It hurts the back and gives in the foot: causes, symptoms, treatment

A variety of back pain bother recently, not only the elderly, but and the very young. Explains this position of the sharp decline in the training of motor activity, reduced immunity, life-style unhealthy. As a result, suffer all the vital organs of man, including the spine.

the pain in the back giving track

Unlimited access compatriots to medicines, which would increase still further the situation, rather than practice sports and maintain your health, most people take painkillers and your treatment ends. As a consequence, with time, there are some major problems, the treatment of the disease is prolonged in time and costs a lot more expensive. Back pain giving the rhythm, can become the cause of disability or total or partial incapacity for work. But, even in mild cases, they lower substantially the quality of life of the patients.

For that appears the lower back pain, giving track

Without understanding the cause of the disease may not be making proper decisions. And the cause of education of the pain can only be understood so, it becomes understandable the structure of the lumbar spine.

More the reason for the emergence of such headaches is bloating a bundle of nerves, leaving the spine. The nerves are in a particular articulation, it allows you to move your feet. Swelling strongly compresses the nerves, they are constantly working and send signals about the pathological state in the brain. He responds, and, to minimize the risks of continuing the compression of the beam nervous makes movement painful, in this way to try to block the development of the pathology.

Is triggered the mechanism of self-preservation of the body, the man is ill to walk, he tries to spend more time at home. The peace gives you the ability of the body to eliminate the swelling and bring back the vertebrae in the physiological state. Consequently, diminishes or disappears completely the swelling, the nerves no longer stuck, worrying signals to the brain do not arrive, it does not send impulses of pain, the patient can move around without problems.

But this happens only in cases when the body through the mobilization of internal resources able to eliminate the cause of the swelling without medical assistance. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, many times without special treatment bloating does not pass. There are a lot of pathologies, as a result that you are experiencing clinical.

The compression of nerve endings

In the column enable a large number of the root of the spinal nerve when compression occur pain syndromes. Often, this phenomenon can occur in patients osteochondrosis. The increase of the pathology, enhance the feeling of comfort, in complex cases have difficulty for any movement.

Table. Forms of the disease

A form of the diseaseClinical description
Injuries to muscle-tonicThe nerve endings if you irritate nearby tissues, which as a result of various processes have changed. Fabric occupy a space, in which are placed the nerve endings, which becomes the cause of headaches. Usually such pains are aching in nature.
VascularThe unpleasant sensations appear due to the development of spasmodic syndrome. Muscle spasm can be called the development of degenerative disc disease. Heart attack is sudden, without any reason or appears after embarrassing of rotations of the torso, weight lifting, and t. d. There are and external causes – long stay in the same position, without success curves of the trunk, lifting excessive weight.
Bereto-vascularThe foot not only hurts, but it means, stop tingle, it may seem odd to the cold or the heat. In the case of long pain, speed up the heartbeat, the skin of the face pales.
MixedThe diagnosis is often such a description, the doctors resort to when it is not possible to determine with precision the cause of the pain.

What are the factors that increase the risk of disease

the causes of pain

The low back pain, which is passed from the leg, called sciatica. The disease does not have constant clinical specificity, a moment that allows you to make only preliminary conclusions.

There are several factors that increase the risk of appearance of the pathology

  1. Long stay standing, especially if the footwear has high heels. In this case, lumbar natural childbirth, the workload curves for the vertebrae increases, the weaknesses of the intervertebral disks and does not stand up to an increased load of work and change its configuration. Increased the outer diameter of the sheath to shrink the nerve fibres, in addition to the spine. Doctors recommend to predict the time for the leisure of the spinal column, sit down, change shoes, do a small load to strengthen the muscles of the back. Strong muscular system to lift a long time to maintain the weight of a person, which decreases the load on the vertebrae.
  2. Pregnancy and excess weight. During pregnancy, increases the weight of a woman, but a natural and prostrate the vertebrae. If during this period carefully, follow the advice of the doctors, all the sensations pass after the birth alone.
  3. Professional sports or heavy physical work. Load, you should coordinate with your capabilities.
  4. Defects in development of the pathology of the spinal column. To the extent that the pathology may increase and reach critical values. The curvature of the spine, it often arrives because of the lack of calcium in the growth of the body. And it is absorbed by the body only when you have vitamin D, which is formed under the influence of ultraviolet rays. Conclusion – sedentary life, routine and long stay outdoors, significantly reduces the probability of disease.
  5. AbouttRUSIA the intervertebral discs, hernia, dformiruemoi osteocondrose. This pathology often become the reason of emergence of pain in the back, that give the rhythm. It was after the onset of your symptoms the majority of patients is sent to the hospital, and there, learns about your present diagnosis.

The symptoms

The main symptom is pain and limitation of movements. To change the position of the body, the intensity only increases, reducing the unpleasant sensations occurs only if filled with the wishes of the patient. When walking pain increases to the point that the foot is difficult to move, a patient of all time pulls for her. If the status is running, then change the posture, the patient leans forward and sootUlitXia.

