Treatment of cervical spine chondrosis's at home

Neck хондроз

One of the more common and bringing the discomfort of persistent of the disease is cervical chondrosis, therefore, the at-home treatment this disease is very relevant to the theme. The initial stage of degenerative changes in the intervertebral disc – chondrosis – in the majority of cases are asymptomatic, which offers all danger: later, the discovery and the afternoon began the treatment can cause сдавливанию vessels and compromise the blood supply to the brain. That is why each person should have, at least, the treatment of a concept about how to detect and treat cervical chondrosis alone.

Causes and symptoms

Before chondrosis whiplash met mainly in elderly people. Today, increasingly, the disease is diagnosed in younger people, who spend a lot of time behind a computer office static works.

If you have the cervical spine chondrosis's people may bother:

  • The pain in the region of the neck, that gives the shoulders;
  • The buzz and the front view in front of the eyes;
  • Boring pain in the head and the regular vertigo;
  • Crunch and "crises" in the cervical region the department;
  • The instability of the blood pressure;
  • "With' lump in the throat when swallowing;
  • Poor quality sleep;
  • Full of weakness and constant fatigue.

Treatment at home

Of course, during the pain, you must immediately consult a doctor. But the experience of patients, learning a lot of the time all of the symptoms, we don't always do this and, with time, acquire the skills of first aid and practice to the treatment of cervical spine chondrosis's at home. Also the own doctors after examination, the diagnosis may provide clues about how to treat chondrosis rounds in the house, if the disease is not in the execution phase. Most of the techniques are quite simple and effective.


The painful symptoms cervical chondrosis's, sometimes, tolerate the intolerable, and if to speak about headache, their presence is unacceptable. For a quick relief of symptoms medicine cabinet should be:

  • Analgesics (baralgin, analgin);
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs non-steroidal (indomethacin, ibuprofen);
  • Chondroprotector (rumanol, alflutop, chondroxide).

Any of the above painkillers can be bought at a pharmacy without a prescription, but that does not mean emf do not need an expert's advice regarding use.

To relieve inflammation and warnings of violation of cerebral circulation, can be used medicines for external use. Are proven such exciting ointment such as finalgon, voltaren, capsicam.

Folk remedies

There are many techniques on treatment with base with base in folk medicine. Some of them are quite popular, as well as help to eliminate the pain and improve the metabolic processes in the region of cervical department of vertebral column for a relatively short time. Unfortunately, completely cure chondrosis folk media does not work, only a comprehensive approach is needed.

Options compresses and ways of beating:

  • Express-compress of burdock or cabbage. We apply legal sheet in the place of location of the pain, once it becomes easier.
  • Potatoes to grate on a fine grater and mix with the same amount of honey. To relieve the inflammation and pain enough to keep the compress for 10-15 minutes a few times per day.
  • A good tool to heat mustard with honey. The area of the neck, you must spread the butter with the honey on top put the mustard adhesive and cling film. This compress preference to do daily, before bedtime, during the week.
  • Red pepper has anti-inflammatory and warming effect. Vegetable should be cut into small pieces and add with 100 grams of aloe, 200 grams of honey and a glass of alcohol. A day you can already use the tool: to do this, soak in solution of pure gauze and apply to home inflammation. It is recommended to keep the compress on the feeling of strong burning.
  • The shredded petals of clove and stir in the olive oil and hold for a half hour on the steam bath. Strain the mixture through cheesecloth and hit before you sleep wound.
In the place of location of the pain, effectively, the act of compresses and растирки

Therapeutic tinctures:

  • 1 teaspoon of pre-dried and ground root of celery, boil 5 minutes in a liter of water. Then, the mixture should rest for a day. Drinking a teaspoon before meals.
  • Crushed the root and the bark of barberry pour the alcohol in the ratio of 1: 10 and insist during the week. Ready the tool strain and take 30 drops 20 minutes before a meal.
  • 3 tablespoons of перетертых of the seeds of parsley, pour a liter of boiling water and boil for 10 minutes. Strain the broth and consumed by ½ cup each meal.

