The pain in the back? As your properly treat and that can hamper the

The pain in the back complain about 85% of people. How to properly treat and you can get rid of the pain once and for all?

Pain in the back? You are not alone! Data of sociological studies show that back pain is the second after viral infections reason of inability to work of the adult population. It is born with us (in accordance with neonatologists, 80% to 90% of newborns receive an injury in the spinal column), and, sooner or later, leads each one. There is the opinion that this is the judgment by bipedalism. As well as the growth of the person, the load of the "deadlift mountain range" increases, since the problems of the spinal column are growing stronger, and the stress, anxiety, obesity, stress, sedentary lifestyle aggravate the problems – and back pain can occur even at an early age.

back pain

There what hurts?

In the vast majority (about 95%) the pain related with the muscles, ligaments and joints. Popularly it is called the pull-back. Those pains are unpleasant, but not dangerous-and, in most cases, goes it alone for 2-3 days.

3-4% of the headaches associated with radiculopathy (sciatica) – injured spinal root. Injured, he usually hernia. The pain disappears when it passes swelling caused by contractions.

1-2% of back pain caused by injury or inflammatory diseases of the spine, cancer processes, diseases of the cardiovascular system or the gastrointestinal tract, that pain that is caused can go in the back. This is the most dangerous type of back pain. To exclude similar pathology, do not forget to consult your doctor.

Procrastinate is not possible

The main indicator that you need extra-territorial, the regularity of the pains. If you root the time of the time – probably nothing wrong not. If the pain of small or average intensity persecute relentlessly, delayed. Need to urgently consult a doctor if the pain is accompanied by elevation of temperature or pain caused increases during the treatment.

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At home

It's the most effective anti-inflammatory oral medications. Just do not overdo it – they are only the first time. If you continue to receive such drugs can cause ulcers and bleeding of the gastric mucosa. Traditional home, the treatment non-steroidal ointment can be applied only as an additional precaution. They are harmless, but ineffective. Relief gives, and wearing a corset – fastening unloads the spine, relieves spasms, and restricts the sudden movement. Only the corset should be normal – elastic, and not the warm-up.

If the treatment has not given effect to within a period of three days, you should contact your doctor, who will do the blocking anti-inflammatory medication with the injections. Due to the removal of spasms and muscle relaxation the pain goes away immediately, and, often, to always.

Non-smoking rooms.

Steam and massage service, under strictly prohibited. They increase the swelling and the pain.

Contact the manual therapists through newspaper ads. The chiropractic is the area where each expert has three hundreds of charlatans. If you really want to find a good doctor to treat must be certified at the clinic, where they work certified experts.

It is important to correctly identify the tactics of treatment. This should make you a neurologist or neurosurgeon. Alone to treat back dangerous. 30% of patients neurosurgery offices tried yourself home treatments and these led up to the hospital bed.

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To cut or not?

Even recently, a man who has put the diagnosis of hernia", immediately has masked the direction of operation. Today, the operation is run only in the presence of readings:

  • resistant to pain, it does not remove any warranty;
  • disorder pelvic the functions of emptying incomplete bladder;
  • the weakness and numbness in the leg.

All these symptoms make the operation inevitable, because without it the patient may become deficient.

That we run the risk of

The risk of operation, due to which you delay or refuse, generally, many patients believe strongly exaggerated. In neurosurgery, there are technologies that allow to accurately calculate the efficiency of the operation and what are the symptoms once it's finished, and that will remain.

The possibility of renewing the pain after the operation does not exceed 1-1,5%. Hernia in other places it actually may appear, but this is not a complication, and the spread of the disease, which is often common among young unruly patients. Once the pain goes away, they go back to their normal activities of life: sit behind the wheel, renew the training. And do this is absolutely impossible.

All the fault of the osteocondrose?

Osteocondrose – chronic degenerative-dystrophic change of the intervertebral space. Signs of degenerative disc disease, all people with more than 25 years. Avoid the degenerative disc disease is not possible, but you can protect yourself from its complications, and that they serve the cause of pain in the back.