The pain in the lumbar region: the causes, the symptoms, what to do

Among them, low back pain, sciatica, osteocondrose and other pathological changes in the pain-sacral department of a vertebral column. It's not worth referring to this if you are inattentive, because the low back pain can not only get the incredible strength, making the life of a person unbearable, but also be a symptom of diseases the most dangerous.

Low back pain can be varied: acute or obtuse, cumbersome, or the whole year, the local (to manifest itself in the same location) or group all the way around. Manifest discomfort is also different: sometimes dramatically, suddenly, and sometimes gradually, increasing every day.

low back pain

The reaction to pain and the ability to support your depend on several factors: age, mental characteristics, accompanying symptoms, and other things. But, in any case, it is not possible to launch the disease is left to chance. Timely started treatment will help you avoid dangerous effects.

To diagnose the cause of back pain, it is necessary the inspection of the vertebral column and some additional procedures: radiographic examination, computer, or magnetic resonance imaging.

Crises of pain lumbar-sacral department manifest themselves during the life of about 80% of the inhabitants of european countries. Acute or chronic low back pain – a result of a variety of neurological disorders, degenerative-dystrophic disease in both women and men. In some cases, the back pain – a consequence of diseases of internal organs, obesity, stress and mental disorders.

The causes of low back pain

The problem of chronic pain in the lumbar accepts rampant. The average age of cases is decreasing rapidly, currently, is around 35-45 years. Are recorded even cases of children and adolescents.

The development fund the starting point of the pain syndrome of the lumbar spine – a style of sedentary life of the modern man, leads to the decrease of the resistance of the waist, the more vulnerable the department of the skeleton. Low back pain is accompanied by many diseases, they have become a common cause of treatment to the neurologist, urologist, surgeon, gastroenterologist, and gynecologist. It is also foreseen the worsening of the problem. The next generation is no different the way to a healthy life.

The lower back pain in women

Occur in a period of gynecological diseases or are the result of characteristics of the female physiology:

  • Gynecological diseases. Inflammation appendages – adnexitis, accompanied by abdominal pain and sometimes pain radiating to the lumbar spine (pain single-and two-way), also manifests the symptoms for intimate part of the sphere (inability to get pregnant, long-lasting and smearing allocation before and after a month, the pain intensifies during the sexual act);
  • Pregnancy;
  • The climax;
  • The pain is a consequence increased very apprehensive, more common in women. In-depth, extensive research does not identify the pathology. The problem may occur intermittently or continuously. Is treated with the psychological, with the fix. These pains may occur outside the influence of the climax.

Chronic low back pain in men

Intermittent pain arise in connection with the characteristics of professional activities for men, including, if the pain:

  • does not correspond to a physiological state of the body of man;
  • is related to professional risk (work in cold weather, air currents).

Back pain and in men, and in women

Occur because of the acute diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, surgical complications, renal diseases, metabolic, infectious disease, and nature of neoplasms (benign, malignant).

  • The appendicitis. A localized pain in the right iliac area, it can sometimes radiate in the lower back, many times, in the right side of the body. Is an indefinite pain in the lumbar region.
  • Pathology thin department of intestine. Accompanied by the characteristic symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders. The pain radiates in my lower back due to the irritation of the fibers of the nerves.
  • Cholecystitis. Pain remember the signs of appendicitis. Are usually located on the right side, in the iliac area or in the area of the navel. Sometimes give in the waist when the involvement in the pathogenesis of nerve tissues spinal.
  • Pancreatitis. Has surrounding pain all over the body, in the area of the waist, reflected the lumbar spine. Combined with their own characteristics for pancreatitis symptoms – vomiting, disorders of defecation, touch on the tongue. In this case, if the cause of the pain – pancreatitis, the area of the spinal column when the feeling does not respond, in response to the application of force.
  • The points after the operation. Occur after laparotomy or abdominal surgeries on organs of the abdominal cavity, sometimes, to diagnose defects points. The pain is located in different parts of the abdominal wall, it radiates in the lower back.
  • Kidney disease. Back pain is combined with a headache, increase in the diastolic (lower) threshold of blood pressure, edema. Characteristic changes are found when laboratory urine, search tools or renal ultra – sound, magnetic resonance imaging;
  • Obesity fourth degree. This is an extreme degree of increase in fat mass of a person. The body mass index of the fourth degree (up to 25 years) = 40, the second group (after 25) = 41. The define, such as the relationship between mass (kg) two times growth (m). Reason load on her back are clear, without explanation.
  • The infection with the involvement in the pathogenesis of bone tissue, for example, extrapulmonary (bone marrow), tuberculosis. It is manifested as pain in the bones. Location of low back pain is related to the fact that this is the huge division of the vertebral column, and is subject to maximum loads. The symptoms associated with the clinic of chronic infection. They reveal little hyperthermia, fatigue, headaches, symptoms of disorders of the nervous system, the experimental identified tuberculosis the wand.
  • Myositis – inflammation of muscles. Muscles of the lumbar area have a great work load, therefore, the inflammation lower back area are common. The disease develops due to hypothermia, the penetration of pathogens of viral (herpes Zoster), bacterial infections (staphylococci, streptococci, and other bacteria) in the tissue in this zone. It manifests the increase of body temperature, strong headaches, develop suddenly after a location or sharing of hypothermia. Chronic stage of the disease manifests aching headaches, sometimes with the participation of the tissue of the skin and subcutaneous tissue (dermatomyositis). The diagnosis is performed based on clinical research of the patient, inspection, palpation and methods of the laboratory.
  • The growth of benign and malignant tumors of the movement of the nerve fibers, Innervate the lower part of the back. The symptoms varied, correspond to the stage of the disease and the location of the pathology.