Doctors claim that it is a benign condition, and never be born even cancer. When appropriate treatment rather optimistic forecast, but the progress of the disease prevent not worth. The sooner you begin treatment, the shorter the time needed to achieve a positive result.

When first appearances, it is recommended to reduce the physical load and limit the number of drink liquid. If during three or four days of pain does not disappear, then you should contact a medical institution.

A special care needs to worry about his condition, if such a phenomenon came about after several injuries to the spine, accompanied by an increase of temperature, redness of the skin on the back. The deterioration of the sensitivity of the feet and the pelvis, the spontaneous distribution of these elements in plants urine and the evacuation of the colon serve as a signal for immediate the integrated check of the state of health in steady-state conditions.



On the first visit to a doctor recognizes the patient has about the time of onset of the first headache, the cause, the dynamic change of state. The disease is not considered a place of pathology and in need of a treatment of the causes. The patient necessarily point to the examinations of research, magnitrezonansnoe or a ct scan. Only a clear view of the victim's home, gives the possibility for the doctor to put a correct diagnosis and develop the most efficient treatment scheme.

As it is interrupted by a pain

The persistent or recurrent pain create a large number of problems for the man and, essentially, degrade the quality of your life. The treatment of the root cause of the disease, it is recommended only after the resolution of pain, such recommendations give the modern world of medicine. But any manipulation with the column it is strictly forbidden to make without the help of a survey about the medical equipment, it allows doctors to visually see the struck home and adopt the only correct solution. The most modern appliances make a three-dimensional image, which eliminates the possibility of error. It is clear that, if the physician has the appropriate professional knowledge.

Proof is only done in the doctor's office, in the heart of are introduced to two medications: a local anesthetic to ease the pain, and hydrocortisone for the therapeutic effect. Hydrocortisone relieves inflammation and swelling, and contributes to the complete cure.

As proof

  1. The preparation of the patient for the procedure. The patient lies on a special table, back to top, iodine obezzarajivateitXia of operation of the space.
  2. A special device in a controlled manner, so that the monitor was clearly visible to the area of introduction of medicines, and delicate plot.
  3. With the constant monitoring of their actions, the doctor inserts in the problematic place the needle of the syringe and give the medicine.

The pain in the back and the foot goes for a few minutes. Following this, the patient may be referred to the passage of other therapeutic procedures and to live a full life.


During the exacerbation of the symptoms of the patient is recommended bed rest for the relief of pain are different IUdикаIUнtoznye tools. With the goal of reducing the edema can limit the intake of liquids, if there are muscle spasms, which are assigned to antispasmodics or muscle relaxants.

Unfortunately, this is evidence that we have is rarely used. There are two reasons for this:

  • very low equipment health institutions, modern equipment special. To decrease the need to have a new x-ray, which allows you to perform all the manipulations in the online mode. The doctor on the monitor does not consider only the affected area of the spine, but also clearly controls all movements of the needle of the syringe. If this note does not do this, then the great risk is extremely negative effects;
  • preserved since the times of the USSR extra-territorial tradition, in which the pain to the patient is considered to be a natural state. In our country, the anaesthetist is still active only during the execution of complex operations. The word anesthesia translated as insensitivity, in developed countries, its long time used for the relief of the suffering of the patients not only when the operation, but during a therapeutic treatment. Living without pain is the motto of all the developed countries clinics. Following this slogan, which they have the slightest possibility of the pain of trust copyrowtXia, regardless of their locations, and cause reasons. Only in this condition the patient in the indicators of running the treatment later.

Physical therapy treatment

The medical science recommends massage, manual therapy, dirt baths, vitamins, curative physical education. All these procedures contribute to the improvement of the blood circulation in the affected part pathology of organs. Improvement of blood circulation, stimulates the reconstruction processes in tissues, promotes the fast development of the muscles of the spinal column. But the procedures can be performed after the relief of acute symptoms of the disease.

Surgical treatment

It is used in extreme cases, when medical therapy has proven its inefficiency, or there are large risks of rapid deterioration of the patient's condition. During the operation of damaged discs are removed partially or completely.



Tips are not different originality – to lead a healthy life and practicing tonic physical exercise, or any sport. The load is necessary to adjust according to age and sex, they do not point to the great results, and put as a goal the improvement of the health. It is recommended to continuously monitor posture, if necessary, correct the detected deviations.

As for remedies, is the world without cases, with the help of red clay is able to replace fully the damaged spine, there is no confirmation that the efficiency of the tea, birch kidneys, to relieve the pain black redkoi, the juice of the agave, and t. d. it Should be remembered that the use of such tools leads to delaying the time of visit of the physician, the disease progresses, the treatment requires a greater amount of time and financial resources.