The pain in my back above the waist

The pain in the back, above the waist, can be a sign of a major change in your body, but it can disappear just as suddenly as it appeared. It all depends on the reasons that cause uneasiness, and the timely start of the treatment.

Diseases of the spinal column, causing pain in the back, above the waist

the pain in my back

When the pain in the back, above the waist, and the cause can be pathology of the spinal column itself, with a complex structure, which will affected.

Injury to the spinal cord, irrespective of the victim's department, can give you sharp pains in your lower back. Many times, all of the long-term effects of the injury, when the pain appears after years or even decades after the injury. In this situation, you should inform the humans, because of how it may develop in the process.

With the development of a cancerous tumor that occurs in the decay of the bone tissue of the articular cartilage, which is called the stronger the intensity of the pain that is caused. Also, the cartilage and the bone tissue can suffer from a range of diseases, infectious and non-infectious diseases, as a result of degenerative disc disease, or osteoporosis.

Scoliosis due to a strong deformation of the spinal column, it generates the pulses of a pain, because it's a broken bone or muscle structure of the vertebrae. The displacement of the intervertebral disc, intervertebral hernia, of large size, and strong spasms of some muscles of the vertebral column can get on the nerves coming from the spinal cord.

The nerve the road pass through very narrow openings in the bone, because it almost immediately as it stopped the water vapor permeability of the nerve, which becomes the cause of the pain.

The pain in my back above the waist: the causes

The pain that is caused, that is, above the waist, it may indicate illness:

  • the abdominal organs;
  • the cardiovascular disease. Most of the time, it refers to the acute myocardial infarction, and angina pectoris;
  • lung, pleural effusion, pneumonia;
  • is the esophagus. A hernia of the esophagus, that is the symptom and often has the symptom of pain in the back, the location is a little bit above the waist;
  • in the urinary system. These include the pathology of the kidney paired with the bladder. With the passage of large stones (boulders, sand and narrow paths, it generates an intense pain in the user name and password.

The pregnancy may not be regarded as a pathological condition of the body, but in a lot of "tuning" of the functioning of all the organs, a woman may feel discomfort above the waist. This state is typically used, it is not possible, due to the serious enough, to the intensity of the pain.

The pain in the back, above the waist, on the right-hand side

On the right side of the belly that is the "receptacle" of vital organs that are capable of generating and radiating pain in the area above the waist. First of all, it should not be forgotten, in particular in the process, the inflammation of what is called appendicitis.

In the acute appendicitis, in the absence of any medical assistance, it can be tricky to perforation of the bowel, abscesses, shed, peritonitis (inflammation of the abdominal wall). The death comes just a few days or even hours, because, at the slightest suspicion of organising the delivery of the patient to the hospital.

The right spine pain in the head, just above the waist, it can manifest itself in a sharp cholecystitis – acute inflammation of the gall-bladder. This disease causes concretions, which are trapped or have difficulty in passing through the narrow, in the gall-bladder ducts. In the event of a breach of the physiologic output of the bile, starts to be unbearable pain in the hypochondrium, giving in a little bit higher on the waist.

The risk factors that lead to pain in the thoracic spine

We have collected some of the risk factors that lead to pain in the thoracic spine the lumbar spine:

  • some of the types of occupations and conditions of work, in connection with the lifting of the weight, and sharp twists of the torso, with multiple slopes;
  • the overload-emotional sphere. It is more likely to occur in adolescents;
  • brute of a power supply;
  • to the evil ones.
  • in the martial arts, sports and a great competition.
  • in the absence of a year.
  • the work of the office on the computer.

If you do belong to, while the at-risk group, then the health of your spine is forced to deal with the attention is doubled. Your body suffers from a heavy load of work, and you have the means to exercise pre-emptive periodically go for training courses to strengthen the bone tissue of the articular cartilage and, in some cases, to make complex carbohydrates, and calcium. So, the risk of suffering from pain in the back, you have to slow down.