Pain in the lower back

Pain in the lower part

If it hurts your lower back, then this fact can signal about the availability of a wide variety of diseases. However, not all are aware that such demonstrations are not always the consequence of the interruption of the normal operation or injuries to the spine. To not harm the body is interpreting bad the symptoms and selecting the incorrect treatment, it is worthwhile to identify the exact cause of the pain threshold of the syndrome.

Why it hurts my lower back

The majority of the cases, the starting point of the pain syndrome, located directly in the lower back, is actually related with the state of the spinal column. According to the medical statistics, the more likely the occurrence of pain lead to such evils, as the inflammatory disease that contributes to the limitation of the mobility of the spine and osteocondrose. Also, the "primary" factors include a variety of дистрофические and degenerative changes that occur in the spinal column. In addition, the following reasons often lead to discomfort and pain in the lower region of the back:

  • the consequences of kidney disease, hip, organs, and infectious character;
  • atypical acute appendicitis in the form, and also various diseases of the digestive tract, including ulcers and intestinal obstruction;
  • failures the spinal of the blood supply, which often are consequences of a migrated spills;
  • narrowing of the spinal canal;
  • long stay in the same position and chronic hypothermia;
  • if the man fell on his back;
  • fractures and injuries of the spine.
 Why it hurts my lower back

Pain that is caused, which is located in the lower part of the back, when the pregnancy are not generally associated with the mechanical injury to the vertebral column. Due to the increase of load in the segments of the vertebral column (which is especially relevant to the end of the term of delivery), they have to "bend" and cause patients serious discomfort.

Diseases genito-urinary sphere, the changes in hormonal level, tensions chronic, the constant tension of the muscles throughout the work day, as well as the hernia between the vertebrae in the same way, may be the causes of pain in the lower back.

How to determine the exact cause of pain in the lower back

Pain in the lower back, to the right, which takes the character nervosa, most often associated with the constant violations of posture and of long length of stay in некомфортном position. In some cases, the pain that is caused, which is located in a certain area, you can talk about the displacement between the vertebrae disks. In addition, such manifestations are often associated with excess weight, obesity and disturbances in the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

If it hurts your lower back, to the left, it is often signaling the serious pathological processes that occur in the body of the patient. This fact can talk of a tuberculosis, degenerative disc disease in the form of chronic or curvature of the spine. Similar to the pain that is caused is also associated with the following diseases:

  • angina pectoris;
  • the severe form of acute pneumonia;
  • the myocardial;
  • stones in the kidneys.

Women are the manifestations, the starting point of the pain syndrome in the lower part of the department of coasts are generally divided into two categories:

  1. Pull the pain, which is accompanied by an acute feeling and can cause discomfort during a long period of time, more often than they say about the presence of inflammatory processes of organs, tendons and tissues.
  2. In the case of intensification, with an intense armbar syndrome needs urgent medical help. Such problems are often related to the discovered internal bleeding, the separation of an organ or перитонитом.

If a woman has a pain in the back and the lower part of the belly, so the fact, often points to внематочную pregnancy. Express the pain that is caused, that is accompanied by dizziness and nausea, can speak of apoplexy (rupture) of the ovary. Pain that is caused in the lumbar region is usually manifested in the form of chronic, acute, headache, increasing after a long stay in the posture problems or high physical exercise. If the pain is in the leg, in urgent need of diagnosis, as this can be a signal between the vertebrae of the hernia.

Hormonal shifts, the swelling and the inflammatory processes that occur directly in the system genito-urinary tract, may be the causes of pain in the lower back after a month. The uterus in this case, often, the patella, which causes a tightening of the nerve endings and causes a strong discomfort.

If your back hurts the lower part of the belly

This symptoms typical of cystitis in the form of sharp and a number of other diseases related to urethra system. This problem usually affects a female part of the population, and for this reason can conceal itself, also, in intestinal problems, аднекситом or a cyst in the ovary. Similar to the pain that is caused, many times, it manifests itself in the menopause, since the body stops producing certain hormones in sufficient quantities.