Permanent and periodic low back pain

back pain

There are a variety of classification of headaches, including, depending on the duration.

  • Intermittent pain usually involve a physical activity, the physiological characteristics of the human body, or of acute diseases of internal organs.
  • Sharp and constant, chronic pain, caused irreversible pathological processes in the body to diseases of the musculoskeletal system is the skeleton of the man and deep injuries of the blood vessels of the feet.

Intermittent low back pain - so called because they disappear after the recovery and resolution of a furnace of pain.

The source of these pains can be different in women or men, or to treat equally to men and women.

Constant back pains are usually caused by inflammatory and irreversible dystrophic and degenerative processes in the bone and tissue of cartilage, severe disorders of blood circulation of blood vessels of the feet. Constant pain in a lesser degree, related with the defeat of the muscles and internal organs.

The pain is called permanent, when the resolution of the oven, ca difficult due to the development of irreversible processes in the bone and tissue of cartilage. Degenerative and dystrophic processes typically are non-refundable complete healing. You can pause or stop the time. In some cases the pain is eliminated after the replacement of damaged tissues in the implant.

Periodic and constant pain often have a close relation to each other, therefore, the temporary, the pain becomes constant.

For example, tuberculosis causes a violation of power supply of the tissue of the cartilage, causing the osteocondrose and the pain manifests itself almost always with periods of weakening and deterioration.

The curvature of the spine (scoliosis) the first stems imperceptible, manifests itself periodically, then go into osteocondrose, and manifests constant headaches. The examples can be multiplied.

The disease, accompanied by constant pain in the back:

  • Low back pain – acute pain in the lumbar region. The consequence of pathological changes in the lumbar vertebrae. In the early stages of pain can deter, as well as a pathological process, when appropriate treatment to resolve the problem. Develops, suddenly, when lifting weights, and other causes. More commonly diagnosed in men. Low back pain – his best result of several diseases, such as, for example, displacement, disc herniation, pinched nerves in the lumbar (neuralgia), inflammation or crush injury of the sciatic nerve – degenerative disc disease, other vertebral abnormalities. In addition to the strong acute pain, is manifested in the reduction of the mobility of the skeleton in the lumbar region. In the absence of therapy, or wrong treatment of low back pain can become irreversible disease of bone.
  • The Intervertebral osteocondrose – includes various diseases of inflammatory and dystrophic nature, manifests itself, initially, the destruction of the articular surface of the cartilage and bone tissue with participation in the pathogenesis of the nerves.
  • The scoliosis. The curvature to the side of the vertebrae, is manifested asymmetry of the shoulder line, impaired posture, the deformation of the skeleton, the education of the rib hump, which is visible when inclinations. Develops, when the decline of the functions of the bones of the skeleton and of the muscles, the dystrophic processes in the tissue of the cartilage of the waist. It manifests as pain of the bones of the skeleton in complicated cases. Long-term and scoliosis are asymptomatic. The scoliosis is innate and acquired.
  • Ankylosing spondylitis – loss of mobility of the joints. Significantly more common in men. Another name pathology – the disease Ankylosing. Is chronic inflammation. The disease manifests pain in the joints and the spinal column, characterized by lesions of the eyes, the reduction of human growth. When this occurs, the expansion of the connective tissue of the joints of the spine.
  • Spondylosis. It is the natural aging process of the joints. Occurs a gradual thinning and loss of mobility to the lumbar joints. The pathogenesis unfolds with complications, and the accession of inflammation to the current spondylosis. The symptoms corresponding to inflammation of the joints of the spine.
  • The difference in length of legs more than 2-3 cm, accompanied by a variety of pain to the motion, including back pain. Pathology develops, as the atrophy of the muscles of the legs due to abuses in childhood from polio and other diseases. In some cases, with the challenge of dealing with the aid for the orthopaedic guide. A defect difficult to fix when it is too great a difference in the length of the legs, or when the canopy foot elevation.
  • Osteoporosis – thinning, the leaching of calcium from bone tissue. Often causes fractures of the hip. Also observe the lumbar spine, osteoporosis. It manifests itself in the deformation of the skeleton, joints, cartilages, the development of hernias vertebrae. More and more sick, women in menopause period.
  • Thrombophlebitis – the partial or total stop of the blood circulation in the deep blood vessels. Combines with an inflammation around the vessel. This complicates the course of the disease, causes the development of the starting point of the pain syndrome even at rest.

The doctor use?

the treatment of the back

With pain in the spinal column, in the first place, you should seek medical neurologist in the community health center, if the patient state is stable, or call an ambulance. Low back pain can be one of the symptoms of gynecological, urological, surgical, and gastroenterological problems.

Back pain is often combined with a variety of infections and injuries of members. Do not discard the pain that is caused lumbar diseases of the heart and lungs. Is set when the depth of the survey.

After a patient is diagnosed, usually prescribe medications that reduce the lower back pain, normalize blood flow and help restore the nervous tissues. These can be pills, gel, ointment, or injection, remove inflammation and spasms.

The surgery is usually needed when the diagnosis of a herniated disc, which is a complication of degenerative disc disease. A hernia, which puts pressure on the nervous; bump, remove, he is recovering, and the pain with the time passes.

The best part is the spine and the muscles relax, whether to sleep in the disk mattress, placing under the knees and a small pillow. When you do this, the bed rest should not last a very long time, because it is packed with a weakening of the muscles, which will only exacerbate the problem. Even with strong pain need to try to save at least one poor physical activity.