Why the pain in the back when the time is stopped

Back pain is familiar to almost everyone. It is difficult to find someone who has not experienced this extremely unpleasant symptom. Sometimes, it is enough to sit in an uncomfortable pose for some time, appeared to discomfort in the lumbar region of the spine. But this is not severe, but simply the consequence of prolonged residence in the uncomfortable position. And here is expressed the lower back pain is almost always has a specific cause and a reason to go to the doctor. Not always the diagnosis is expected, because the osteocondrose is only one of the possible problems, low back pain.

What to do if the pain in the back

Why it hurts the back and what to do in such a situation it is not difficult to guess. The physician will put the diagnosis and identify the cause of the pain, after that you need to begin treatment.

Pain that is caused primary and secondary

Sorting out, so it hurts the loin, do not forget that it is the cause of so much pain cost in the tens, and lover will never be able to determine the true source of the problems.

In general, the medical classification divides the primary and secondary pain syndromes, which can affect the lumbar region.

The primary syndrome of the low back pain occurs as a result of injury to skeletal muscle changes. He is the cause of the great majority of cases, the onset of back pain in the lumbar region. The most significant of them дегенеративно-дистрофические the changes that occur in different departments of vertebral column:

  • osteocondrose, which is a loss of bone and connective tissue, this disease has a dying character. When he is struck the disc between the vertebrae and the vertebrae adjacent, begins to develop a chronic disease of the spinal column.
  • it is an inflammatory disease is a form of osteoarthritis, when it the disease affects the joints between the vertebrae, which are responsible for mobility of the spine, or articulationes synoviales.

Secondary pain that is caused has a lot more variety of causes of pain:

  • the scoliosis which is a curvature of the spine, as well as some other disorders of the growth;
  • a variety of inflammation, having неинфекционный nature. For example, rheumatoid arthritis, disease rheumatic and т. д.;
  • the tumor located in the позвонках, in the heart of the spinal cord or in spatium retroperitoneale, no matter whether it is primary or caused by metastases;
  • the fracture of one or more спинных vertebrae. This is perhaps one of the most serious causes of lower back pain;
  • various infectious diseases that lead to the defeat of the vertebrae and the discs between them (tuberculosis, brucellosis, and т. д.);
  • heart disease, in which occurs a serious violation of the blood supply to the spinal cord. Also in this case, it may appear a feeling that the pain of loin;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. For example, acute appendicitis with атипичным evolution, intestinal obstruction;
  • many times low back pain is reflected in nature. This problem can occur when certain diseases of organs located in the pelvic region. For example, renal colic, venereal diseases (gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, chlamydia, уреаплазмоз, аднексит – all these diseases is cause for reflection low back pain).

What is acute and chronic pain

Perhaps the problem is not the lumbar

Low back pain is also divided into acute and chronic, which can be caused by different problems and diseases, such as nerve endings, and the vertebral column. Often observed and moved the pain occurs in the transmission of pain from other organs, that are much more profound. In other words, a man who looks, what hurts is the tenderloin, although, in truth, the problem in any other part of the body. But, most often in the lumbar region designed for pelvic pain, pancreas, kidney, colon, or tumors, that are брюшиной.

Typically, people do not know what to do, if it hurts loin. But it's quite clear, what to do, it's not worth it to self-medicate . The causes of pain varied, the diagnosis can only be a specialist, and the constant application of analgesics (many people believe that the treatment even more harmful.

The causes of acute pain

Before being detected, what to do, when strong pain in the loin, any serious, the doctor first will cause the that appears to pain. The causes may be different, but most of them are in any way connected with the column.

One of the most simple and apparently harmless causes of acute pain from muscle stretching. In this case, the source of the pain are the muscles long to the episode. If this problem, pain rarely "gives" in other parts of the body, but enough to limit mobility of a person. This reason is very common, many times with her athletes face, and the people, the work that is related with the different physical activities.

