Why it hurts to the back under the ribs?

Of course pain in the region of the ribs and back and is able to unbalance any person. An attack of pain is not a reason to panic, and the opportunity to resolve their diseases. The pain is a sign that you need to take some action. In ordinary cases of pain in the region of the ribs and back are completely certain causes.

causes of pain in the back and ribs

A group of diseases in which pain under the ribs

You can highlight some of the major diseases:

  • Diseases of the digestive system – pancreatitis, or inflammation of the pancreas, cholecystitis, diseases of the spleen;
  • Injuries – injuries and fractures of the ribs, rupture of the spleen;
  • Disease of the breathing system – pleurisy, pneumonia;
  • Urolitíase, first of all, renal colic;
  • Osteocondrose and hernias of the spinal column;
  • Disease of peripheral nerves – intercostal neuralgia, and vegetative violation, in which the pain wandering over the entire surface of the back.

Not worth trying to find out the cause of the same, at least a survey of the field back behind enough 2-3 hours.

The pain during the digestive disturbances are always associated with an error in the nutrition and worsening of chronic diseases that causes the off season. The classic moment of pain when cholecystitis – after 2-4 hours after the abundant food, when to feed division of the group are necessary enzymes and digestive juices.

Back pain when pancreatitis is very strong, "dagger", more to the left of the rib, heart attack, can last up to two days. Causes the aggravation of fatty foods, especially in combination with alcohol.

Hurt the ribs and the back when the stretching of the capsule of the spleen, this is the case with diseases of the blood, chronic slow infections, sepsis, processes, auto-immune. Such pain in the region of the ribs, with food intake almost not related.

The injury, in which pain in the back

The most dangerous is the injury of the spleen and liver, breaks. These bodies – parenchyma, composed of active functioning of a tissue, which limits the capsule.

Parenchyma – the main screen of the organ that performs the same function. Thus, the parenchyma of the liver is composed of hepatocytes.

The structure of this fabric is soft, it is very little of the elements. Resist mechanical abrasion parenchyma can not. When the rupture of the capsule of the pile of "fail". Such breaks dangerous huge loss of blood, because the vessels, in the parenchyma literally in all places.

When any impact or injury in the region of the ribs of the man, necessarily, send you to the establishment and ready to get out of there only when there is detected no sign of internal bleeding.

Dangerous also hematoma spaces retroperitoneal, in which the pain in the back from behind. This happens when the injury to the kidney and the adrenal gland, as well as the 12-duodenal gut. Is not concerned only with the pain under the ribs on the back to back, but also a weakness, accompanied by drop in blood pressure.

In comparison with the rupture of the liver or spleen, fracture of the ribs – where the least risk. Just need to take care that the piece is not drilled in the pleural space.

The Pleura, and the kidneys

The pain in the back and the area of the fins can be dry pleurisy, when the roles of the pleura rub together. It is possible during the execution of the tuberculosis process, patients processes in the lungs. This pain is worse, when any movement, coughing or sneezing. Bothers also a lack of air, and in the nasolabial triangle appears blue.

When any chest pain or back ache it is advisable to perform an ECG to exclude myocardial infarction.

Resciesa pain in the back and ribs happens when the discharge of a substance from the urinary tract. It is especially difficult to depart urate – stones, composed of potassium and sodium salts of uric acid. The mind that resemble a bean. They have an impressive size, very dense. The ureter need fundamentally to the expansion, to lose this stone.

the treatment of the back

In oxalates – the less dense, small, easy to collapse, but they will damage your way to the inner part of the urinary system, necessarily, causing inflammation.

The neurological causes

Is a variety of infringing on the nerve roots emerging from the spinal cord. The label can be damaged hernia be compressed in the bone canal, a muscle, a piece of vertebra, port, shackle vertebra. The pain in the back and in the ribs very strong, sometimes it is not possible not even breathe.

A great nuisance – intercostal neuralgia, when the pain pungent permeates when each breath, pain of the whole area of the back and chest. This disease is the complication of degenerative processes, that occur in the spine and not only. Contribute to the development of the foreign exchange violation, to be a carrier of the virus, endocrine diseases and disorders of the heart rhythm or the ability of contractile myocardium, when the tissues do not receive sufficient amount of energy and oxygen.

Obscure remains the engine of development and bodily disorders, in which waves change of physiological parameters (respiratory rate, heart rate and blood pressure), all of this accompanied by migratory pains in the back and ribs.