Deformation in the case of arthritis,

Deforming osteoarthritis (arthrosis) is a progress condition, thus leading to under-nutrition, and the degeneration of the articular surfaces, and the loss of the articular cartilage, to their utter destruction in the area of the joint.

Often strain to win it is detected in the third and the senile. age and the availability of factors and the disease often comes to light when the investigations, but it does not manifest itself clinically.

Deforming osteoarthritis – the most frequent and common pathology of the joint. It occurs in up to 70% of all diseases of the joints.

Causes of

The exact cause of deformed from the arthritis, today it is not resolved, but it highlighted a number of factors that really increase the likelihood of its development. First of all, it is common to the aging process of the body, and the degenerative processes in the tissues, alterations in the articular cartilage and the joint capsule.

The factors that affect the development of osteoarthritis can be divided into the following:

  • outside of these, which include the burden on the joints (for example, by means of the lifting of the weight), the lesions are permanent, professional, the influence of hypothermia on the joints
  • from the inside - that is, the influence of heredity, with the stretched out ligaments and joints, dysfunction, ovarian, and menopause changes in women, disease, disaster, violation of the circulation in the tissues, cartilage, the lot.

Deforming arthrosis, such as of the symptoms, it may be a case of alcoholism or myxedema, acromegaly, or after treatment with the hormones, when you have congenital dislocation-thigh, Marfan syndrome (an inherited disease characterized by an excessive mobility of joints and lengthening of the bone). immobility of a joint)

The stages of development

In the development of deformed from the arthritis, there are a number of subsequent stages, followed by a friend:

  • the reduction is watered down to the cartilage, which causes the peeling and dryness
  • the formation of cartilage defects and / or cracks,
  • the destruction of the cartilage, with a simultaneous drastic reduction of the joint space,
  • the breakdown of the cartilage, trim bone,
  • to compensate, seal the ends of the bones are without cartilage on the surface
  • the breach-of-work, coordination with strains, sprains, fractures, and a violation of the functioning of the members.

The symptoms are deformed from arthritis


First of all, the main manifestation of of deformed from the arthritis, is

  • the pain is in the inside of the joint, for the increased exercise and / or during the night
  • you are being affected individual,joint,
  • the dead in those joints are not symmetrical,
  • when this is not the case of the common manifestations of lesions in the joints
  • there is no fever,
  • there is a strong reddening of the joints
  • there is no change in the analysis.

The process occurs most frequently in the knee joint or the interphalangeal joint.

If the disease progresses to the extent of the damage to the articular cartilage, is a pain locking of the joint, the floor is manifest in the pain that you can not move your feet and make it stop. This is due to the adjustments in the joint of pieces of cartilage, or of small fragments of the bones of the joints of the mouse).

In the area of the joints of the phalanges occur in cast iron a very solid education, and when they do, the relationship is not strongly distorted, the muscles are subject to atrophy, there are no risks to the association.

The inside of the joint during the movement, hearing the crunch, due to the friction of the surface of the uneven top of each other.

Due to the pain and limited mobility, it may be formed of contractures (muscle contractions), which minimizes the leg and the arm.

Deforming osteoarthritis-in its various manifestations that are similar across different forms of the arthritis, first of all, you need to distinguish rheumatoid arthritis (ra).

The diagnosis

A typical criteria for the diagnosis of deformed from the arthritis, it does not exist, then you can outwardly recognize it only from the web sites of the phalanges of the fingers. A suspicion of osteoarthritis, occurs when:

  • the typical lesions of joints,
  • over the course of the disease for many years
  • age of the patient.

On the basis of the diagnostic tests that occur before clinical signs and is the starting point of the pain syndrome.

It manifests itself in the narrowing of the joint slit, and a change in the flattening and deformation of the joint surfaces, instability in the area, in conjunction with strains, sprains, and nogentorses, which is visible from the boundary of the expansion of the bone, and osteosclerosis (an excessive increase in the density of the bone).

To the extent that, in the course of the proceeding are identified in the bone, the peaks and the rolling hills, the articulation of the slot can be wedge-shaped.

It complements the study of arthroscopy, examination of the blood in the absence of any signs of inflammation.

It is necessary to carry out studies of periarticular fluid.

The treatment of deformed from the arthritis,

The same symptoms may also be signs of various diseases, and the disease can escape, not from a textbook. Don't try to cure yourself — talk to your doctor.

The treatment for dealing in trauma and orthopedics.

The methods of treatment of deforming of arthritis depend on the degree of their involvement in a process of articulation, as well as the duration of the lesion, and the presence of the starting point of the pain syndrome.

And above all, to apply the therapy, and conservative

  • the reduction of the loads on the joint,
  • the reduction of the weight
  • the application of the value of the – progress-of-aloe vera, gumsole, or glass-like im to exchange
  • use of stimulants in the repair of articular cartilage in intramuscular injection rates.

Supplements in the treatment of

  • the use of the drug,
  • anti-inflammatory therapy.

If there is an inflammation in the joint, showed that the rate-of-hormones – hydrocortisone into the joint.

They also use a complex of massages, physical therapy, impact therapy, the mud, the heat of the impact. It is useful for the treatment of a day spa.

In the case of the help of surgical treatment – arthroplasty of the knee. In the future, it shows the discharge, together with the reduction in the weight of the body, and walk, leaning on a cane or crutches, and therapeutic exercise.


Deforming osteoarthritis, without the need of treatment is a slow but steadily progressive, long term. It leads to a deficiency and a material breach of the duties of the joints, and as a violation of the move. Therefore, when you encounter the first signs of osteoarthritis, it shows the therapy is active, it takes the exchange rate of 1 to 2 months.