What to do in the house, if the sore throat

In the human body, everything is interconnected and that all illness or pain does not occur simply because, necessarily, the reason for this there is not any impulse. The pace of modern life, man is not accustomed to treat pain, and not go to a doctor, in the hope that the pain the time will pass of itself. As unpleasant illness, such as pain in the neck, often a problem office staff, athletes and people who little are moving, and also after class excess of physical activities. When it hurts the neck to tolerate is of course not need to, because the earlier you start treatment, the faster you can get rid of headaches and unpleasant sensations.

The construction of the neck

In the human body, everything is interconnected and, of course, the normal functioning of the neck is not possible without a healthy spinal cord and vertebral column. The neck is the beginning of the vertebral column and is composed of seven cervical vertebrae. The movement of the head is possible thanks to a large number of muscles and ligaments, and when it is stopped the work of a particular muscle in this case, one can talk about болевом syndrome. The composition includes the following components:

  1. Trapezoids, muscle –are involved in the movement of the blades.
  2. The muscle – thanks to them, you can easily perform the movements of the neck to the front and back, as well as tilt the head.
  3. Lopatochna the muscle is a junction of blade ostistim отростком.
  4. Musculus erector spinae – long muscles, will of the sacrum until the bone of the head, passing across the vertebral column.
The contraction of the muscles becomes possible, through the nerve and part of the neck of your includes three types:
  1. Motor nerves are able to slow down or without whose aid.
  2. The sensory nerves are capable of feeling a wide range of movements and manipulation.
  3. Diaphragmatic nerves ensure the work of the diaphragm.

With the help of the blood vessels of the neck full of oxygen, the tissues and protected cells against death. Of course, the violation of blood flow can lead to the appearance of tumors and other neoplasms.

Types of headaches

Types of pain

The pain in the neck is characterized by different types and characteristics of the senses. The neck on the body of a person who has an important physical function, it gives the opportunity to turn heads, and increase the revision. It also connects the head and the vertebral column, providing the vertical position of the body. If the sore throat, this may be even of a strange movement, the strong rotation or tilt. A pain in the neck usually goes fast enough. Sometimes, the discomfort persists to the end, the person it gets used, it begins to lament not only the throat, but and the spine – here, then, the need and know the same is the pain in the neck:

  1. Acute pain may occur due to the sharp increase of the rotation or tilt. At this time, muscles, ligaments and tendons, neck of prisoners, and a person feels a strong pressure on the nerves.
  2. Pain blunt nature receives, in consequence of a long period of injury of the spine, when cramps and переутомлении.
  3. Sometimes, the pain appears suddenly and not buttressed.
  4. The tense nature exerts on the spine, the hands, the head, the shoulders.
  5. Very sore throat when movements of the head.
  6. Numbness in this stage of the body, decrease of the sensitivity.
  7. Sore throat front of the related to respiratory diseases.

These types of feelings are the main, when the man is confronted with such a nasty symptom. In addition, the pain can change and overcome a way, affect other parts of the body.


The source of headaches that you need to search for and not always it is bound it is with neckband department of spine. Modern medicine, the moment that you know a lot about what could cause this violation, because without clarifying the reasons, it is not possible to assign effective treatment. Causes of pain in the neck can be:

  1. The deposition of salts in the region of cervical department of the spine can cause pain in the neck. Neck osteocondrose and osteoarthritis of the most common diseases such as the young and the elderly ages. In the mind of such diseases distinctly heard the grinding discs, especially for severe cases of neck department loses mobility, turns the head severely damaged.
  2. Muscle spasms. If the patient, the neck and the reason of steel muscle spasms – pain has the character of education from attack. Especially in curves of the head is felt stronger. In this case, the pain it can back itself or after the intake of analgesics.
  3. Hernia – is a serious disease that affects the handle of belt, your spine, neck suffers less, but would represent the pressure exerted in the above parts of the body.
  4. Working conditions. Sedentary work, rare change in body position increase the risk of violations.
  5. The occurrence of tumors. The occurrence of tumors is one of the most dangerous of the process. Naturally, modern medicine, in fact, for this gave a boost to the front of the removal and treatment of benign tumors, however, the disease does not always want to retreat, and the tumor may become malignant. The search in this case required.
  6. Myelopathy – violation in the work of the spinal cord, resulting in injury, infectious diseases and various inflammations.
  7. Attendant disease of the propulsion system, bones and cartilage.

Factors and causes a lot and wondering: "why the sore throat?" the man is lost and does not know where to start the examination and diagnosis.


Any kind of pain in the body, it should resolve. What to do if the sore throat? It is clear that access to a doctor, preferably a qualified, to which he placed a clear diagnosis and appointed a effective treatment. Help the experts:

  • Medical injury, orthopedist or surgeon.
  • The therapist.
  • A rheumatologist.

