What can hurt back? 7 possible causes

It is believed that this disease has no cure and goes away. But, in fact, everything can be much more difficult. What can be the causes of back pain, and which of them need medical treatment?

back pain

Muscle load

About 85% of cases chronic or episodic back pain are associated with excessive loads on her back. Don't be surprised: even if you do not practice sports, do not drag gravity and does not dig in the flower beds all night, the muscles of the back how to experience the day-to-day overvoltage. When you are sitting, for example, in front of a monitor, is that they have to keep most of your body. For this reason, doctors recommend for those who work in your table, as it can be "deeper" to sit in a chair, relying on his back.

However, the diagnosis of fatigue of the back," you, no one understands. Generally, mild low back pain relate in "without reason" (this can be temporary, and corruption of the muscles or ligaments) and treat the peace and the correct posture in the chair. If the pain does not pass after 2 weeks, or if repeated regularly, it is worth asking your doctor to do more of a detailed survey.

Compression fracture

According to data from the American medical association, the diagnosis is about 4% of patients with back pain. Compression fracture is a fracture of the vertebra, most commonly found in elderly patients and patients with osteoporosis. In this disease, the bones become less dense and may break if only under the pressure of the weight of the body. Therefore, fractures as a result of an injury in this category are not included. But it means that the patient may not notice, how to break yourself vertebra — to talk about that are just a sharp annoying pain.

Are treated as fractures strict clothing and mode of complex of medications that are aimed at the reduction of pain.

Hernia of the intervertebral disc

Intervertebral hernia — a problem that is quite common, often appears in people after 40 (although it can be diagnosed at very early age). The reason lies in the degeneration of muscle and connective tissue. With age, your spine as the "settling down" — the vertebrae down each time more close to each other, the discs of the spine flattened and bulge out of the spinal column. Result — the same compression of the nerves, leading to an acute pain in the lumbar region and legs.

Generally, the location of your pain may lead the physician, where it can be located by the hernia. But to confirm the diagnosis and accurately determine the location of the hernia, it is usually carried out magnetic resonance imaging scan (MRI).


This condition occurs in 5% to 7% of the population, although diagnosed much less frequently (most often in chronic low back pain, people just do not pay attention). When spondylolisthesis foot of one of the vertebrae (as a rule 5.Th lumbar) is deformed, causing a vertebra to "creeps" at the bottom, bulging to the front or to the back. Corresponding to the part of the spine becomes similar to a ladder, and not in the office.

The symptoms are the same — the pain in the lower back, sometimes, on the buttocks, rarely can give in the lower limbs. Shifted vertebra can pinch the back of the nerves that leave the spinal cord, which results in the armbar sensations.

The Disease Ankylosing

Another name for this disease ankylosing spondylitis. It is found mainly in men, and as the elderly and young people. Women represent less the sixth part of all patients.

the disease ankylosing

It manifests itself mainly headaches and stiffness in lower back, dull pain in the hips, constant tension in the muscles of the back. The reason — an inflammation of the joints and ligaments of the vertebral column. It is a progressive disease, that is, holding the lumbar spine, the inflammation spreads to the neck and chest. In addition, with time, they may be connective tissue, internal organs, circulatory system, kidneys, lungs and eyes. However, meets this disease quite rare — you "pose" is about 0.35 patients.

The cancer

About 0.7% of the patients with complaints of pain in the back in consequence of detected tumors. This can be cancer, initially located in the spinal column, or even a tumor, metastatic from other organs. As can be seen from the statistics, such cases are very rare: usually the cancer "caught" by other symptoms, and if you have not had the patients of diseases previously, the back pain is unlikely that foretells to him the terrible diagnosis.

Infectious defeat of the vertebral column

One of the more rare causes of back pain (0,01%). As a general rule, the infection does not begin with the spinal column, and reaches up to the waist through the bloodstream from other parts of the body — urinary system channel, for example. As other infections, lesions, usually accompanied of the increase of the temperature. However, the combination of the "bad back + heat" still does not mean that you are infected with the vertebral column. The common flu, for example, can cause the same symptoms.