If your back hurts the lower part of the belly
Important! Purchase of medicines against pain is only able to halt the manifestations starting point of the pain syndrome. However, this movement is not going to help in the task of eliminating the causes of discomfort.

Other causes

Many people experience pain, located in the lower part of the back, after a workout or intense physical work load. In a group of risk are people who engage in contact sports and various martial arts. The abundance of bids, the sudden movements and won the fall often lead to the interruption of the functioning of the spinal column and other damage. If the pain is much greater immediately after your workout, it is worth to take a break and make an appointment with the doctor of the employee.

If the lower back begins to ache after exercises with the bar, the reason can be to such factors:

  1. In the wrong position for the lumbar spine. Some athletes to beginners, that they immediately seek to take large weight, many times if you curve the back, which causes the displacement of the vertebrae and a series of other negative effects.
  2. The handle grip. Therefore, the athletes, not possessing the proper experience, it is recommended to exclusively use the classic grip, or apply special spaghetti.
  3. Sudden jerks. All the movements during the work with the rod and other sporting activities projectiles, you should try to perform the maximum of smoothness.
 Other causes
Important! Before you begin to perform exercises with the bar, the best pre-strengthen the muscles in the lower back with the help of exercises for the lower back and other exercises with the own weight.

The men of the pain that is caused, which is located in the lower part of the department of the back, many times, is associated with the sedentary with the work, as a driver or operator of the PC. However, in the occurrence of discomfort and pain that affects not only the sedentary lifestyle, but high physical activity without the proper rest. Therefore, it's worth joining a better balance, by alternating the activity with a relaxation.

What to do to relieve pain in the lower back

Before you start the treatment, it is necessary to define the exact cause of the occurrence of a starting point of the pain syndrome. To install the most accurate possible diagnosis it is worth visiting the following doctors:

  • the therapist;
  • gynecologist;
  • the proctologist;
  • urologist;
  • doctor-therapist of the respiratory system;
  • the cardiologist;
  • the doctor, who works in the treatment of injury and after the injury of syndromes;
  • the doctor, who deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of infectious diseases;
  • the gastroenterologist.

If a woman has a pain downhill from the belly and gives back, due to this, you can be both with the menopause and with the consequences of stress, and migrated disorders of the nervous system. In such cases, the pain that is caused is usually accompanied by irritability and mood swings. If it hurts the lower part of the belly and the back, while the men, it is likely that signals the presence of an inflammatory process, urinary tract of territory in the chronic stage.

 What to do

In the event of the occurrence of a starting point of the pain syndrome while walking, located at the bottom of the department of coasts, it is worth to spend in general the biochemical analysis, and also pass through a magnetic resonance scan resonance and diagnostics of the computer. From the results of studies, as well as from the complaints of the patient and visual inspection, the physician should assign the most appropriate therapy with the application of medicines and of methods of manual therapy.

Important! The pain in this stretch of the back that occurs after the massage, you can perfectly be a normal consequence of the tide of blood to the timetable with the department. However, if the discomfort and pain that is caused not cease after a short period of time, certainly worth consulting a doctor.

That spread problematic place in case of worsening the starting point of the pain syndrome? Usually, in situations such as this are attributed to a combination of and anti-inflammatory ointments and creams. If the patient does not suffer allergic reactions to bee products, it can be assigned to the media containing the poison of the bee.

 How to get rid of the pain

How to get rid of such manifestations nasty? First of all, you should follow your own posture throughout the working day. Also it is worth devoting special attention to the proper execution of the exercise complex medical and physical education to maintain a diet, including:

  • raw fruits and vegetables;
  • the natural oils of plants;
  • consumption of banana, garlic, dried fruit, spinach, and a series of other products;

The diet should be accompanied by a failure of the coffee, alcohol, strong tea, and also of the oily, grilled and smoked food. Excellent preventive measures are the visit to the swimming pool, and daily tours in the open air.