments, tendons. How to find out the cause of the pain? Here are some of the symptoms .

  1. When you feel a burning sensation, weight, between the scapulae, and after the agitation of the shoulders the pain passes, you can talk about muscle pain .
  2. When pain is felt between the scapulae, and gives in the heart, the reason can be the heart or the pathology of the thoracic spine .
  3. The pain of the rupture and the time does not pass, cause numbness, the causes can be tendons .


This is one of the most popular today in diagnosis, associated in most cases with the modern way of life. Many patients cannot cope with this problem. And the kind of wrong approach.

Gradually, the osteocondrose deforms the tissue, vertebrae, dilutes them, leads to delamination. This results in severe headaches and consequences.

Osteocondrose can be lower back, the newborn and neckband. Here are the first signs of degenerative disc disease:

  • rapid fatigue of the back;
  • numbness of feet to their duty to sit;
  • frequent and long headaches;
  • pain in the lumbar region, the neck, the other departments of the vertebral column.

The ointment and shots of pain in the back

How to treat back pain. Many professionals will tell you that the best treatment for back pain is prevention. The more we go on holiday in the spine. If the pain does not pass, it is carried out the thorough examination, x-rays, tests and treatment is prescribed.

In the case of pain is assigned to any type of painkiller .

To help relieve back pain ointments.

If the ointment is not, can be to ontirania use the alcohol, and the Zachtandtü back hot things.

Keep the spinal column of heat. For this, there may be used special time. No treatment works if it does not comply with this rule.

Are applied to relieve back pain when walking or sitting, and different corsets, girdles .

Assigned doctor injections allow you to quickly knock down the pain. The assignment of accidents is strictly individual.

New studies have proven the efficiency of use for the treatment of pain in the spinal column accidents of ozone .

Exists, and the practice of the introduction of injection of steroids in the epidural space. Typically, these tools use for the treatment of patients рanddecolitOhm.

The prevention of back pain

To rotate the not getting sick, needs young people to practice the prevention of such problems. We offer some rules and recommendations. to help maintain the health of the back up to old age.

Try not to gain weight, which affects seriously the health of the spinal column, giving you the exorbitant charge.

Excellent for the prevention of pain in the back is the swimming pool, that allows you to train the muscle, not requiring high loads on the spine.

More hike. So if strengthens not only the spine, but also your immunity.

If you have reason to suspect of back pain, immediately contact a specialist. The early diagnosis allows to get rid of headaches faster than the run disease.

Back pain

the treatment of the back

Under the back pain involve a list of diseases with the common clinical manifestations. The back pain they experience annually, up to 70% of people in the developed countries of the world. This indicator includes men and women between 35 and #8212; 55 years of age. Is not an exception to pain in the back and in children, who unfortunately, in recent decades, caused by a long bench in front of the computer and a minimum of physical activities, which include sports.

The back pain is a chronic disease and acute. Can develop, suddenly or gradually, and when you do, be uncomfortable for a long time, obtuse or acute, and also drastically occurs and quickly passes. The unpleasant sensations that appear, and if a calm state, and when an infected person coughs, during the splashing or movement careless. It is a sign that the body began to have problems with the spine and the muscles.

Causes of pain in the back

In most cases the occurrence of back pain is the result of injury to skeletal muscle of the instrument. The next factor that occur in the sensation of pain in the spinal region is a change in the column, such as herniated intervertebral disc. In very rare cases, the pain appears due to a serious illness, for example, as the cancer in the bones. Not less significant role have tumors and inflammatory processes of internal organs of a person. Very often, the pre-requisites of the pain is considered to be coronary heart disease and angina pectoris.

The main reason of back pain are:

  • Twitching of the muscles;
  • Sprain;
  • Bleeding in the pelvis;
  • The infection;
  • Metastatic cancer;
  • Pregnancy and much more.

Diseases that cause back pain:

  • The kyphosis;
  • Scoliosis;
  • AbouttRUSIA disc thoracic spine;
  • Osteocondrose;
  • Spondилonandрtroses;
  • Shoulder-scapular периandрtroses;
  • Intercostal neuralgia, or lumbago;
  • Endometriosis;
  • Kidney stones and much more.

Persistent (chronic) back pain:

If the pain in the back above the waist is a sign typical of degenerative disc disease, the cause of which can be the excess of work, the curvature of the posture due to a long period of seating for the workplace. Preparing for the pain, manifest themselves intermittently or continuously, ontdandющие in the belly area, associated with tumors of the internal organs, stomach ulcer and pancreatitis.

The pain in the lumbar region can also give in the feet. Cause your disease, Spondylitis, sciatica, intervertebral an inguinal hernia. When the pain in the back between the scapulae, in the chest, and when there is no increase of temperature, between the possible reasons point osteocondrose the thoracic spine, as well as the uncomfortable position of the body.

Suddenly, arise pains in the back:

  • Manifest with the increase of the temperature of the upper body of the department when the symptoms of colds, tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases.
  • Pain in the lower back can be due to inflammatory processes of genital organs. Diseases such as: endometriosis. the prostatitis. fibroids and t. d.
  • Acute pain in the back, that can be, as with the right and the left – a sign of kidney problems or kidney disease.

What to do when back pain?

There are several methods for the treatment of pain is effective to decrease the symptoms. More often that in the initial phase of therapy, doctors recommend the use of tablets back pain.

The most effective medicines for the elimination of pain is:

Basically, the treatment of data drug passes well and without negative consequences. But it should be noted that all analgesics have a negative impact on the stomach and is not eliminated by an allergic reaction to them.

To relieve muscle spasms, the doctor examines and treatment миonрелandксandнtandми. They include:

If the disease is difficult, recommend nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs the tool. It is basically medicinal in the form of injection or intramuscular or intravenous application.

Such medications include:

Also, in addition to above any one of these methods to combat the signals of the starting point of the pain syndrome, may be applied, and local tools.

The series of popular ointments of back pain are:

They have heating, cooling, anti-inflammatory, regenerating, analgesic, resolving actions.

In specific terms, very severe cases, recommend drugs (medicines for pain relief. The likely prescribed to cancers and tumors.

Surgical intervention


Surgical intervention may be considered, in this case, if the back pain caused by a herniated disc, stenosis of the spinal canal, or рanddecolitOhm, that do not respond to treatment with medications or physical therapy.

Other forms of treatment

At this stage of mankind's development, there are alternative methods of treatment, such as yoga, massage, acupuncture. The chiropractic, acupuncture or massage for back pain are becoming ever more fashionable.

For most people, these methods have all the chances exist, and they can be useful, as well as any one of us reacts strongly about the pain, not leaving it without attention, and is looking for different ways to make it easier.