Injuries to the spine can be the cause of lower back pain.

Another common, but much more serious consequences source of pain is fracture of the vertebral column, especially when it comes to compressed fractures of the vertebrae. This is most often seen failures in falls and other injuries of the back. But if a person is sick of a disease of the endocrine system, osteoporosis, Paget's disease, or a tumor in the spinal area, the fracture may occur imperceptibly for the patient, as the saying goes "the same place". In addition, the person will not even notice, when this is the turning point occurred.

Not less unpleasant situation, when it occurs which you receive an acute pain in the lumbar region – is the displacement of the disc between the vertebrae of the lumbar spine. The symptoms of this problem are strong acute pain in the lumbar region, which limits strongly the mobility. More often the pain occurs due to compression of a nerve root. Signs of such a compression are:

  • disorders of sensitivity;
  • the disappearance or significant reduction пяточного reflection;
  • the lack or decrease of the intensity of the reflection;
  • unilateral корешковые pain.

One of the bad trends is the problem is that this change may cause the pathology are below that of the vertebrae. The result is pain below the waist can disrupt the function of the rectum and the bladder. Location of the pain, above the waist it is also possible in some cases.

The acute pain in the back can receive, and as a result, osteoarthritis of the joints between the vertebrae. In this case, the cause of the pain serves compression корешка in the output of the spinal canal, and the disc between the vertebrae is left intact. This syndrome usually occurs as a result of an increase in the upper and lower facets between the vertebrae of the articulation, resulting in close between the vertebrae the hole.

Both focal loss of the space of the spinal column is one of the major diseases, causing a strong pain in the lumbar region. This disease requires urgent diagnosis and immediate treatment, and are recommended for any effective measures, until the surgical intervention, the most important thing is to quickly resolve the pressure on the spinal cord.

The disease of the hip joint also, many times, are cause of acute low back pain. For them, they are characterized by pain, отдающие the lower part of the waist, in the legs up to the level of the knees.

The causes of chronic low back pain Деформирующий spondylosis

One of the causes of chronic pain is that it modifies the vertebral column. When the disease occurs a change of the vertebrae lumbar. At the end of the narrow canal of the vertebral column and the bones they contact begin to exert pressure on the nerve back. Ноющие the pain may be accompanied by онемением and weakness in the legs, as well as other neurological symptoms. In any case, it will be necessary for the full examination, based on which it will be installed on the final diagnosis.

The disease Ankylosing - a systemic disease chronic of the joints, can also be the cause of chronic pain. It manifests itself тянущими back pain, appears and develops rapidly the curvature of the spine in the thoracic. The first symptoms are the limitation of mobility and reduction of movements of the ribcage during breathing.

Often cause low back pain diseases, neoplastic and metabolic disorders. But and benign tumors can cause chronic pain, which will not be accompanied by neurological симптоматикой.

The osteomyelitis can also cause a nagging pain in the back, pains can be very time-consuming.

The area of distribution of pain – the dependence of the disease

When the defeat of pelvic organs, usually appears a low back pain. The cause can be endometriosis, for example. Men are such pains may appear in the chronic простатите.

Different kidney disease cause pain in the стуках of the vertebral column and the ribs.

Problems of the gastrointestinal tract (tumor, duodenal ulcer, or gastric, pancreatic, disease of an organ, hollow) cause pain in the region of segments T10-L2.

The lower departments back hurts also when the chronic disease of the mucous membrane of the colon, tumors of the colon and disease of the intestine.

The pain in the lumbar and thoracic departments may also occur due to a dissections of the aorta.


As you can see, the low back pain may appear as a result of many diseases. When you do this, many times, the person does not expect that the problem is not there, "where it hurts". So, even if you have a pain in the loin is not a constant, and from time to time – do not pull, see your doctor . With any disease is easier to deal with at an early stage, and not when she goes into a state of disrepair and drags the mass of a complication.