This is the main врачебные profiles, which leads to the treatment of pain in the cervical region.

Early diagnosis is the collection of blood and urine (biochemistry and total) for the installation of pathologies in its various components. The increased level of white blood cells, the availability of protein in the urine, and much more – is the fact of the violation of the functioning of various organs. When the diagnosis of the disease of such analyses necessarily lead.

In the list of manipulations further includes:
  1. The magnetic resonance imaging. You can evaluate the work of the muscles, nerves and blood vessels, checking the blood circulation, the rate of soft tissue. Magnetic resonance imaging is very informative method of research.
  2. The ct scan helps to explore points damaged neck, consider the composition of the disks, of a pathology.
  3. Electromyography. Explores the nerves and nerve irritation, artificial through of the stimulus that acts on the nervous system in the neck region.
  4. X-ray snapshot makes a clear photo of the area and seven vertebrae. It is performed in various projections for more accuracy of the examination.

Through such studies, which are performed on a modern instrument can easily identify the origins and the reasons for the neck pain and what to do in this case.

The doctor also evaluates the state of the neck by inspection and palpation:
  1. Evaluates the reflections, phase sensitivity, contraction of the muscles.
  2. Touches the neck for the installation of deformed parts.
  3. See the neck and the head.

An effective way of diagnosis is the ultrasound vascular brain and the neck, in which it will be fixed, if there are spasms in the brain, as the blood and show any malignancy.

When it comes to infectious diseases that affect the neck, the grip with the treatment, in this case, in the same way that it's not worth, because the infection can spread and be fatal. The doctor attaches the бактериологическое study, which is able to reveal the environment in which they live and breed bacteria.

The increased level of white blood cells, in general, an analysis of the blood indicates that the body is fighting the infection.

When neuralgia occipital pains in the neck occur frequently enough – it is said that the muscles, nerves and ligaments exert pressure on the other. The patient becomes difficult to perform the motor rotation movement of the head, numbness occurs in the neck. To diagnose a disease in a magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography. When the reason is not installed, the doctor can put затылочную neuralgia of the first degree.


After diagnostic techniques for headaches, neck pain and the reasons of its occurrence, the doctor can put diagnose and prescribe the appropriate treatment. Treatment methods at the moment are many, but the main key always remains the same:

  1. Mandatory medicines.
  2. Gymnastics and medical physical culture.
  3. Courses massage.
  4. Physiotherapy.

In addition, the doctors also recommend you apply the medicine popular. In most cases, it gives the desired effect, and positive if it reflects in the body.

Drug treatment

Apply to the following groups of drugs:

  1. Anti-inflammatory agents, non – Diclofenac, Nimesil. They block the pain and spasms, act quickly and long time retain the analgesic effect. The injection in the muscle will be much more effective than the tablets and solutions.
  2. Narcotic analgesics – Morphine, Codeine. Use it only in case, if the NSAID therapy has not helped, as these drugs are very strong and have clearly expressed the side effects.
  3. Vasodilators means – they are able to improve the composition of the blood and of the construction of the blood vessels, preventing bleeding and improving blood circulation.
  4. Chondroprotectors – substances able to improve the metabolism in tissues and organs, which were subjected to an inflammation. With your help the patient is the necessary amount of certain organic compounds and inorganic components.

Such a question, such as what to do when it hurts the neck to stand up, do not adhere to all the recommendations of the doctor in the reception of data tools.

Gymnastics and kinesiotherapy

In times of strong pain perform gymnastic exercises is not recommended, because the pain can only get worse, but as prevention from them in a period of time to facilitate the conduct is possible. Useful are the following exercises:

  1. Tilt the neck to the shoulders. 2-3 sets of 20 times.
  2. Turns the head to the side. 2-3 sets of 20 times.
  3. Circular movements with the head. 2-3 sets of 20 times.

It the basic exercises, which they perform when болевом syndrome. They are very good with him cope, build muscles and strengthen the bloodstream.

Massage and therapy manipulative

In our time, without massage anywhere, so the course of 10 procedures will be sufficient for the normalization of motor function of cervical, tension in your muscles when this is taken. To perform the massage can and alone, with easy movement разминать neck side of the neck.

Massage Methods of physiotherapy

Physical therapy techniques are performed under the supervision of a general practitioner and are considered effective in the removal of the pain. Apply electrophoresis, laserotherapy and shock-wave. Its action is geared exactly to the nerves and tissues, the recovery occurs after the third procedure.

Pain in the neck to get rid you can, any of the methods of treatment, in any case, to give the effect. The pain began to fail and, in a moment completely disappears and will not be returned a long time. As a preventive measure, the doctors advise to move more, to do the loading in the morning and eating healthily, for the body, they got all the trace elements.