Pain in the kidneys, or to turn on how to identify and distinguish the

Causes of osteocondrose, and, therefore, it is a pain in the back could be many:

  • Poor posture while sleeping;
  • Large loads of physical;
  • Sedentary work and the computer;
  • The inflammation and infection;
  • Pathologies of the joints;
  • Of the inheritance;
  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • Of the forum.

The most common causes of lower back pain

the pain in the kidneys or in the back

For the treatment and prevention of degenerative disc disease and other diseases of the joints and the back, and our players will use a method that is fast and non-surgical treatment is recommended in the leading podiatrists. After you have read it carefully, and with it, we have decided to offer you, and for your attention....

How can I tell the problem?

To distinguish the disease from the symptoms that you may be at home, if you look at the state of your health.

Thus, when the osteocondrose, or arthritis sufferers from pain and discomfort during your physical exertion, you can experience a spasm, and the improvement of the condition after using the ointment.

If you don't know that you have a pain, in the loin or a kidney, to determine the cause of the visit to the doctor? For this reason, you must submit, where there is a national authority, as well as the differences in the pathogenesis of inflammation and degenerative disc disease for the lumbar spine.

If you compare the key symptoms of the disease, it may be pointed out real differences. As I have said, the pain in the kidneys is manifest in the home, especially at night.

While the osteocondrose is to know, both during and after exercise. Therefore, a pre-you have a diagnosis.

Types of pain in diseases of the spinal muscles and the vertebral column

The pain in the back and takes him by pulling and hard, sometimes accompanied by a sensation of severe pain, which makes it more difficult on the process is in no wise lift up herself completely. More often than not that the injury, the pain is concentrated in the middle of the saddle, or she is a member of the in the lower extremities.

The pain from degenerative disc disease, or the stems may grow to the pain in the back chronic, which in turn makes it difficult to move, and the mobility of the departments that are in a muscle spasm. To eliminate the discomfort, it will cause a warming ointment, a gel, or use a special picture of the heater on the conveyor belt.

For more information. The discomfort, the pain in the lower back can occur due to problems in posture, increasing the gravity, or by a sharp move.

On the contrary the symptoms

How does one understand what the pain in your kidneys? For this reason, it is important to understand that the pain is in the kidney. The most common kidney disease, the organ are the pyelonephritis of a number of different ways. Be patient, it is possible, even after the ordinary cold, the physical effort, heavy, or egg, in this case, the pain can affect anywhere from your back.

How to determine that makes the kidney an organ or a colt? For this reason, you need to pay attention to the kidney's symptoms and overall well-being, accompanied by a period of inflammation:

  • the constant and intense sensation of pain, regardless of the clutch;
  • frequent, or painful urination;
  • bouts of abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and weight;
  • cold flashes with goose bumps, increase in sweating, high body temperature;
  • the formation of a swelling on the face, legs, and other parts of the body, and that at night they may disappear;
  • attacks of pain in the head, a sudden change in the blood pressure;
  • weakness, feeling unwell, drowsy, for the state, the weakness, and fatigue.

It is also characteristic of inflammation of the kidneys is a change in the urine, it becomes more and more saturated with color, but it also takes a certain amount of impurities, and the cell inclusions.

Important! If you are in the presence of the symptoms, we strongly recommend that you consult with an expert, and check management. Do not self-medicate, t. to. you can improve a lot in order to aggravate the state of your health.

To start the treatment, it is important to understand that the authority is concerned about the other person. If it hurts the body in the urine, it is not always about the disease. The discomfort in the back, characterised in case of a crisis of appendicitis and biliary colic, and pyelonephritis. If a person has the disease, from the body in urine, it may be pointed out for the signs and the places. The first one is:

  • the pale color of the skin;
  • ontечнonе your face in the morning;
  • the increase in pressure;
  • the fast fatigue, weakness,
  • cold flashes with goose bumps;
  • the headaches from recurring.

If we are talking about sites-like symptoms of aches and pains in the kidneys, the more precise is the discomfort in the lower back. The pain becomes more intense when passing urine, a certain movement, for example, if a board in half, and dramatically come back again. In other locations the signs

  • the specific odor of the urine;
  • the smell of ammonia in the mouth.
  • a small "pimples" on the skin of Russian;
  • the increase in the urge to urinate, bumpers, and rubber;
  • reddish brown urine.

The symptoms of kidney disease in women

You know the one that makes it to the shoot, or burn межпonзвonнparaonвые discs, which can serve as the basis of the common symptoms, and manifestations.

The disease Expressions
Osteocondrose or rheumatism — Shooting and a stabbing pain in my back, lower back;
— Pulling sensation in the corners, and gradients;
— To improve the state of the sleep, after taking the horizontal position;
— The location of the pain in the center of the upper back.
— Muscle spasms;
The onslaught of relief rubs and ointments.
Пиелonнефриt, kidney stones or other kidney disease — There is almost no pain in my back, but it can be uncomfortable and temporary;
The pain doesn't come when you change your posture in the reclined position;
— Topical ointments, and anti-inflammatory properties, the paste does not bring the result, the only help for pain killers;
The feeling of pain focuses in the area of the kidneys.
the pain in my back

The highlight of the general manifestations, which are inherent in the onсtеonхonндрonзhave the lumbar spine, and the pathology of the kidney:

  • The high-temperature.
  • Fatigue, general weakness;
  • Swelling in the limbs;
  • Constant to urinate;
  • The swelling in the locations of the foci of inflammation.

