The pain in his left side back: in the lumbar region and above, below the ribs, when the movement of

This can be how the blocking muscle in the back due to a torque of any of the vertebrae and disease of the internal organs. The more we talk the following.

back pain

On its left side to the back in the lumbar region

The main groups of causes of pain in your left side rear can be:

  • kidney disease and urinary tract system;
  • the defeat of the spleen;
  • a pathological process in the digestive system;
  • diseases of the spinal column;
  • a pathological process in the muscle-skeletal system and t. d.

To establish the exact source of the pain passes, the doctor using as methods the objective is the investigation of a patient, and to assign the certain research methods. For more details, speak to describe each type of pain.

If the discomfort related to the back, then, to offer to you a special set of exercises.

Above the waist

If the pain appears at the bottom left, above the waist, then you should think about the following options for their appearance:

  1. the disease process in the pancreas (it is probably its inflammation — pancreatitis);
  2. osteocondrose of the vertebral column (degeneratUNO-dIPteroticheskoe the disease in the spine, which is accompanied by a reduction of the height of the intervertebral disc);
  3. the defeat of the adrenal gland (most often the adrenal glands can be the tumor the process that leads to the appearance of pain).

To confirm the defeat pancreatic breast, it is necessary to perform a biochemical analysis of blood, which detects the increase of the activity of pancreatic enzymes (amylase, lipase, trypsin and others). The assignment of appropriate treatment contributes to the interruption of the pathological process. For this, apply the following principles:

  • cold;
  • hunger;
  • peace.

Confirm the osteocondrose allows a detailed neurological study, it is evaluated the pain on local output of a nerve root. In complex diagnostic cases, it is recommended to perform a ct scan or Idright-magnetic resonance imaging.

A tumor of the adrenal gland can be detected at the time of ultrasound, or radiographic examination, or during the performance of computed tomography. The "gold" standard of diagnosis of cancer of any process is histological.

At the bottom

If the pain occurs in the back left and at the bottom, you should think about the following reasons:

  1. the defeat of the intestine (most often it is the colitis, or inflammatory process in the large intestine);
  2. the pathology of the kidney (or pielonephritt, or urolitíase);
  3. osteocondrose of the spinal column;
  4. miozit (especially if the pain is located in the course of the spinal column).

The most common cause of pain that you have this location, are the diseases of the urinary system. To detect them it is recommended to perform clinical urine analysis and ultrasound kidney. Clinical examination of the urine may reveal the following types of diversion:

  • the increase in the number of proteins (can be associated with an inflammatory process or violation of filtration/reabsorption in the kidneys);
  • the increase in the number of white blood cells talks about the inflammatory process (which is the most common pielonephritt – inflammation Cup-the renal pelvis of the system);
  • the increase in the number of red blood cells in the blood takes place when kidney stone disease, when the stone leads to trauma of the urinary tract.

Under the ribs

The appearance of pain under the ribs is usually associated with pathological processes that affect the spleen. It is the body, helping to recycle the batteries damaged blood. Therefore, when various problems (leukemia) occurs a significant increase, which is accompanied by stretching of its capsule. And that is what is the cause of the pain threshold of the syndrome, that is located under the ribs on the left side. Injury of the spleen in case of a fall or impact can also be the cause of such a starting point of the pain syndrome.

pain on the left side of the

Ulcer of the stomach or of the duodenum may lead to the appearance of pain under the ribs on the left side. The pain can be acute, which indicate that several complications (penetration, perforation), or uncomfortable. The realization of FabregastRhodUodanoscopy of tests for the detection of helicobactEPA (reason of development of peptic ulcer) allows you to expose the final diagnosis.

Also write about the causes of pain in the sternum and in the middle of the symptoms, as well as to analyze which diseases may cause this discomfort.

When the movement of

The pain, which is located behind, left side, and intensifies during the movement, usually related to one of the following reasons:

  • osteocondrose;
  • miozit;
  • the urolitíase.

How to perform a differential diagnosis with these pathological processes, indicated above. To identify miozitand it is recommended that, in addition to the objective of the research and elektRhoмиonгрandфию.

Gives in the foot

It usually gives pain on the leg, when the presence of substances in the urinary system, neuralgia, as well as the presence of hemorrhage, intra-abdominal, whose causes may be more varied (peptic ulcer disease, apoplexy of ovary, interrupted an ectopic pregnancy, injury, and t. d.).Principles of diagnosis ondнontIPNI with those already considered. If the pain increases with elevation corrected ft, this indicates that the pathology of the division of the trunk (this is called a symptom of stress).

Therefore, for the reason that the pain appears behind and to the left, very varied. Their precise identification is the key to the success of the treatment, which will significantly improve human well-being.