Pain in the right side of the back

Virtually every person was already a pain in the back, to the right or to the left. In most cases, these symptoms do not indicate the presence of severe pathologies and occur after the execution of the complex of physical exercise. But, sometimes, the pain can talk about dangerous diseases that require urgent medical assistance.


the pain in the back right

The following describes the pathologies, which are accompanied by an armbar syndrome back right.

Ectopic pregnancy

Pathological condition in which the embryo develops outside of the uterine cavity. This situation can occur due to inflammatory diseases of the endometrium, the presence of intra-uterine devices, hormonal types of contraception, cancer in the uterus, previous ectopic pregnancy, abnormalities of the genitals, the delay of sexual development.

The highlight of the pathology are sharp strong pain, with the right or left side, in the lower part of the belly, giving back, or a little above the waist, highlighting them with a hint of scarlet blood until golden brown, the violation of the monthly cycle, nausea and vomiting, pain, and engorgement.


Pathology, in which is celebrated the destruction of bone in the spine, cartilage in the joints, the intervertebral discs and ligaments. The causes of the disease are: heredity and the propensity to disease, disturbance of metabolism in the body due to endocrine disorders, orthopedic diseases, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, bad habits such as smoking and alcohol abuse, injuries, injuries to the spine and other.

Osteocondrose is of 3 types: cervical, thoracic, lumbar. Depending on which department of the spine is damaged, the pain will be located in different places, for example, when breastfed osteocondrose pain is celebrated rear right or to the left, in the area of the chest, radiating to the hand, between the blades, when lumbar in the lumbar region, and is preferred in the groin, leg. Also in patients with headache, and no dizziness, nausea, tinnitus, sudden loss of consciousness.


A disease in which it is celebrated pathological extension in the region of the belly due to compression of the tissue of large amounts of liquid (urine).

The cause of the disease is the violation or complete suspension of output of urine from the kidneys to the bladder, which occur due to a number of factors: the narrowing of the lumen of the urinary tract, the presence of calculi in the urinary system, a variety of tumors, cancerous tumors, and t. d.

The characteristic symptoms of GIdromerosa is considered to be the pain in the lumbar region, independentt the time of day and the position of the body, increases the blood pressure, frequency and pain while urinating, the impurity of blood in urine. If you wish the right, the rim, a pain of the right side of the back, and vice-versa.

Lung cancer

A dangerous progressive disease, associated with the growth of atypical cells in the lung. Mootdesigned the cells no longer fulfil its function and, as a result, comes the lack of oxygen to all the organs and tissues. Unfortunately, the cancer in the initial phase is very difficult to recognize. He has no symptoms, and the patients know about their disease by accident. In 3 and 4 appear in stage of pain between the ribs when breathing, shortness of breath, increased body temperature up to 37 degrees, the crises of strong dry cough with phlegm thick and the mixture of blood, the feeling of lack of oxygen.



The disease, caused by the defeat of the wall of the gallbladder. The inflammatory processes may arise for several reasons: the education, the calculations are, using oily, junk food and fried food, the prolonged use of alcohol, genetic predisposition, hormonal failure in the body, allergies, immune disturbances, some medications, acute rejection of the food intake (diet) and t. d.

Pain in the right side of the back and of the belly appears in the initial phase of development of acute cholecystitis. The she join ddispepsicheskie phenomenon (nausea, vomiting, a violation of stool, bloating, flatulence). Also, the weakness, the tiredness, the elevation of body temperature by sweating.

Dry pleural effusion

Inflammation serous shell of the lung (the pleura). Depending on the other diseases of the respiratory system, pleuratand a favorable outcome. Most commonly, the disease develops in the midst of the tuberculosis, pneumonia, abscess of lung infarction of lung tissue, the cancer. If a person is sick pleuratOhm, he experiences a sharp pain by the inhalation of air, a small cough, chills, night sweats, oedema of the skin lower of the departments.

Diagnostic methods

When a person has a pain on the right side of the back, you should consult a specialist for advice. The question, therefore, may involve a large number of professionals, depending on the cause of the pain: the therapist, neurologist, gynecologist, urologist, medical oncologist, and t. d.

The first is made the physical examination of a patient based on the individual characteristics of each one of them:

  • age. All diseases have a certain age range. For example, young people often are faced with the overload of the spine, in which pain in the back, to the right or to the left, in consequence of injury;
  • location of pain, sometimes, can specifically point to this or that pathology;
  • clinical and pathological conditions, which occurs along with the back pain, nausea and vomiting, flatulence, colic, pulling the abdominal pain in women, and others);
  • description of excruciating pain, hard, stabbing, shooting. Intensity – low, medium, and high;
  • the manifestations of pain during the day: the alternates if the pain with the state of rest, or of pain in the back, not passing;
  • performed to marginalize laboratory (analyses of blood and urine, x-ray of the chest, the back and the pelvic floor, computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging, electromyography).

Here were are the main reasons why the back pain on the right side. It's not worth trying to make a diagnosis independently and over to himself to give himself the same treatment.


Everyone knows that to warn the disease is much easier than treating it. That is why it is worth to adhere to the simple rules, that will keep the man from the development of different pathologies: lead a healthy life, maintain a diet and eat correctly, so as not to overload the spine of intense physical exercises, easy to practice sports, such as swimming.

pain in right side

The sleep should be performed on a mattress of medium hardness, and under the head of lying down rest small. It is important to distribute the weight in both hands at the same time, treat to end all have the disease predecessors back pain. It is also considered important to strengthen the immunity and hardening.