If the pain is SaaStAla of a sudden, and you walk up to your doctor as you need immediate relief of your symptoms, the specialist will give you advice simple. How to determine pain in the kidney or in the back? More often than not the toughest, paraonлющая and pain, points to rheumatoid arthritis.

The inflammatory processes in the kidney are expressed in a different way. Carefully note your status through the day.

So, пиелonнефриt may not be accompanied by pain in the lumbar region, and have hidden their symptoms (deterioration-to be a violation of urination, the appearance of gravity in the region of the kidneys.

Metastasis — secondary education, and that they have a cancer is a malignant process. Metastases to the kidney are more common in patients with processes, it is able to take common side in the past. In the presence of a lymph node then the cancer has taken on the running of the probationary period, and in the secondary, and the focus is on the more severe pathology compared to the primary tumor.

It is important to emphasize that a metastasis from the kidney, it has almost no symptoms, the role of this body is to be broken only rarely. They are diagnosed as foci, as a rule, in the process of collecting the data, but it is already too late for you to start an effective treatment.

The methods for the diagnosis of

To identify the disease in one form or another authority, and it is very hard to without first consulting with an expert, and an in-depth study. For example, as a set, which is a total pain in the loin or a kidney, you know, only your doctor / physician. While there are a number of symptoms, which can be taken to mean that health problems are just in the kidneys. For this reason, you have to know exactly where it is, this pair of bodies, and how they express their painful feelings associated with them.

Many of you know, when the pain in the kidneys, the sensations are unpleasant, to say with respect to the low back. However, it is not a disease, but a osteocondrose, can also occur at this stage. How do you know if you injure the kidney, or is it a symptom of another disease? It is easy to пonсthaveparaivanie the lower wing. This should be given very strong pain in the lower back.

It is interesting to note that in those cases, when it comes to problems with the kidneys, and the painful sensations that are different to the permanent, of the nature of, or the unpleasant symptom and it does not leave a patient when you want to change the position of the body or for the changing of the character of the movement. More frequently, the kidneys, pain in the night. For comparison's sake, the feeling of pain in the muscle system motor, submersible, they are always related to the movement of a human, and manifest themselves from time to time.

Whether it's to learn about kidney disease, in addition to the constant unpleasant sensations in the lumbar region, may be related symptoms such as dry mouth, constant thirst, nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, sharp drop in weight, or vision problems, as well as the swelling of the limbs.

In some cases, it may be carried out in the impurities out of the blood into the urine, and an increase in the temperature of the body. In addition, kidney failure can lead to a disruption in urination, changes in taste and the nasty ammonia smell from the mouth.

The characteristics of the treatment

Tell us about the presence of kidney disease, it is only after a medical examination. Then, the patient is transferred to another hospital and start the treatment.

For the treatment of inflammatory processes in the intervertebral discs, degenerative disc disease, or arthritis, and the need to initially go through a a diagnosis. For this reason, patients go through a visual inspection, ct scan, or ultrasound, to measure the pressure in the blood vessels, including a review of common blood.

After that, it can be attributed to:

  • Bed rest;
  • Is the moderate exercise;
  • Massage and rubbing ointments;
  • For the reception of blockers, and anti-inflammatory medications;
  • Acupuncture and reflexology;
  • The heat is dry or hard procedures in the hospital.
  • In the gym,
  • Cupping massage;
  • In the diet;
  • For the treatment of inflammatory and auto-immune diseases.

The treatment is designed only for a medical doctor and a physical therapist, but you need to bear in mind that, when aggravation of, or a chronic form of degenerative disc disease, lower back pain, it is not possible to deal with a massage, a sauna.

Because of this, it leads to a displacement of the bone, along the nerves and to make matters worse, the state of the patient. When a sharp, permanent, cutting, pains in the back, the position of the body can be attached to a corset back.

After that, the patient will populate in the corresponding analyses, it is going to do an ultrasound, x-ray of the lumbar spine (in the case of a suspected osteocondrose, or arthritis), dr. and it assigns a therapeutic treatment. On examination, the patient, the medical прonсthaveparaIWAYt rib cage on the palm of your lower back.

If the patient feels pain in the internal, it clearly indicates on the inflammatory process in the region of the kidneys. Also referred to as the medications the doctors prescribe and the way to peace and the preservation of the cargo.

It is important to review your diet to eliminate salty and peppery, the milk and milk products, as well as to adjust the intake of water. Quickly to deal with the discomfort and pain to the accomplishment of the diet) for the broth of corn stigmas.

Now, you can be sure you have a pain, in the loin or a kidney. The cause and nature of the pain, we have the in-depth.

Once again we point out that it's not worth the risk of self-medication in, and pull it in the right way at the doctor's.

the diagnosis

To get rid of that bad symptoms, such as pain in the kidney, you will first need to eradicate the cause, so that you should consult your doctor for the examination, and comply with the instructions of the doctor throughout the treatment.