Source of calcium

How to heal cervical chondrosis know the old generation, which in the purposes of prevention it is recommended to take the reservoirs of conventional eggs. This product is 90% composed of calcium carbonate, which on entering the body, the ideal is digested and has a positive effect on the quality of the bone tissue. Cooking recipe national medicines is very simple: one of the soldiers in the eggs and take the shells, separating the inside of the white film.

The dried peels in a blender in a coffee grinder and use the tip of a spoon, pouring the lemon juice.
Eggshell as a source of calcium Self-massage

Self-massage can be applied in any environment, both at home and at work at lunch time. In just a few minutes your realization normalizes the blood circulation, decrease the pain that is caused and improve the well-being and, if the proper execution of the procedures be able to stop processes, destroying the хрящевую tissue inside the vertebral column.

A man takes a sit-down posture at the table, putting his elbows on the table, and alternately, мочками the fingers of one hand touches the phases of the neck. Now разогретые of the muscle can be more intense, act clicks, using the edge of the palm, and the phalanx of the thumb. In the area the starting point of the pain of the syndrome is required to run the tips of his fingers, adding light пощипывания. To perform massage you need to a feeling of warmth on the part of the occipital, as a rule, to воротниковой quite area 5-8 minutes. To complete the process, you must caress the neck.

In the perfect home massage in the area of folk medicine with the use of a roller or a simple glass bottle. Give a "simulator" in the right hand and постукивайте right blade into the spinal column and then repeat for the left side. Another option massage yourself, lie down on a roller and "walk", massaging the delicate terrain of the back.

Very well, if the first massage session carried out under the guidance of an experienced professional. Nothing heavy in its realization, but there own characteristics. For example, to knead the neck drilled not facilitate, but, on the contrary, to reinforce the pain.

Massage with vibration

Therapeutic massager with vibration for whiplash – a device, "running" is not worse than the massage itself. It can be bought in any specialty store medical equipment, however, before making a purchase, you should consult with your doctor.

Therapy for exercise

Gymnastics for the neck at home – a way to not only reduce the pain, the aggravation, but to avoid it all. It is only necessary to perform the following complex on a regular basis, such as early morning or evening exercise:

  1. Foot flat or sitting in a chair (so more convenient) start to make circular movements in a clockwise direction and then against it. Each approach of 2 minutes.
  2. Occupying the same position as in first exercise, and gently tilt the head to the front, to the back. Then, make the inclinations of the head in the left and right side.
  3. Try as high as possible, and to just lift the shoulders up, leaving the body without movement. Hold the position for 30 seconds and return to starting position. Such 15-20 approaches.
  4. We've added a palm of the hand on the forehead, so that all the tips of the fingers, in addition to large, get in touch, click and slowly produce them. To maximize the improve circulation exercise repeat the temporal part of the head.
  5. Keeping the flat position of the head, pull the neck to the maximum to the back, pulling the chin. After 5 seconds return to starting position, relaxed, sitting in a chair. Perform 5-10 repetitions.

Chondrosis neck the disease is not treated for a day. Therefore, вышеперечисленный of exercises, you should perform continuously, gradually increasing the number of approaches and repetitions. Thus, the neck muscles will train, become stronger and more resilient. And the possibility of new crises of pain, each new classroom will decrease. Respectively any deviation chart – step behind the headaches.


Any disease, prevention is better than treat. To reduce the likelihood of development of cervical spine chondrosis's required:

  • Eat well. You must make the complete and balanced. In daily menu should be sufficient amount of protein products (meat, fish, dairy products). Also it is necessary to use the regular servings of fruits and vegetables, after digestion which spinal discs dissolve deposits of manganese. Special attention should be given to the regime of drinking water: the standard of an adult in the pure still water – 2-2,5 liters per day.
  • Lead an active lifestyle. Daily, walking, hiking or biking, practicing preventative sports (swimming, pilates, yoga). Categorically not lift weights, and when it is not possible to avoid it, to distribute the load evenly in both hands, taking care not to overload the back.
  • Always occupy the correct position of the body. The habit of keeping the flat posture will have to work even in childhood. Prolonged stay in the same stance you should take breaks to warm-up. During the sleep comfortable and the correct position will help you fulfill the special mattresses and pillows.