Causes of pain in the back when панкреатите

Back pain when панкреатите are an integral part of the diseases of the pancreas. Most of the diseases of the stomach or of the pancreas, accompanied by painful sensations in different manifestations, location, and intensity. The degree of severity, stage of development, the sector that surprised — all of this has an impact on the location of the starting point of the pain syndrome. For example, acute pancreatitis is-if you know ice cream strong pain, that gives in the back. In its manifestations of a disease if it resembles the lumbar region, sciatica, but the feeling of pain will differ in intensity and duration.

The problem панкриотита

If the vertebral column are present in any disease, the back pain can be described as has the ability to overcome. Because of this, she and the call — appearances. The degree of manifestation of such headaches affects the posture in which many times the trunk, so if you change the position of the body, can significantly reduce the manifestation of pain.

The definition of pancreatitis and its effect on back pain

The acute панкреатите pain in the back is of a permanent nature. All attempts to reduce the unpleasant feeling of failure, in the degree of manifestation did not affect the position of the body, nor the workload. After some time, this type of pain is able to intensify and does not change the intensity of his character. Back pain can also be observed when the worsening of chronic pancreatitis. But they are not as evident, although such manifestations may be taken by any disease of the spinal column. The location of the pain depends on which department of the pancreas need treatment.

If the inflammation is in the tail of the pancreas, painful manifestations appear from the left, they give the lumbar spine and the ribcage. If you wish the head of the pancreas, the pains will appear on the right and give the right-of-phase thoracic and lumbar spine.

It is very painful is the process, when occurs a total defeat of the organ, necrosis of tissues or receives the swelling. In this case, the character of the pain is very strong. The pain captures the abdominal cavity and back. This may explain the fact that the pancreas is located near the solar plexus and many nerve endings pass through it. Therefore, any injury, injury, or inflammation, often affecting both the upper part of the abdomen and back.

Find out exactly what hurts (your back or the pancreas), possibly with the help of pressure in your spinal column and your palpation. In the case of the source of the pain rods or degenerative disc disease the entire length of the vertebral column will cause a feeling of pain.

Acute pancreatitis is characterized as дегенеративно-inflammatory processes that occur in the pancreas. This disease occurs regardless of the age, and the number of patients increases constantly. The intensity of the manifestations and the treatment of such problems are defined by the requirements of inflammatory processes, the degree of manifestations of lesions of the organ.

Often the disease occurs in people who have a tendency to excesses, frequent addictive fatty, heavy foods, alcoholic beverages. Trigger the development of the disease factors that affect the authority, therefore, which begin to be produced протеолитические enzymes, and this becomes a factor that contributes to the emergence of inflammations.

The main causes and symptoms of acute pancreatitis

Almost 100% of cases the causes that trigger the inflammation in the pancreas, obesity, the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, the presence of желчекаменной disease.

This body needs to perform a very important function. With the help of substances that produces the pancreas (enzymes), occur in the normal functioning of the digestive system, insulin production (shortages may cause the appearance of diabetes).

The acute for the disease symptoms appear similar to the outline of food poisoning. The production of enzymes late in the pancreas or ducts, and begins the defeat of the own body, and to penetrate the blood appear signs of a total intoxication.

The most common symptoms of pancreatitis is:

  1. Pain. Many times this symptom pronounced, intense, constant cutting or obtuse character. If too late to get medical help and do not eliminate the pain that is caused, a person may experience the painful shock. The phase of pain — from the right or the left подреберье or pain.
  2. The increase in body temperature, decrease or increase in blood pressure. As well as the inflammatory process develops sharp and rapid, can occur a significant deterioration of the general state of the patient with change in body temperature and blood pressure.
  3. Changes the color of the skin of the integument. Заостряются traits of the face, the skin becomes pale or gray.
  4. Appear hiccups, and nausea, eructation, dry mouth.
  5. Vomiting. Frequent attacks with the impurities of bile does not give to a man than the expected relief. Therefore, one of the most important steps for treating this disease is fasting.
  6. Vomiting when панкриотите
  7. Disorder of the digestive system or constipation. The acute pancreatitis during bowel movements with the impurities of the foam, fragments of food are not digested. But there is constipation, accompanied with weight in the stomach, вздутием, the hardness of the muscles of the stomach.
  8. Shortness of breath, rapid breathing. This includes the appearance frequent of sticky sweat, the strong plaque of white color in the entire area of language.
  9. Flatulence. During the acute pancreatitis does not occur reduction of the stomach and intestine, so the patient observes a strong strain.
  10. A bluish color of the skin covering near the navel, and in the lumbar region occurs in the reason that the blood of the inflamed breast penetrates under the skin.
  11. Yellow is the color of the skin of the integument and the eyes. Due to contractions of some areas of the gallbladder when sclerosing панкреатите may appear mechanical jaundice.

If any symptom of the disease is accompanied by common disease and the worsening of the state, it is necessary to apply to the department of emergency immediately.

The symptoms of a chronic form of pancreatitis

The chronic form of the disease is characterized by an inflammation of the pancreas, with successive changes in the structure of your tissue. The main difference is the chronic form of the intensive is that, even after you have carried out the therapy and to eliminate the causes of the disease during the chronic phase of persist and continue to develop in the body of a pathological process and disturbance of its functioning. Thus arises the failure of the pancreas.

The initial phase of the occurrence of chronic pancreatitis can last for a long time and, periodically, manifest some symptoms. When prolonged chronic form of corruption in the body occur constantly and induce the person to anxiety, discomfort, and pain sensation.

In the initial phase, appearing pain after a meal that can last a few days or hours. Usually, the pain caused appears after making fat, heavy, fried, spicy foods, alcohol, soft drinks, coffee or chocolate. It is very painful, the feeling after the consumption of more harmful products at the same time. The pain may be accompanied by вздутием, diarrhea, constipation, nausea or vomiting, decrease in body mass.

The treatment of pancreatitis

If the disease manifests itself in acute form, the treatment it is recommended that, in steady-state conditions. When there is suspicion of acute pancreatitis should call a team of ambulance and do not give up on hospitalization. First aid for the man with an attack is taking drugs (no-spa, Papaverine), you need to put something cold in the stomach, do not take the food and save the rest.

In the hospital environment, the doctor will perform a physical examination, an examination and therapy. In the case of ineffectiveness of all the methods and medicines is shown a surgical intervention, so it is not worthwhile to ignore the disease, such as pancreatitis, should be the time to seek medical help.