The back pain when breathing

Sensations of pain when вздохе

Tenderness in the thoracic spine during inhalation of air is a symptom of inflammatory processes in the lung or pleura. In addition, such a symptom may indicate degenerative irregularities in the ridge (osteocondrose). The back pain when breathing, may have different etymology. The intensity, the nature of manifestation, the factors and characteristics of location of such symptom a look below.

The causes of pain

The pain in the back, prevents it from doing a deep breath can occur due to several factors. An acute attack is able to occur between or under the scapulae, low back, back to the right or to the left. Location of the discomfort depends on the disease that cause similar symptoms. To understand why back pain with a deep breath, it is necessary to resolve possible disease.

Many pathology of the organs of the chest, it can manifest itself, acute crisis on top of the back. More often the discomfort between the scapulae, in the chest, under the scapula occurs due to the development of such diseases, as:

  • osteocondrose;
  • pleural effusion;
  • the inflammation of the muscles in the dorsal (миозит);
  • between the ribs neuralgia;
  • inflammation in the lungs.

The pain of such disorders is acute, comes under the scapula. In addition, pain is able to cover the entire rib cage. There are other symptoms that can help to roughly determine the cause of the discomfort in the back.

Causes of pain when вздохе

For example, the cutting of chest pain, occurs when the breathing and the movement characteristic of degenerative disc disease. The discomfort intensifies with lifting weights, when tipping, walking, changing posture. Typically, the relief comes at rest, lying on a flat surface.

When inflammation in the lungs, in addition to severe headaches under the scapulae, can be seen a temperature above 37, a cough, a small lack of air. Man long agony of the constant of a disease, rapid fatigue and weakness. The time is an unpleasant feeling back may more manifest himself to the right or to the left. In addition, duplex inflammation of the lungs can cause the pain center in the back.

Between the ribs neuralgia is able to manifest itself in the chest is as the right and the left. It all depends on where the violation of the division of корешка between the ribs. The pain with this disease, отдающая on the back, and felt during the palpation. The relief can come, lie down on the affected side, that is, the mobility of the phase decrease, nasty, attacks decrease.

Intense discomfort during the deep inspiration, caused by neoplasms, appears due to the germination of a tumour in the protective shell of the lung. During this period, may occur severe pain, отдающая on the back. Tumor processes in the upper back can manifest itself, crisp, and attack to the left and to the right, as well as to the back in the middle. It all depends on the location of the malignant seal, and the degree of its development.

Why are there back pain when вздохе
Pay attention! Diseases neoplastic manifest themselves with acute pain, in particular, with a deep breath, already in the later stages of its flow. Before that, there may be cough with blood, malaise, weakness.
Low back pain

The lumbar spine is more often concerned with the person by unpleasant sensations. This part of the spine have the larger part of all the loads on the column, therefore, more than others suffer from different pathologies.

Low back pain during inhalation can be caused by травмированием nerve отростков in the affected part degenerative processes позвонках (osteocondrose). In addition, the attacks are acute and sharp nature (lumbago) can occur lower half of the result rods.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to pathologies of the vertebral column, pain, lumbosacral sacral region with a deep breath are able to detect acute inflammation of the kidneys, diseases infectious diseases of the pelvic organs. Intestinal problems can also manifest itself in back pain central back.

If the low back pain came right to talk about the problems with the organs of the urinary system in women. Generally, these manifestations have a cyst on the right ovary. Different types of pain indicates the progression of the disease and need immediate treatment. The same can be and with the left one appendix. In this case, may delay the occurrence of a expert. Ignoring symptoms can bring up to the abscess or damage the legs of the cysts, which, in turn, may experience severe complications.

Low back pain when вздохе
Important! The appearance of frequent back pain during breathing, or when the movement can be a sign of dangerous disease in the body. In this case, it is advisable to go through a screening.


Pain of variable intensity and prevalence, emerging with a deep breath can have many causes. Therefore, it is important to go for a comprehensive diagnosis. At this time the doctors attempt to explore the possible factors that cause the pain, and with the help of lifting techniques to discover the level of development of one form or another illness.

  1. The study of biological material (blood from the vein, such as a finger, a study of urine). This approach helps detect the presence of inflammation in the body, and the severity of current pathology.
  2. Hardware-tools, techniques (computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound, x-ray, EKG) give the opportunity to detect the disease and the degree of its development. In addition, the research will help you to assess the state of the victim of a segment of a spinal column or internal organ, as well as excluding other pathologies.

Integrated diagnosis is the key to the success of the treatment. Only after you find the source of the back pain when breathing, the doctor can prescribe the appropriate treatment, which will be sent in a given pathology.

The diagnosis of pain

The treatment of back pain when breathing

The onset of back pain, which with time increases with inspiration, you have many factors to the occurrence. Their elimination depends on the actual cause, which causes similar to the symptom. In other words, the treatment is assigned after careful research and definition of a source of feeling uncomfortable.

Identified the pathology, generally, are treated with the following scheme:

  • the excavation starting point of the pain syndrome (antispasmodics, analgesics);
  • the removal of inflammation and edema in the exposed area (antibacterial drugs, anti-inflammatory medications not the tool, muscle relaxants);
  • keep immune forces of the body – the assignment of a complex of vitamins (especially effective medicines of The group);
  • the assignment procedures of manual therapy, massage treatments and a specific diet (depending on the disease).
Pay attention! All are necessary for the treatment of drug assigns a doctor with the base knew about the disease. Expert combines several медикаментозных of funds. This approach allows to achieve a better effect in the treatment of any pathology.
How to treat back pain when вздохе

The sharp pain during breathing – dangerous sign of pathological processes in the body. It is not recommended to self-medicate, and, without thinking to take painkillers, in the hope that the disease resolved. When all the bad feeling in the back urgent need to go for the advice of your doctor. This will help to not run the disease, and avoid nasty consequences.